CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The proprietors of the now-closed Ms. Sylvia’s Sandwich Shop and Polo Social Club were in Kanawha County Circuit Court Monday. Rodney Armstrong and Emma McNeal said they’re ready to get the rest of their things out of the building they rented from Sharon Whiting in North Charleston. There’s just one problem.

“She could have her keys back today, if we can have have our money back,” said Armstrong.

The pair was in a lease/purchase agreement with Whiting before they were evicted from the space back in mid-August. That was after a man was shot outside the club in July and then police raided the building in August where they allegedly found illegal alcohol sales and possession of guns and drugs.

Both Armstrong and McNeal told Kanawha Circuit Court Judge Charles King that Whiting owes them $2,000 they put in escrow towards the purchase of the building and another $2,000 for their deposit.

Whiting said the rent on the building was $1,000 per month and Armstrong and McNeal failed to pay two consecutive months.

“So they owe me June and July’s rent,” Whiting told the judge.

Judge King said he would rule later on the matter of the $2,000 deposit. As for the $2,000 in escrow, he ordered it returned to Armstrong and McNeal.

“You want to vacate the premises. [Whiting] wants you out of the premise,” said Judge King.

“I have no problem with that sir,” stated Armstrong.

“So get your stuff out of there today so that you are in a position to turn back the keys and possession of the building back to Ms. Whiting,” ordered King.

The Charleston Police Department has made it very clear they wanted the business shut down for good or they could have a “terrible mess” on their hands.

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