NORMAN, Okla. — The MetroNews team of photogaphers and videographers takes its weekly look inside West Virginia football after a defensive slugfest against the Oklahoma Sooners.

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  • 1olewvufan

    I had an Associated Press Reporter tell me that Rich Rod had zipper issues while coaching at WVU and Michigan, and that he'll never return to either school.

  • 1olewvufan

    WVU's biggest weakness this season is the QB position. If I were Holg, I'd give Trickett and Ford each a quarter in the 1st half this Saturday. Coaches never really know what a player can or will do until they seen him in a game.

    While there is QB issue this season, there is also an issue with receivers dropping passes. I would guess that this weekend will see Ivan McCarney benched, for he has made little or no attempt to catch two TD passes in as many games. The entire offensive backfield needs to pick it up. They need to catch passes and block. Dreamius Smith was benched in the
    Oklahoma game for not blocking.

    The WVU Defense looks good!!!

    Go EERs!!!

    The WVU Defens

    • Dougie

      What if neither of them has time to get in a rhythmn and we are in a tight game with Ga St. at halftime? How would that make DH and our program look? Don't assume this will be a blowout, especially if we are trying out two new qb's. We need to get a big lead on someone before you try the other guys...And there is no guarantee that is going to happen, look at the W & M game.

  • eduardo

    Charles knows what's up. Silence Wal-Mart Mountaineers!!

  • Bondo

    Scheduling Marshall helps too.

  • ffejbboc

    Allen, this is my favorite thing to watch/listen to after the game. Not sure who's idea it was, but it's very effective. Kudos to MetroNews. Best idea you guys have had in a while.

    • Allan Taylor

      Thanks, ffejbboc. The credit goes to editing whiz Dan Lohmann, MetroNews videographer Justin Hopp and several photogs.

  • Charles

    Too bad holgerson's house is complete!!!! Too bad he hired to former wvu assistants back. Too bad he hired a parkersburg guy and brought him home. He gets it here more than rich rod ever did. We have more true depth now than ever. Just proved on a "rebuilding" year we have as much depth as the almighty ou. Qb battle here, ou, ksu, and many others. It happens when you lose long time starters. Take your bs somewhere else. This team has big time upside. And anyone with a brain knows this team isn't peaking yet. When the light bulb goes off watch out. And don't jump back on the wagon.

    • EPR

      It's holgorsen not holgorson.

  • Big E

    rich rod = left wvu tried the old end around play twice once to Alabama then to Michigan
    rich rod = left wvu under ncaa investigation
    rich rod = no character, no loyalty
    it seems some people forget things so instead of bashing everything try supporting the team.

  • RJ

    Have to admit Alum, William makes some interesting points. I think in time Rich Rod will be back in Motown, mark it down.

    • Allen

      Thanks for the laugh RJ. It's marked. Shall we meet here when you are wrong?

    • Art in Ohio

      Rick Rod will never see the inside of West Virginia University again. He burnt that bridge along time ago. I'm not going to mark it down. This program is headed in the right direction and expect to see some great teams in the very near future. Great conference to be in and I love seeing these teams coming to Morgantown.

  • Alum

    William = inflammatory
    William = illogical
    William = irrational
    William = pitt troll

    • Alum

      I see that William's = comment was removed. Thank you.