CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia Commerce Secretary Keith Burdette is looking forward to using a new business recruitment video when he talks with business owners about coming to the Mountain State.

The video, titled ‘This is West Virginia’, was unveiled at the recent West Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s business summit. It includes testimonials from six businesses.

“This is a great group of folks with widely different experiences,” Burdette said. “I think it gives a pretty diverse picture of what’s going on in the state.”

Morgantown-based Pikewood Creative produced theĀ 5:30 fast-paced video that focuses on the six businesses while mentioning dozens of others who have been in West Virginia for years.

The testimonials come from Huntington-based Rubberlite Inc., Mountain View Solar of Berkeley Springs, Schonstedt Instrument Company of Kearneysville, Charleston-based University Girls Apparel, Gestamp in South Charleston and Bombardier in Bridgeport.

Burdette said the state Development Office will use the video when it makes cold calls, show it at trade shows and take it with them on trade missions overseas.

Burdette said in many ways the video can be more effective than someone like him standing up and giving a speech.

“The secretary of commerce, that’s what he’s paid to do,” Burdette said. “But it’s another thing to have those six folks, in effect, stand up and say, ‘This has been our experience in the state.’ Most of them aren’t natives to West Virginia.”

The video details the state’s business climate, the state’s workforce and the advantages of working with the development office. It also spends time promoting the state’s quality of life focusing on outdoor activities, the low crime rate and the public education system.

Burdette said there’s always a positive response when he shows the video to West Virginians.

“We’ve made a lot of progress in the last 10 years and to hear businessmen and women tell us all about that progress without being prompted a lot is a good thing,” Sec. Burdette said.


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  • Bigfish

    Pure fluff. Business people gather more data than a five minute video. As to the state's work force. Too poorly educated and too drugged up.

  • Sherry

    Well done.

  • Kyle

    No mention of Toyota or Amazon? Odd.

  • Mitch Boswell

    Kudos to Secretary Burdette, Pikewood Creative and, I would presume, the WV Economic Development Authority, for a beautiful video that not only highlights our state's economic opportunities, but also the beauty of our state. I would suggest that this video should be shown in every middle and high school in the state to impress upon our young folks the value of receiving and taking an advantage of their education to enable them to "stay home," enhance our state's heritage, earn a great income, and to contribute to the economic growth of our great state. It might also be worthwhile for our school administrators to consider "field trips" to these companies to reinforce the value of education in earning jobs at these companies as an alternative to a life on public assistance. Nothing builds self esteem like a successful career. BZ!