CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A former University of Charleston basketball player pleaded guilty to robbery and using a stolen credit card in Kanawha County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

Terrell Lipkins, 22, was arrested along with two other UC players and a fourth man last April after they were accused of an early-morning attack in which they robbed two men in downtown Charleston.

During the plea hearing, Lipkins admitted he, Keith Dreher, Quincy Washington and Timothy Schmachenberger were all together the night of April 20.

Kanawha County Assistant Prosecutor Fred Giggenbach asked, “Were you all drinking that night?”

“Yeah, we were drinking,” said Lipkins.

After leaving a downtown bar, Lipkins said he and his friends were walking down Virginia Street when one of the other men attacked two people headed in the opposite direction. Andrew Rude and Patrick Morrison were hit and kicked to the ground.

“It’s your assertion that you all did not plan a robbery, right,” asked Giggenbach.

“No sir, this was not planned,” Lipkins replied.

When asked by Giggenbach, “Did you ever strike anybody that night?”

Lipkins answered, “No sir.”

But Lipkins did admit to taking credit cards belonging to both victims and a short time later using the cards across town at a fast food restaurant. When police later searched Lipkins’ car they found the receipts.

Lipkins pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery, fraudulent use of an access device and conspiracy to fraudulent use of an access device as part of a plea bargain. The prosecutor’s office said they will ask that those sentences be served concurrently when Lipkins returns to court on Oct. 30.

Judge Duke Bloom would not consider Lipkins’ attorney’s request for a lower bond.

“This is a crime of violence. He’s not eligible for post-conviction release on bond,” Bloom said.

The judge agreed, however, to one request from the defense after concerns were raised about Lipkins’ safety behind bars: “Please notify the jail that he’s to be segregated from his co-defendants,” Bloom said.

Lipkins was UC’s high scorer last season. He, Washington and Dreher were kicked off the team after their arrests.

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  • bulldog79

    the Lord has the last say thank you Jesus for your Grace & Mercy

  • Kimberly

    Bulldog you are right, this is a sad situation these young people do really realize the choices they make in a split second has life consequences

    • DonaldH

      Kimberly, you're all over these boards defending the likes of this guy-- So tell us what the answer is..

      Any constructive criticism from the black community that condemns the violent culture of other blacks is non-existent and it seems any criticism from the white community is out of bounds. It seems as if whites haven't any say about the societal behavior of blacks living in our shared communities.

    • Kimberly

      As a mother we don't need any hardish or racist comments because crime or being a victim has no color and it could be anyone ( your child, family member or even you ) in the same situation, we just gotta pray and teach out kids to be mindful of the choices you make or the company you keep.. Prayers go out to each and everyone of them the victims and the boys..

  • bulldog79

    Man whatever the case this guy was very upstanding and made a bad choice, let it be a lesson for the young" basketball or football standout" you have to know when to separate yourself, your first could be your last.So sad, another young man in the system not true 4more young men Praying for peace!!!!

  • Bradford

    can you idiots be any more racist and stereotypical?

    • Herd 1

      Sir my comments are not racist. I merely repeat what is said when news and media types put a microphone near a jive perp gangsta's face. The truth cannot be stereotypical for it is simply that--truth.

    • Joe

      No one was being racist, Bradford. Not even close.

      Could this upstanding student athlete and his friends have been any more violent or uncaring for the victims.

      But, that being said, you sound pretty fly for a white guy.

    • bulldog95

      Cant say that people are being racist. When this story was on this site a couple of months ago there were some posters that used womens names to say that he was cool, chill, nowayhedid this.

  • Joe

    Man, narcin' on his peeps.....street cred now dope.

    Translation, this young man better watch his back in jail.

    • Herd 1

      Joe, you left out the standard "knowhatI'msayin'"..."knowhatI'msayin'"..."knowhatI'msayin'" which this Scotch-Irish replies "No, I don't know what you're saying."

  • chasmo

    had it made at our expense; now, at OUR EXPENSE in jail- hope much much more than a slap on the wrist; in other words, max.sentence !!

  • Kenny

    Can't wait to stop hearing about this.

  • bulldog95

    Say it aint so, he was so cool and chill.