MORGANTOWN. W.Va. — Dana Holgorsen warned us he was “going to sound silly” and promptly delivered.

His contention? That West Virginia actually had more passing game opportunities during Saturday’s 16-7 loss to Oklahoma than it did during last year’s 50-49 shootout against the Sooners.

“Our pass game was better schemed and we had more open guys this year than we did last year,” Holgorsen said Tuesday afternoon. “Stedman (Bailey) had a great game last year but he made catches when the guy was right here in his hip pocket.

“We had more open guys (Saturday), and we didn’t do a very good job of hitting those open guys and we didn’t do a very good job of catching the ball when we did have open plays.”

Hey, we’ll defer to the coach on how WVU could have more open receivers while netting 42 fewer points. (After all, Holgorsen was solely referencing the passing game and NOT the night-lightning Tavon Austin provided running the ball.) Yet how does Holgoren feel about all those opportunities adding up to a single touchdown in Norman?

“I feel like crap right now,” he said.

Paul Millard, whose two-game tenure as the starting quarterback is in jeopardy, completed 21-of-41 passes for 218 yards with no touchdowns and one interception Saturday night. (Conversely, Geno Smith was 20-of-35 for 320 yards, four scores and two interceptions last November.)

For a second consecutive week, Holgorsen attached the term “embarrassing” to West Virginia’s output. While new players abound on offense, the learning curve became frustrating when the Mountaineers missed a golden chance to upset Oklahoma.

“I accept full responsibility for seven points—it’s embarrassing,” Holgorsen said. “I’ve got the utmost respect for Bob and Mike Stoops, but with that said, seven points is embarrassing and we need to fix it.”

Watch Holgorsen’s complete Tuesday news conference above.

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  • Chad

    Big Larry,

    #1. First let me say the whole "man in black" thing is dumb. So what the man likes black. Get over it. On the whole QB thing, I think Millard will probably start and play 1 or 2 series then we will see the other 2 the rest of the way. I would like to see Trickett and Ford only but probably won't happen.

    #2. The white helmets look cool and so does the uniform. Embrace change it won't kill you.

    #3. I don't think 5-7. I don't really know how many WVU will win but looking at the BigXII this year, there are some winnable games. Georgia St. (cupcake) Maryland (if we can keep up with OUs WRs then theirs shouldn't cause a problem) Anyone we play at home we should have a punchers chance (maybe not Ok St. but all the rest) Kansas (cupcake) TCU (tough but not impossible). So, Im not saying we win all of those but I believe we go to a bowl at least this year.

    #4. Deforest might be fired but I doubt it. Already players that were named by SI are saying that its not true and do is Joe. It's he said they said stuff right now and without proof the NCAA won't do anything.

    #5. I agree. WVU wins big and easy.

    #6. Smith will get plenty of carries this Saturday. DH said the reason he didnt get more vs OU is because of rotation and he has to learn how to block on passing downs.

    #7. When did DH ever say that he wants his QBs to run the football? I've heard him say he wants them to extend the play and make something happen but run, No. DH wants his QBs to move in the pocket, roll out if need be, avoid pressure, that's it. DH isn't looking for the next Pat White.

    #8. Allen Taylor good job.

    #9. ----------

    • Big Larry


      I wish I would have thought about all of those things....

      I like "The Man in Black"...

      Keep in mind that the coach is a rogue, a rebel, a nonconformist first and foremost. He doesn't do what other people want him to do...he marches to the beat of his own drum...He takes orders from no one, Its his way or the Highway....He refuses to adapt to the WVU Blue and Gold...He is a lot like Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins...what ever the typical coach does, they do just the opposite...They are both concerned with destroying conformity. They both live according to their terms...not those of Oliver Luck. These two men both love to wear black. They have a different set of values priorities and culture than everyone else...

      And you say "The man in Black" is dumb?

      • Chris

        That is why he's too

      • Chad

        Sorry but yes, I say "the man in black" is dumb. So what if doesnt wear Old Gold & Blue all the time. Do you? I don't. I wear plenty of WVU stuff and will be a fan for the rest of my life but if I wear a black, green, white, purple, or any other colored shirt I dont fell less of a fan or less dedicated. And so what if he "doesn't adapt to the Old Gold and Blue" does that make him less of a coach. RichRod was from our great state and embraced the Old Gold & Blue and still screwed us over. Stewart was as WVU as one could be but he wasn't a good coach. What are you wanting the man to be? I want him to win, that's it just win. I don't care if he hates our school colors or acts arrogant or picks his nose or says "you know" a million times in a 5 minute interview. He's a FOOTBALL coach! Not a member of my family. I'll wear enough Old Gold and Blue for him, I'll love this state for him, I'll remember that I was born and raised here and he wasn't. Just win that'll be enough for me and should be enough for any fan with a brain.

        • Big E

          Well said Chad finally someone with a brain and a true mountaineer on here

    • Brian

      Finally someone that pays attention, has common sense and knows football.

      Lets go mountaineers

  • blugldmn

    I love holgorsen.. I think he's doing time..

    Just have some patience ..

    Most of you are pathetic with your comments...

  • WV Redneck

    @big larry

    1. How about we give Childress a couple games by himself instead.

    2. The white helmets help the QB see their receivers better. Although one could make a case that they can't see them either.

    3. I think they will beat Georgia St., Texas, Kansas, and Iowa St. And maybe even Kansas St. So I'm calling it 6 & 6.

    4. I agree and if the story is true, he should be.

    5. Eh, 30 to 13

    6. Check your math. 25.6 yard average.

    7. We're not exactly the School of choice for top tier recruits is why. Gotta take the best we can get and make the most of their talent so maybe one day...

    8. Nuf said

    • Big Larry

      WV Redneck,

      "Love Your Work!"

  • J

    It's amazing how many people break down the film of the game each week. Lol They Say the coach s***ks. It's his fault that the QB threw the ball short or the recievers fumbled after the catch or QB threw into double coverage instead of the open guy or punt returner fumbled. Coaches coach. Players have to make plays. Hopefully they improve each week, I think they will.

  • WV Redneck

    Ok, we've seen Millard and we've seen Trickett. How about you give Childress all the reps for a week or two and lets see how he does.

    The game this weekend would be a great time to ease him in as the starter.

    • Chris

      I wood lyke too see Childress NOW. start develuping his talants now and sacrifise this seeson if need bee. But now is the tyme.

  • Big Larry

    Before you throw too many stones, I am 2-0 on my predictions of WVU football. Yes, I was off a little on the final score but I still predicted a WVU loss. With that being said...

    1. I would like to see Tricket play the first half and Ford Childress play the second. However that probably won't happen. Dana "The Man in Black" Holgorsen rolled the dice and came up with Millard and I think he is too stubborn to change. Look for Millard to get the majority of the reps next Saturday.

    2. Those White Helmets looked cheesy...Overall the white uniforms looked pretty good.

    3. WVU finishes 5-7 this season....Get used too it!

    4. Joe Deforest will soon be gone. Those SI allegations will not go away. He is Holgorsen's boy and this could come back to bite him. This whole thing could get ugly.

    5. Look for WVU to defeat Georgia State 45-10.

    6. Demetrius Smith averaged more than 27 yards per carry against Oklahoma for a total of 77 yards. Will Holgorsen Allow Smith to carry the ball more than 3 times against Georgia State? That will depend on how well Millard is throwing the ball.

    7. Holgorsen wants the QB's to be able to run the football but he recruits QBs who cannot run. How does that work?

    8. As always, Allan Taylor is doing an excellent job of reporting on Mountaineer football. Thanks Allan!

    9. That's all I got...

    • Steve

      You "gotta" go into coaching and join ESPN prediction staff. We have so many experts for fans. I think you should live in Vegas.

    • Jay

      This WVU team will win more than five games. It will also be viewed as an overall better team than the 2012 Mountaineers by season's end.

    • Say What?

      His name is Dreamius Smith!!!! Not Demetrius!

      • Big Larry

        I like Demetrius better...Did you know who was talking about? That's what I thought....

  • Chad

    William is a herd loving, Stewart worshiping, good ole boy, from the sticks that should always be ignored. I know I'm replying right now but if we just let him vomit his stupidity without reply his tiny brain will shut down and fade into a distant memory of "the lads will match the mountains" speech.

  • wvrefugee


  • William

    This guy can't stop saying 'YOU KNOW'

    • WVAtty

      YOU KNOW, you're a bumbling idiot, YOU KNOW.

    • hailey

      William, you know some guys just can't help themself...kinda like trolling, it's is impossible for you to stop. You and Holgy are more alike than you might think, you know. By the way, the leadership at the top of the FB program is poor at best, atleast we can agree on that.

  • William

    WVU lost because of BAD COACHING.
    Mistakes is because of poor coaching.
    Dana 'You Know' Holgerson must have got advice from Bob ' Sweatsuit' Huggins because he said HE WOULD FIX IT!

    • EPR

      It's holgorsen not holgorson.....

  • Bobby M

    He's doing IT! He's learning! He's NOT a proven HC but a great OC and he's shown so far that he's not good at juggling ALL that HC stuff BUT he is LEARNING!

    Rock N ROLL Rumble!!!!!

    • Brent

      Hey Bobby M!!!
      Still getting upset about Fans questioning Millard's arm strength? Or do you need to see him bounce another 10 balls at our receiver's feet?

    • hey

      You still in love with Millard? Still think his arm strength isnt average?

  • Jason

    Well...look at the bright side...Georgia State is the next game...that should provide ample opportunity to fine tune any aspect of their game that they think needs to be worked on.

  • MountainMover

    The game was there to be won. WVU did not suck. The blown opportunities were/are infuriating, but it's early enough to improve and have a great season. The key to the offense and scoring points is throwing the ball downfield well enough to hit open receivers.

  • tw eagle

    coach Holgerson was personally responsible for the output of the offense and the outcome of the game . . .coach Holgerson needs to wise up to the fact that he's the "maestro" of
    the whole program , not just his"air-raid" offense .. . .give up the play calling and get
    more attuned to the heart beat of the whole
    "show" . . .coach Holgerson says he likes to
    read the "body language" to see where his
    players are "at" mentally . . .LOOK AT THE FILM OF YOURSELF COACH ! ! you're
    head was somewhere in la-la land at times . . .get the priorities right , the air-raid
    is your baby , let it go and grow on its own. . .

  • TruthTeller

    Well you know what? The teams in the SEC win games all the time with just one touchdown. If you want to talk about low scores in games? Watch some SEC football. It happens a lot. Look at it this way, if WVU would of scored 65 points then you would complained that OU scored 16. You can't have your cake and eat it to.

    • GF

      SEC teams may occasionally win games while only scoring one TD, but it certainly does not happen "a lot". In fact, no SEC team won a game in 2012 or 2013 to date when only scoring a single touchdown. Might want to rethink your screen name.....