MAN, W.Va. — Operations at Patriot Coal’s Logan County complex will soon be idled.

The company announced plans Tuesday to idle operations at their facility near Man and reduce thermal coal production by approximately two million annual tons.

The operations expected to be idled include the Guyan surface min and the Fanco preparation plant and rail load out.

In a statement released Tuesday, Patriot President and Chief Executive Officer Bennett Hatfield said the decision is a tough one but a necessary one to align Patriot’s production with expected sales.

“Despite the substantial progress being made in the Patriot reorganization, we still have to contend with the industry-wide challenge of coal prices that have fallen well below production costs at many Central Appalachian mines,” stated Hatfield.

The decision is expected to impact around 250 employees.

In his own statement, United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) International President Cecil Roberts said the decision is disappointing, but not unexpected.

“The company had already announced its intention to close this complex in the near term, however the continued depression in the coal market led to this action being taken sooner,” stated Roberts.

Company officials said they are currently working to place impacted employees into open positions at other Patriot subsidiary operations. The company anticipates around 50 employees will be offered jobs at those locations.

Roberts said other employees will be eligible for retirement and will choose that path. He said this move shows the importance of the union to continue its fight against Arch Coal to secure long-term retirement health care benefits for its members.

“This is a former Arch Coal mine, and Arch made the promise of retiree health care to these miners and their spouses,” Roberts stated in the release. “We will continue to work in Congress, argue in court, and march in the streets until our struggle for fairness and justice is won, and we have a long-term funding solution for their benefits.”

The facility is scheduled to be idled in two months. All impacted employees were notified of the decision Tuesday.

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  • Ut Oh

    JC keep thinking that Cecil and Obama has your back. Obama stated before 2008 election that if you built a coal fired plant that it would be "cost prohibited" and the UMWA, I am guessing with back door assurances like Trumka gets, that COAL would be ok. Well he lied and the UMWA and the coal industry will die with it!!! Change at the top is all that can help.

  • West Virginian

    Obama 1st Black President & Last Black President

  • Crashing Down

    Obama is willing to lend a helping hand "up" for these miners. Obama has offered 3000 solar power light panels built by Solyndra to be installed at the idled mine. Solyndra bought those panels from a Chinese firm. Solyndra did not manufacture those panels in the US as was expected of them when they got a $500 Million loan from the US taxpayers. Then we find out that the solar panels do not work at all. Not one watt of electricity can be produced from these "green" panels.
    Liberals at work again. Liberals will f-up a one car funeral procession. They have the anti-Midas touch. Whatever they touch, turns to sh*t in a hurry.

    • Shawn

      I agree with you, except it is not from being inept. It is completely intentional. Obama's mission from day one was to destroy this country, and that is what he is doing. Read his book, "Dreams From My Father". I especially like the quote" When the political winds begin to shift, I will side with the Muslim world".

      • Hillbilly

        I thought his father abandoned his mother after he was born and she basically raised him as a single mother. So where did the "Dreams of my father" come from?

  • Bim

    The reason the news in WV is not carrying these closures is Obama is NOT the blame. The main stream news and politicians have let go of the Fox News "Obama's war on coal" theme. Poor coal management is reponsible just like when they tried to screw the retirees.

  • Fubar

    You get what you vote for.

  • Bill

    Has our state become numb to such news? This story is not even in today's Gazette.

    Patriot plotted and planned well, they got the UMWA on board then closed the mine.

  • 5958

    Pray for all the families including mine I have a wife and 3 babies. I wouldn't wish on anyone. My heart is heavy right now.

  • Woodchuck

    The proud democratic UMWA is not responsible for this idle. The company should sell coal at a loss to keep the jobs. Free if necessary.

  • RogerD

    Let's remind everyone of Cecil Robert's and the UMWA's whole-hearted support of Obama. I hope they're happy now.

  • Sofonda Cox

    GOBAMA !!

  • Scott

    You've not even seen the beginning of energy prices.

  • wvtd

    obama has not been good for America in anyway, especially home grown energy development. I do not about you all but my gas and electric bills continue to rise with no end in site but my pay check does not increase as fast. the extra taxes that come with obamacare will not help either.

  • James Lane

    You're right. The price of natural gas and lessened global demand for met coal has nothing to do with this.

    Also, the coal industry never had boom and bust cycles until Obama was in office.

    • JC

      This story reinforces the fact that the "war on coal" is fictitious. But don't let facts get in the way of your hatred.

      • Crashing Down

        About as "fictitious" as "We will bring those responsible for the Benghazi attack to justice."
        We are still waiting for that mr. uber-liberal.

  • Ut Oh

    Maybe you can call Obama, cause we all know that your (UMWA) support of him in the election secured that coal will be used for all our energy needs.

    • JC

      stupid comment