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Dreamius Smith pulls away for a 75-yard first-quarter touchdown run at Oklahoma.


MORGANTOWN. W.Va. — Dana Holgorsen said Dreamius Smith—he of the 75-yard smash-and-dash run that stunned Oklahoma early—would have received more second-half carries had he blocked better.

Smith made only one additional carry after the first-quarter breakaway accounted for WVU’s only touchdown in a 16-7 loss. He finished with three carries for 77 yards overall, essentially vanishing after a Sooners safety blew past him to force Paul Millard’s fumble in the second quarter.

“I know a lot of people are upset with only three carries, and I want him to get the ball more too,” Holgorsen said Tuesday. “But if Dreamius gets out there, and he whiffs three times like he did, he’s coming out of the game, and he knows that.

“His one run was spectacular, but you can’t turn around and miss a block and get the quarterback hit and have a turnover. You have to do the little things, and blocking is more important than running people over.”

A junior college transfer, Smith insisted he understands the importance of blocking and is giving it added emphasis during individual drills.

“I know I missed one key block that caused a turnover, and I take all responsibility for that,” he said. “If the blocking improves, I guess more carries is what it sounds like.”

Running backs coach JaJuan Seider said Smith is beginning to understand how to block with the same power and aggression that he showed on that touchdown run. Rather curiously, Seider cited leg cramps—not blocking troubles—for curtailing Smith’s carries against OU.

“We probably put more emphasis on that (sack) than we should have—it wasn’t that,” Seider said. “He cramped up in the third quarter and that was more of the reason he wasn’t playing.”

Whatever the reason, WVU could have used more explosive plays like the one Smith generated by running through two tackles near the line of scrimmage and then jetting past three defensive backs.

“I put my foot in the ground and used my 220 (pounds),” he said. “People always looked at me from the outside and think I wasn’t fast and couldn’t get around the edge. But I was determined to get in the end zone after I saw me past the first level and it was just one-on-one with the safeties.”

Offensive line coach Ron Crook explained the two illegal procedure calls marked off against WVU’s Curtis Feigt and Marquis Lucas at Oklahoma.

“(With Feigt) it was the quarterback moving from under center back into the pistol formation, and I think Curtis saw him move and flinched,” Cook said. “The one on Marquis was more about us going on a silent cadence and he was anticipating a little too much.”

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Kevin White made a team-high seven catches for 80 yards at Oklahoma.

This week’s updated depth chart features three new starters at wide receiver: Kevin White and Ronald Carswell on the outside and Mario Alford in the slot. The trio of junior college transfers are supplanting last week’s starters Ivan McCartney, KJ Myers and Daikiel Shorts, who combined for more dropped passes (four) than receptions (three) at Oklahoma.

“The opportunities to make plays, and not making them” was disappointing against the Sooners, said WVU receivers coach Lonnie Galloway. “The effort was great, but when you’re number is called you’ve got to make plays.”

The change in starters doesn’t necessarily signal an end to the rotation, provided there’s no steep dropoff in productivity.

“I want to be able to put fresh bodies in the game and not feel handicapped on what we’re calling,” Gallloway said. “If you’re in the game we need to feel comfortable with you.”

Watch Dreamius Smith’s interview below:

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  • Dale

    Give Dreamius Smith the ball for crying out loud,let some one else do the blocking.Oklahoma was smart enough to go to the run when their passing game stunk.Too bad we weren't smart enough to go back to Smith.

  • TheRubiconInvasion

    LMAO!!! You guys crack me up...further more...Give Ford a chance this couldn't hurt!!

  • D.P.

    Big Larry - Thank you for your various detailed explanations.

  • Big Larry

    Ok ...Why do I have to break everything down to a kindergarten level? It is what it is I guess...So here goes:

    1. When you have the talent of a Dreamius Smith, you hand him the ball and let him run with it. Its not rocket science. Holgorsen in his "Air Afraid" offense has never figured that out.

    Let him run, use him as a decoy, or throw him the football. They should not design plays where a running back with his talent is used as a blocker. You have other backs who you can use as blockers. What are you people thinking? Do you think Jim Brown was used as a blocker? No. They handed him the football and he ran with it.

    2. Yes I have played football ...Jr. High, HS and 1 year of college. I was never any good but I still played the game and understood the game.

    3. No...I have never been a football coach. I did however onetime coach a church camp softball team and we were pretty good! My coaching is now limited to that of "Armchair Coach"...and I am pretty good at it!

    4. Big Larry is used as a designation from another "Larry" who sometime posts comments in here...Do you have something against Big People?...Sheesh...

    5. I understand the concept of Teamwork and all of that...In case you missed it...Give Smith the ball and let him run with it. If that happens (which it won't) the team will "work together" and be happier because they are winning. Duhhh....

    6. Yes, it is true that my prediction for the Oklahoma game was slightly off. I did however correctly predict Oklahoma to win the game. I am 2-0 on the young season. I never figured on Oklahoma being as bad as they were...

    7. That's all I got.

    • bd

      kindergarten level would be up for you.

  • D.P.

    Big Larry - EVERYONE on offense is espected to block (with the probable exception of the QB) when they aren't directly involved in the play. This includes 170 pound wide receivers when they aren't catching the ball. From what Holgorsen said, Smith (who is a very muscular 220 pounder) wiffed on three blocks, not just one. I hope for the kid's sake he can improve on his blocking as he appears to have tremendous talent and can be a super contributor to the team.

    A question: Big Larry did you ever play football?
    A comment: When I see "Big" in front of a person's first name, more often than not, they're extremely flabby and marshmellow like!

  • GoEers

    Hey Little Larry..nice prediction on the WVU/OKlahoma game. You had posted during the week that Oklahoma would beat WVU by 42. What happened Little Larry? I thought OU was supposed to "blowout" WVU. You're nothing but a no good jealous Marshall fan. Stop reading and posting on WVU articles. Take your jealousy and hatred somehwere else you miserable child.

    • Charleston,WV

      Very good point! Of course he was going to obscure his miscalculation.

  • GoEers


    • Kevin

      You failed

  • cutty77

    8 New Starters on Offense,and several New O-Coaches too. Football is 120% a Team Game,one guy makes a Mistake,and it costs you. Football is not a Video Game. I'm not making excuses for Dana or the Team,but facts are facts. Dana's play calling stunk,the worest i have seen since he has been here and he knows this. We should put 50 or 60 up on The Board this Sat. For all you Trickett lovers,if he doesn't shine in this game he's going to 3rd string. I hope he does well. He needs it,and the Team needs it too.

  • Brian

    idk what they have seen out of Alford that warrants a start. He has been all the way bad as far as I can tell.

  • Allan

    For Smith to have that great run, someone had to make a block somewhere, so what excludes Smith from blocking for a teammate so he can have some fun too?

  • Allan

    Big Larry, if you know so much about coaching how come your not coaching somewhere?

    • tony

      he is. we have a flag football church league out here that he administrates.

  • Earl Ray

    Larry: Big on mouth but small on brains

    • Joe Joe

      I agreed with Larry. If the kid scampers for the lone TD, the feed him the ball more. Let the other two backs in the Pistol handle the blocking. Heck, Millard could even block some....just like Geno did for his RB in Sundays Jets game.

  • Big Larry

    Does Holgorsen want the kid to be a blocker or runner?

    Let the kid run the football Holgorsen...It's what he does and he does it well. Don't bench him because he missed a block...

    What are you thinking?

    • Steve

      Another great " coach". I think we lost the concept of teamwork. What we need is another 1 dimensional player who plays as an individual. These articles need to go to the comic section because they really show how bright our fan base is sometimes.


    Well , well, well excuses are dime a dozen...
    1. cramps
    2. QB movement
    3. Anticipated to much
    4. disappointing in not making plays (WR)

    Well because we weren't ready to play Oklahoma /Big12 team in the second game of the year, it may have cost Paul his Job at QB, along with IMac, KJ & Smith, I have changed my mind a little on blaming coaches because of little time they had with these players to get them mental tough. I blame the PLAYERS and Mike Joesph for the lack of mental toughness.
    This summer, these PLAYERS went threw the motions of getting ready to play Football in the Big 12...IMAC is a senior player...He will not play in the NFL the way he prepares for the season. WHO are the Senior leaders of WR, RB & QB's (PAUL shame on you & Childress for not leading this team and yourself's in the off season) No mental Toughness MIKE JOESPH... Does Dana, Shannon, New guy East Carolina CB coach & Patterson have to do it all! LET'S GOOOOOOOOOO!!! MOUNTAINEEEEEEERS!!!!!

    • JOEL

      It's a rebuild year.
      Give 'em a break.

    • scott

      blaming Joseph is the dumbest thing ive read thus far. if you cant tell that these guys are in great shape and are bigger and stronger than they were last year, you've no idea what youre watching.

    • MountainMover

      I'm not sure Millard can make the needed throws -- with zip, accuracy and consistency -- against an FBS defense. I'd love for him to prove me wrong but I didn't see it against Oklahoma. That was his moment to step completely out of Geno's shadow and take command of this team and it didn't happen. We played effective defense and our only score was a terrific run. Millard looked scared to death in the second half.

    • Guardian

      So, is Dana being a liar when he has repeatedly since coming to WVU lauded Mike Joseph and his programs? I don't get your angst with Joseph - by all accounts from Dana himself, Joseph appears to be one of our strong points.

  • Joe Cool

    That was a great run by Smith. He made so many people miss. If a broken tackle is worth $50, that run had nice value.

    • hailey

      Leave Joe Cool's sister out of this