MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia’s initial basketball commitment for the 2014 class is a three-star point guard from one of the powerhouse programs in Illinois.

The 6-foot-2, 170-pound Jevon Carter helped lead Proviso East High to the Class 4A state final in 2012 and a fourth-place finish last spring. During both seasons, Carter’s team was eliminated by the Jabari Parker-led Simeon dynasty.

Carter’s commitment was first reported late Tuesday by Rivals writer Keenan Cummings of

After averaging 18 points per game last season, Carter held offers from a number of mid-majors including LaSalle, Toledo, Wisconsin-Green Bay, Akron, Valparaiso, Indiana State, Mercer and Loyola Chicago.

Carter visited WVU the weekend of Aug. 30—which coincided with the Mountaineers’ football season opener—and told Rivals he was pleasantly surprised by the facilities, campus and Morgantown. “I thought it was going to be like a country town and nobody supporting it,” he said. “Leaving, it was the total opposite.”
Bob Huggins’ roster currently includes two junior point guards, Juwan Staten and Gary Browne. Sophomore Eron Harris, who led WVU in scoring last season as a shooting guard, devoted the summer league games in Pittsburgh to developing his skills at the point.
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  • Barry

    Isn't it great how divisive WVU Basketball has become? I think that Huggins' recruiting has been terrible since he has been here. It is not about Morgantown, the state or our facilities. It is about a coach who cusses his players and throws them under the bus for his own short comings. He recruits felons and guys that cannot make the grades for one reason... this is the end of the line for them and they have nowhere else to go. He can belittle them and scream and they are stuck. That is why WVU will not get top of the line recruits as long as Huggins is here.

    • gv

      Well said Barry!

  • richard

    ps....if your going to post a least read it first PAL!! make sure you have the said nothing about his girlfriend.

  • Shawn

    No he was in trouble for public urination, grabbing a woman by the neck and getting in a fight at a Pittsburgh game. But once again this has nothing to do with schools that recruited him (which was the topic at hand).

    And just for the Bob Huggins haters out there...Joe was recruited my Beilein.

    • Shawn

      He was however turned into a damn good ball player by Bob Huggins.

  • richard

    joe m. beat the crap out of his girlfriend??? lol.....when did that happen? i think you are wrong. he was arrested at the pittsburgh airport for fighting but that was it. lmao

    • HAHA

      lmao at richard.... here's the link pal.

  • TwinTowers

    What does his "rap sheet" look like?? Huggins would not be interested if this guy doesn't have a felony or two pending against him.

    • Dave

      Dumbest comment yet. Congratulations!

      • Crashing Down

        He's been arrested twice, with no convictions maybe. No way to tell since juvi records are sealed.

  • ron "from morgantown"

    I think the key point in this story is the continued "stereotype" of our great State by those who never lived here , or the lucky ones like me who are natives . Its amazing how we continue to fight the "hick" image . Morgantown is one of the most progressive and modern cities in the South and our sports facilities can match any in the SE C , (our BB practice facility is a modern 25m palace ! ) I laugh at the people from Pittsburgh who ridicule our great state when they live in a rust belt Hell hole .

  • pghmountaineer

    It pains me to say this, but I guess the possibility of getting 4 and 5 Star recruits at WVU is over. I don't believe it has to be that way, but it appears that's the course we're on.
    Check out the recruiting classes of Providence, Baylor, and schools like them. They are no place special but they seem to be able to get better kids.

    • Chet Ubetcha

      You realize we have 2, 4 star forwards on the team for this season right? Yeah one year later our chances of landing another special talent is over before those guys even suit up. Come on man

    • Dave

      I don't believe it will be that way. I believe there are 4 & 5 Star recruits out there that would like what they see when they get to Morgantown. Like Rick said, you just have to get them into town. Let them see the Campus and the new top of the line practice facilities. Open 24/7. Show them the hot spots where ballplayers hang out. I think they're out there.

  • Rick

    Just like Huggy always says, we just have to get the recruits to actually come visit and see how Motown is. Welcome aboard Jevon

    • Dave


  • jfk

    welcome Jevon! as stated ignore the negativity from the ignorant.

    • Dave

      I'm going to have to hit the like button again.

  • tony

    I like that he is a scorer...

  • Allan

    Well said Shawn, wvtd must be an alias for William or they must be related. Look how Tavon Austin was overlooked by the biggies.

  • Dave

    Shawn, If there was a like button, I would hit it.
    Welcome aboard Jevon Carter.

  • Shawn

    Joe Mazzula had Boston U., George Mason, George Washington, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. He chose WVU and look how that turned out. Give me a break.

    By the way, Akron went 26-7 (14-2) last year. LaSalle went 24-10 (11-5) and beat Kansas State in the Tournament. Valpo went 26-8 (13-3) and made the Tourney just like Akron.

    Basketball competition is not the same as football. For the most part, all of these teams are on an even playing field. Just because you dont go to Duke, NC, Kansas etc. doesnt mean you're not a big time player.

    • HAHA

      Joe Mazzula got arrested for domestic battery. That’s right, he beat the crap out of his girlfriend. Good example.

      • Shawn

        And that matters how when it comes to what schools recruited him?

  • richard

    welcome to WVU Jevon. i won't address the previous comments.

  • Tusker

    I hate to knock the young man, as I've never seen him play. But the schools we beat out for this recruit makes me cringe.

    Here's to me eating this commentary in the future, hopefully.

    • BH

      If this young man were a football recruit I would agree with your post. However, there is a big difference with b-ball talent and recruiting. Welcome to WV Mr. Carter.

    • Big Larry

      I agree......

      "After averaging 18 points per game last season, Carter held offers from a number of mid-majors including LaSalle, Toledo, Wisconsin-Green Bay, Akron, Valparaiso, Indiana State, Mercer and Loyola Chicago".

      Did WVU take a step another step backwards?

      What is Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins thinking?

      • Chet Ubetcha

        If he has big offers, you would say he has character concerns. Since be has no character concerns, you just attack his offer sheet. You do realize basketball recruiting is different than other sports (which you have proven you know nothing about by opening your mouth all too often). One cannot just offer everyone, you only have single digit scholarship offers available, so good teams are judicious with their offers. Even the top 5 players have a fairly small offer list. Once teams saw he was a heavy WVU lean he was removed from other major programs boards. He drew interest from Illinois and Notre Dame but they stopped contact after WVU's official visit. Pick your battles in regards to basketball recruiting

        • Jed

          Thank you Chet! Finally someone with some "basketball" sense.
          Anybody remember that "Spike Albrecht" kid that plays for Michigan ... that lit us up when we played them? He didn't have any DI offers.

      • Shawn

        Please see my comments below sir

    • wvtd

      huggy really beat out the big boys for this superstar.