CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Two legendary West Virginia coaches will talk football and more during a new show that debuts Monday, Sept. 16 on the MetroNews Radio Network.

“The Don Nehlen and Bob Pruett Show” will air each Monday night through Nov. 25 from 7:06 pm. to 8 p.m. on MetroNews affiliates across the state.

“I think our listeners will be surprised at how relevant the comments of Don and Bob will be to football today,” host Dave Weekley said. “This just won’t be a nostalgia show.”

Nehlen will weigh-in on the Mountaineers and the Big 12 Conference, while Pruett will talk about Marshall’s season and what lies ahead for the Thundering Herd.

Weekley said other current college football topics will also be up for discussion, with calls from listeners playing a key part of the program.

Nehlen, a native of Canton, Ohio, won more games than any other coach in the history of WVU football. He led the Mountaineers to a pair of undefeated seasons and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Pruett, a Beckley native, was named national coach of the year in 1996. He led the Herd to 94 wins in nine seasons including a Division I-AA national championship.


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  • chris

    can we wvu fans get together and try to get Don Nehlen to come out of retirement and lead us back to a respectful football program.he forgot more about coaching football then the current coaching staff will ever know.i would love to go back to power football i hate all the screen plays they run every game.remember the statue of liberty play and the others he used to run.lets get Don back in the game.


    what a great Idea!!!

    Two good coaches from the state of West Virginia and Dandy Don is they best of the best when it comes to putting a total game plan together...I didn't like 3rd and twenty hand-off either but I liked that everyone on the team knew the game plan...Defense, Offense & special teams play under Nehlen was always a team effort like when he put Offensive linemen out on the goal line stance...WOW!!! WVU was saying "NOT TONIGHT, YOU SHOULDNT HAVE PLAYED US...NOT TONIGHT" you get the point. (we believed when Don said they can't score on this position, that it was all out..we all moved to the edge of the couch and in the stands we all yelled to the top of our lungs. Not one person would say sit down sunny...No Way !! Don Nehlen needs a stop or a score!!! ( Iam all in!!!) (we all were) Oliver Luck came back to help in what Don Started... "No matter where you are its a great time to be a Mountaineer" I'll tune in...

  • ShinnstonGuy

    If we are going to wear white helmets we should consider bringing back the old logo for those helmets only--the state with a football in the center and "W-V-U" on it. :)

  • big tom

    nehlen was the best thing to ever happen to wvu football,,,,maybe ira rogers,

  • JL

    Don Nehlen is WVU football. He came and transformed the Mountaineers. After he retired he stayed here and continued to be a part of the community - a part of the state. He is a classy guy and we are lucky, as fans, that he made it to Morgantown in 1980 just in time to open the new stadium. He loved his time at Michigan and sometimes got under the skin of Mountaineer fans with his remarks about Michigan - and he was the first to say that Rich was right in taking the Wolverines job. That went over badly. But he said what he thought and strictly in coaching circles the Michigan job is an elite, premier job - one that Don would have taken if offered. He almost, almost took the job at Wisconsin to get in the Big 10 - but lucky for us he stayed. For a long time he thought that was a mistake because he thought he stayed a little too long and was not happy at the end of his career on what fans were saying about him. He is a loyal guy - and he is loyal to West Virginia University. He is a legend and we all owe him for his time here. What a great ride.

    • ron "from morgantown"

      Michigan has always been a good brand but not always the best product . When Beilein left Wvu , for example , Wvu had the better basketball but Beilein coveted that famous Michigan "brand ". Same for Rich . Michigan is just now fully recovered from the RR debacle. Nehlen brought consistency and stability to our program as we moved into the ESPN era . He literally coached during a transforming time where TV would dominate and change the sport forever . Those "back to back " wins over FLA and Oklahoma early in his career was a sign of things to come and prompted a now famous bumper sticker , "SOONER or GATOR u gotta believe .

      • cutty77

        Way Back When. Michigan took another WVU Coach Fielding Yost.

  • Jim N Charleston

    Wow, the word "Legendary" is being thrown around quite loosely

    • Jay

      So is the letter N.

  • cutty77

    This we be a Great Show,but you have Mr Dave Boring Weekley.Weekley must work Cheap,because he does Cheap work. The Apple don't fall to far from the Tree. Good Luck Don and Bob working with Mr Potato Head. lol

    • ron "from morgantown"

      I always get Dave Weekley confused with Dave Stingo . Weekley is ok , however is TV backround doesn't always play well on radio . But he and I have one thing in common , we both have horrible fast food diets .

  • tw eagle

    it's a nice add to programming . . .much needed by WVRC since losing the WVU
    account . . .what'll it be for the basketball
    season ? unless it can be syndicated
    nationally , I don't think this'll be a large
    enough earner to keep all the radio stations
    afloat .. .. ..

    • JL

      You think WVU sports kept WVRC stations afloat? Absurd thought since WVU sports is about 1% of the programming radio stations provide.

      • ron "from morgantown"

        I don't know anything about the finances at wvRADIO as it relates to WVU sports . But I know that while they are" all in" for football ( 9hrs of broadcasting on game days ) they won't be doing anything for wv basketball . One person close to the situation said , "about all we will do is announce the score the next day ".

        • JL

          From the attendance figures at the Coliseum last year that's about all anyone does anymore - get the scores the next morning. This basketball program is tanking fast.

  • Joe

    Should be a great program. Don Nehlen, 202 Wins, 21 winning seasons, 2 undefeated seasons, winningest coach in WVU history, College Football Hall of Fame, Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year-1988 AND Bob Pruett, , Chevrolet National Coach of the Year and Frank Leahy Coach of the Year in 1996, 94-13 overall record at Marshall. These guys know a little about football.

  • Fan

    Kudo's to you for bringing back the two most popular coaches in West Virginia. Sounds like a great program. Looking forward to Monday nights.

  • big tom

    with nehlen , our colors went from old gold to mustard.

  • big tom

    the biggest scandal ever to hit marsha football happened under puretts watch.. so that coy award is basically a joke.

  • D.P.

    ron "from morgantown" - I'm not sure what you're referring to about Nehlen changing the colors. Why wouldn't you compliment Nehlen for the logo? It's one of the most recognizable logos in the country and EVERY Mountaineer player and fan I've ever talked to absolutely loves the "Flying WV" logo!!!

    • ron "from morgantown"

      Well he didn't actually invent the " flying logo" , that's just a myth , but I don't have time to get into it now . As it relates to the "changing of the colors " prio to Nehlen and for about 75 years , our official school colors were "old gold and blue " , similar to the colors on our State seal . When Nehlen arrived he said he wanted Michigan colors because "they were winners " .

      • Alum

        Nehlen had vision regarding those colors. The rest of the story is that yellow was much more visible on TV. Today's resolution cannot be compared to what was around in 1980 when he took the reins of WVU football. Don had vision and obviously expected WVU to be on TV very often.

        Yes, Old Gold would show up fine on TV today, not so much in the early '80s.

      • cutty77

        @Ron let it go. Don Changed WVU Football more than anybody in our lifetime. Played for The NC game against Notre Dame,by the way that was the last Notre Dame won a BCS Bowl Game. Went undeafted twice.Somebody also left out Don was the CFA President,which is voted on by the Rest of the College Coaches.The Field,indoor center,and Faculitys building were all done while Don was in Charge. He is a legend in The College Football Game. Wake Up, Man. last but not least WVU never got in trouble with The NCAA. A little more respect Ron.

  • mauldawg

    Who wants to listen to a scum bag like Pruitt. He broke every rule in the book so little sister could win a football game. Right before the crap hit the fan he ran away like a little baby.

  • ron "from morgantown"

    Between IMG and WVRADIO I'm having trouble keeping up with all these new shows on radio . About the only thing left would be to bring back the Catlett show . I enjoy all the shows and they are well produced , but I only have so much free time to listen . Nehlen is good as long as he talks about sports and not Coal. My first Q to Nehlen , why did you find the need to eliminate 75 years of WV history by changing the COLORS to Michigan when he became head coach ( notice, I didn't say anything about the logo).

    • Medman

      You know Ron, when the only thing you have to say is some off-the-wall comment that relates to which shade of gold we have on the uniforms, you probably should just keep it to yourself and not reveal how trivial your thinking has become. Yes, Don never ever claimed credit for the flying WV. He told the AD (Martin) that he wanted to look at a change and the AD's brother who lived in Kansas, I believe, actually come up with the design. There are some positives to look at here if you really want to be objective.

      • ron "from morgantown"

        Maybe I came across the wrong way , I'm a Nehlen fan , but I'm also a traditionalist . It doesn't even matter these days with Nike coming up with different color combinations all the time . Until Rich came Nehlen was the only coach I knew at WVU ,and have always respected him on and off the field .