WHEELING, W.Va. — The Ohio County grand jury is the next step for charges against two men who allegedly killed Wheeling Jesuit University student Kevin Figaniak.

Second-degree murder charges against Craig Peacock, 22, of Clewiston, Fla., and Jarrett Chandler, 24 of Winnfield, La., were forwarded Thursday afternoon by an Ohio County magistrate.

Peacock and Chandler have told police they got into a fight with Figaniak, 21, and another man in downtown Wheeling on Aug. 31 shortly after an argument.

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WJU lacrosse player Kevin Figaniak died a day after the Aug. 31 fight.

Wheeling Police Dept. Detective Dan Holmes testified during Peacock’s preliminary hearing that both men admitted they were in the fight. They were also identified from surveillance video of the area. Holmes was the only witness at Thursday’s hearing.

The magistrate found there was enough evidence to forward charges against Peacock to the next grand jury. Chandler waived his preliminary hearing, which will also send the charges against him to the grand jury. The next grand jury is scheduled for January 2014.

Both men remain in the Northern Regional Jail on $1 million bail each.

Peacock and Chandler were working in the oil and gas business in the northern panhandle and were staying at a local campground. Police have been looking for one or two other men they believe were involved in the fight.


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  • Ft

    Judging someone you don't know or a story you know no facts about don't define what kinda person these young men are...it just defines you!!! Y'all say he wasn't raised right and I'm beggining to think the same for the ones talkin about somethin they nothin about...it is defenetly a freak accident and I'm praying for all three family's....there's three sides to every story...we heard one side...iv been to wv and the people there are unbelievabley rude...

    • e mono

      KICKED IN THE HEAD WHEN HE WAS DOWN, what does that say, proper raising???i ALWAYS told my boys NEVER kick a man when he is down... i do not care how good of a "guy" he is... he must be held accountable

  • Peggy

    David: Yea this is "bull crap" when just because you are from out of state you and dont attend WJU you will be:
    detained for long periods of time.
    asked inappropriate questions.
    treated differently.
    discriminated against.
    If we were entering another country and treated this way The US Dept. Of Homeland Security would protect your civil rights snd liberties.Going to WV shouldn't be a problem!

  • jamieson

    I agree to an out of town jury, I feel them being from out of state is taking this whole situation to another level. The way the wc people are commenting, leaves me worrying for the boys. Police protection sounds like the answer but they wouldn't grant them that uuntil they have already gotten beaten horribly or killed. In these situations you find out Jus how much evil there is in the world. Jarrett speaking directly to you now, I love you bro. We are gonna get through this. I know your sorry all this has happened, I know this is probably weighing heavy on you. I got your back, the whole towns praying for yal. Hope to se you soon. & too the family who has lost a loved one we also have many prayers headed yals way too!

    • Alchemy

      And if you're reading any of this, Jarrett, please take a look at my comments. I'm so very sorry this happened. Not everyone out here is ready to judge you. I know you'll carry this burden for the rest of your life. But I also know you didn't mean for such a horrible thing to happen. Remember...God is all forgiving & you are His son. Now you must find the strength to forgive yourself. Please find comfort in knowing that the Lord is with you. I will continue to pry for you. Please take care and may Jesus bring you comfort & strength throughout this difficult time.

  • Peggy

    Thank you Alchemy.It needs to be known as well that the dozen reporters that came here'all let me know that the Gas & Oil Industry is getting the blame for this death.We are seen as trouble because we have to travel for work in this economy.Pipeline kids were blamed on the news for bus over crowding this week.This Witch Hunt is violating our Civil Rights we need protection' and I think those BOYS need a jury from out of town!

    • KF

      OMG!!! Police protection. Where was the police protection when this young man was being beat to death?

    • David

      Please explain to me, how your Civil Rights are being violated? Is it one of those things, where, "Someone said something to me, that I didn't like, so they violated my Civil Rights. I'm so offended!" Give me a break!!!! I'm sick and tired of the bullcrap that people use!!! How I look at it, all of them were drunk, they all got in a fight. Sorry for the loss of the kid, but as we all know, NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS AFTER MIDNGHT!!!! That's what I was always told.

  • Alchemy

    Just saying: I'm going to call the police and tell them about your comment. I think police protection is in order.

  • Alchemy

    You haven't been listening to the facts of the case. Kevin shoved Chandler first. Chandler testified that he responded by hitting Kevin ONCE in the face. Also, Kevin's friend offered a nearby homeowner money for assistance in getting Kevin back to campus. The FRIEND did not want to call police or an ambulance!!! The homeowner then watched as the friend attempted to move Kevin from the grassy area, dropped him and his head hit the cement sidewalk!

    I'm not saying that there was no wrongdoing here. I'm saying that you need to listen to all the facts & quit judging! You're not God! There is absolutely no evidence of intent to kill which has to be proven in order for murder to be committed. They didn't even know he was dead until the cops told them. The police also testified that Kevin's friend was drunk. He should not have been allowed to make a statement in that condition.

    The third person was a witness & has not been charged with anything. He's cooperating with police so leave him alone!! You're making crazy statements that make me worry for his safety.

    These guys had been in the area a year & had not been in any trouble. They work 12 hour shifts, usually 7 days a week. If it weren't for the holiday weekend, this would never have happened.

    The fight was two on two. That was a fact that came out in the hearing. They also did not "jump them from behind". It was a stupid, senseless drunken fight that ended up with a young man dead. Let the law do its job & stop talking crazy!

    • Lynn

      Amen! Alchemy

    • Mark

      I recommend you stop reading blogs about this. You will feel better for it in the long run.

      • Alchemy

        I hear you, Mark, and I wish it were that easy. My husband is there, working with that mess going on, and it's keeping me up nights. He's a 49 year old family man, and doesn't want to be there any more than the locals want him to be. We have the same problem in our state...people from other states are here taking the jobs & he ended up going out of state to work after 18 months of being unemployed. It's a vicious circle where everyone ends up losing.

        My heart goes out to Kevin's family, but also to the other two young men & their families. It's a horrible tradedy and I'm filled with such sorrow over the whole thing. I've been praying for all if them since this awful thing happened. I can't get any of them off my mind.

        Alcohol is one of the most vulgar, powerful & addictive drugs out there...and it's legal. These young men all did something drunk that they never would have even contemplated doing sober. I know that's not an excuse, but it is an explanation. One promising, wonderful young man is dead. And two hardworking young men, with solid, good paying, skilled-worker careers ahead of them, may have had their lives ruined. Over what? Some stupid, macho, puffy-chested-man-thing!

        All I want is for everyone to take a step back & not let their emotions carry them away and lead to more violence. Enough of that has been done already. It's in the hands of the justice system now. Let the law take its course & don't make a bad situation worse. That's all I ask...Please, PLEASE, everyone! Let's stop all this nonsense and join together and strive to take the high road here. Hatetred and evil are what started this mess in the first place. Let's all send out our prayers and love to Kevin's family and try to emulate Christ our Lord in forgiveness & compassion for the other young men involved in this tradedy.

    • jamieson


  • Peggy

    Maybe they did not think he was hurt. Apparently his own friend did not even think he was hurt.Why else would he offer to pay someone to just take them home and beg them to NOT call the police and NOT call for help? Why is everyone so out for blood because of this? They are in jail.If they thought they killed someone' why didnt they run ?There were two other deaths from fights here.One got probation and the other still has not been arressted.I have noticed alot of comments complaining that these jobs belong to WV and not to people out of town.It seems some think they can use this tragedy for financial gain by running pipeliners out of town.We arent going any whete!

  • Joe

    So after the victim was kicked in the head and lay motionless while his head was massively swelling the 3 or 4 attackers did what?

    They walked away from the problem, and were quite a distance from the bar. Also, these are not boys as several of you keep referring to them as.

    If an accident, why did they not call the police or an ambulance then?

    This was not a bar fight, regardless of the words exchanged. They were stalked and attacked.

    Why did they just walk away, as well?!

  • chris

    Y don't yall think about things. It's terrible that that happened to that boy and i feel for that family, but if it was the other way around and that happened to chandler and peacock no body would care besides his family and the people he was close to.bc they are just to pipeliners from out of state.

    • KF

      That is where you are wrong; obviously you are not from WV or you would know that we have values, and we value someone's life, no matter where they are from. There are several occasions that I can site to you where our police departments have spent hours solving murder cases of people from out of state. Where a person comes from has no bearing on this case. I am not throwing stones, but I personally have had trouble with other workers from out of state. But, on the other hand, I have made great friends with some of those same workers. This is not about workers from out of state...this is about a young man who was brutally killed. Period.

  • Peggy

    I would not be in fear if those boys were out on bond.But because of all the comments made about this,many of us fear West Virginans going Redneck Crazy in our camp ground.They admitted they did wrong.Let the law do it's job and stop the threats.

    • lm

      amen peggy

  • nc

    i agree mike!!!!!

  • Mike

    So in your own words, killing two men (by hanging in a courtyard as you prefer) would be a legitimate way of dealing with this situation? I'm sorry for the family who lost their loved one, but let's not put this young man on a pedestal. This was a bar fight (not a premeditated murder) that unfortunately ended in a very bad way. These young men should be absolutely be punished for their wrong, but their entire lives should not be taken from them for an unintentional mistake.

    • e mono

      mike... they were followed for over 900 feet, and kicked in the head while on the ground !!! now if it would be unintentional, as soon as they knocked them out they should have walked away, but no they had to put the boots to them, now you are talking intent. these men were looking for it (fight) and now they got it (jail) someone or all three have to be held "accountable" does anyone remember that ???

    • KF

      Are you kidding me? What if that was your son or daughter? The young man that they killed has had his "entire life" taken away from him. "Mistake"???? Just when did murder become a mistake? Someone definitely has anger issues if they don't know when to stop in a simple "bar fight" as you call it.

    • Joe

      A bar fight would suggest it happened in a bar, this happened .2 miles away from the alpha on locust ave where kevin and his friend were followed then jumped. The .2 mile walk was enough for planning a beat down regardless if they meant to kill him or not, they did over words in a bar. Clearly these two children were not raised correctly and their fathers never taught them the honor or respect of having a fair fight. Officially 3 on 2.

    • Luke

      If the death is the result of a fist fight, and nothing more, this case is overcharged. Charging both men with the same offense also looks questionable.

      Of course, none of the facts of the case have been reported, so it is hard to say what is appropriate/

      • KF

        Since when is death an occasion to overcharge the defendants? Fist, gun, knife, pipe, whatever. It should be more of a charge because they used their own fists and whatever else to beat a young man to death. Charging both men with the same offense makes sense if they both were involved in the fight...no one will ever know which one of them made the fatal blow/blows. Not questionable at all to me.

  • ts

    I dont know who you people are but you dont know these boys and yes i understand they done wrong and need to pay the price but they did not kill the boy on purpose and everybody is talking about jarrett and the peacock boy what about the other boy he was in a bar too!!!! get a grip people it is not like they drug him out of a church and killed the boy in front of the priest!!!!

    • KF

      Really??? Are you serious. We don't need to know these boys, they killed a person, period. And just exactly what point are you trying to make when you say it is not like they "drug" them out of a church and killed them in front of a priest???????? Let me tell YOU something, GOD saw them!!!! The simple fact is, whether it was on purpose or not, they killed an innocent person, and that young man's family has to face a future without him. Get a grip, and have some respect for his family. You should be ashamed that you even posted to this site.

  • Jr

    P. O. S. x2.
    Surely they would let police know who else was in fight. Maybe get themselves a lighter sentence. Just like the girls in MOtown.
    Hang them out front on the courthouse lawn. If they decide to help with investigation we will hang them out back.

    • Just saying

      WTOV news gave the name of the 3rd person

  • Joe

    These two are complete wastes of blood. Obviously, many friends and family coming to their defense and bail.