WHEELING, W.Va. — The Ohio County grand jury is the next step for charges against two men who allegedly killed Wheeling Jesuit University student Kevin Figaniak.

Second-degree murder charges against Craig Peacock, 22, of Clewiston, Fla., and Jarrett Chandler, 24 of Winnfield, La., were forwarded Thursday afternoon by an Ohio County magistrate.

Peacock and Chandler have told police they got into a fight with Figaniak, 21, and another man in downtown Wheeling on Aug. 31 shortly after an argument.

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WJU lacrosse player Kevin Figaniak died a day after the Aug. 31 fight.

Wheeling Police Dept. Detective Dan Holmes testified during Peacock’s preliminary hearing that both men admitted they were in the fight. They were also identified from surveillance video of the area. Holmes was the only witness at Thursday’s hearing.

The magistrate found there was enough evidence to forward charges against Peacock to the next grand jury. Chandler waived his preliminary hearing, which will also send the charges against him to the grand jury. The next grand jury is scheduled for January 2014.

Both men remain in the Northern Regional Jail on $1 million bail each.

Peacock and Chandler were working in the oil and gas business in the northern panhandle and were staying at a local campground. Police have been looking for one or two other men they believe were involved in the fight.


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  • Bethany

    I am in awe and feel terribly for the parents. I do know Mr. Chandler and was the same class in high school and know how nice and caring young man he is. My heart reaches out to you and hope I get to see you again. You have been a great friend and wouldnt intentionally harm anyone to the point of death. You have been raised right. Everyone that wants to talk so much dang nonsense on a computer screen doesnt have a life even though everyine is entitled to their own opinion. Just keep it to yourselves. Whatever is meant to be will happen.

  • Navyvetcg63

    Bar fight? The fight did not happen in the bar. Yes there were words that were being said at the bar but the WJU students walked away from the bar and were on their way back to campus when these two maybe three men ran after them and attacked them. That's just guys looking for a fight and they got one. And now someone is dead because of it. They deserve to be punished for life.

  • Bizzle

    It was a fight. Those two guys wanted it. The other two guys wanted it. Nobody was intentionally killed. Punishment will get handed down, but please.. Think with your head for a second, do you truly believe these guys were so angry at a bar they were ready to murder? Doubtful. It was an accident. And now, these two guys are going to pay forever. Over something this ridiculous. By the way, I love how the media coverage constantly reminds us that the victim was a student at a Jesuit college. Like the Catholics have a good reputation.

  • NCR

    Alchemy- my email address is ncr8668@gmail.com

  • NCR

    Alchemy- I have already scheduled a visit with Jarrett for next week.. I'm going to try and see him and Tyler a couple times a week considering I'm so close. I wanna try and keep them as sane as possible..

    • Alchemy

      NCR - oh honey, that is just wonderful news! Jarrett & Tyler need all of the support they can get right now. I'm more than 2000 miles away and my work makes it very hard for me to travel. If I were there, I'd go with you to visit. My real name is indeed Alchemy (Chemy to my friends) so tell them that I said hello & my prayers are with them. You're a good person & I sent up a prayer of thanks when I read your post!!!

      I ment it when I said I'd like to help Jarret's folks pay for a good attorney. It's absolutely vital that he has proper defense.

      I also have some good news concerning the witness. Word on the street is that his employer gave him the option of staying there or going elsewhere. He chose option B & I don't blame him. I guess he's already made a statement & won't return until he has to. I was so worried for his safety. At least I can breathe easier about that.

      God bless you and please let me know how they're doing. If you can think of a way for me to contact you, without putting yourself at risk, let me know.

  • Peggy

    Justice belongs to God.In his time and in his way.It is not ours to seek.Anger caused this mess.Look where it leads.Pray for peace and understanding.It will come.The anger will go."What the world needs now is love."
    Be part of the solution.Do something good like maybe a "Be kind for Kevin" campaign.Make his death count for something.Im sure he is watching from Heaven.Standing beside God.Hoping you will not end up like him or his tresspassers.

    • Alchemy

      Amen & well said.

  • NCR

    LOM, I truly appreciate your response without all of the nonsense. You are very right, there are many facts that still have yet to be discovered and everything will come out in the trial. The only thing that I hope and pray for is that these 2 boys get a fair trial. I never knew Kevin, but nobody deserves to lose their life over something so petty as a drunken bar fight. I am curious to see the outcome and curious to see what witnesses have to say. I understand your point of view as well.. The 3 boys followed (stalked as the media claims) the other 2 boys out of the bar and followed them down the road, yes it looks bad on the 3 boys parts but at the same time, I believe that they were provoked. Who's to say that the 2 boys provoked the 3 boys to step outside but by the time that the 3 boys followed them outside, the other 2 boys decided they didn't want to fight and walked away or maybe they didn't think that the 3 boys would actually follow them outside, we wont know until the trial.. There are so many different scenarios, and I'm not saying that the 3 boys aren't to blame, but I am saying that there is no way that they just randomly decided to do this. As for the friend dropping him on his head, the medical examiner claimed that the most fatal blows to this young mans head were the 2 on the back of his head, one of which was obviously caused by Tyler's boot and who's to say that the other was not caused by his friend dropping him on the sidewalk? Regardless, the 3 boys should not have left that boy laying in the gutter, they should have called for help at least and did whatever they felt the need to do afterwards, whether it be run or stay.

    • Alchemy

      NCR-since you're in the area, and know Jarrett, could you go & visit him? I'm sure he could use your moral support & you could find out about his folks.

    • Alchemy

      Amen. I was so fortunate in that when I fell, a gentleman witnessed it, and knew what to do. Even though it was winter (I slipped on ice) and I was laying on the cold ground, he would not allow anyone to try and move me. People donated their coats to cover me up until the ambulance arrived. I got immediate medical attention which is crucial with an injury like that. Although I had a very serious concussion, and a "bleed" on the back of my brain, I survived it with no lasting effects... all thanks to that man & I never did find out his name. He was an angel that God sent at just the right time.

      I wish so badly that Kevin would have had the same outcome. So many "what ifs" here. It's all so very, very sad.

  • LOM

    @NCR I agree that was ridiculous to waive the preliminary hearing. I am acquainted with the other boys involved, and they are/were nice young men, too. Clearly there are details that need to be considered -the facts will come out in the trial. We weren't there! Many witnesses need to testify; from bar patrons, to neighbors, to security videotape. If it was just a bar fight, no charges would have been filed immediately... Apparently, words were exchanged in the bar earlier. The two young men left the bar first, then the three young men left and followed them for quite a distance (as per security footage.) During that walk, they could have turned around at any time. I dont think they were chasing them down to exchange bible verses. They were pursuing a fight. I'm all but certain they didn't intend to kill anyone, however, they caused a young man's death. According to their statements, they kicked the other guys when they were on the ground,
    (then left them laying there, unconscious.) The survivor should not have moved his friend, but he was also beaten until he was insentient. The deceased was unarousable... I guess we'll see what the coroner has to say about it... I feel badly for everyone involved, many lives are ruined; but we cannot villify the victims, in order to sanctify the offenders.
    P.S. it is so nice that you want to contribute to Jarrett's defense, you may want to send something to Kevin's family to help with funeral costs, too.

    • Alchemy

      I like your idea about sending money to Kevin's parents to help out. My heart is filled with such sorrow for them. Is there a place you know of where people can send donations?

  • NCR

    Peggy I absolutely agree with everything that you have been saying, as well as everything that Alchemy has been saying.. I have been keeping up with everything because I know both of these boys, Jarrett is one of my good friends and Tyler (Craig Peacock) is a friend as well. I live close to the campground and I have went out with these 2 a few times but they never go out that much, because they would rather sit back at the campground than go out. I know that Jarrett isn't that much of a drinker to begin with and to sit here and read the mean nasty hateful comments on this thread hurts me because nobody knows them!

    This was a terrible outcome to a drunken bar fight and a young man lost his life and his promising future and for that my heart and prayers go out to his family and friends but everyone does need to step back and look at the cold hard facts and realize everything that happened that night. I know that those boys would not have walked outside of that bar to fight if they weren't provoked to do so, that is not their character! Also I know that Jarrett is NOT a confrontational person by no means so the fact that this happened to him baffles me!!

    After their preliminary hearing on Thursday I have come to the realization that Jarrett needs a good defense attorney otherwise they are going to hang him. From my understanding his family is trying to scrape money together to do so and I would like to help but have no way of getting ahold of them, If anyone on here knows his family please let me know so that I can contact them. After hearing that his public defender told him that it would be in his best interest to waive his preliminary hearing made me so upset! That is absolutely absurd!

    • Me

      I know of his mom and dad i will try and get their number for u if u would like

    • Alchemy

      I feel the same way & I know from whence I speak! Jarrett needs good legal representation. The public defender is NOT going to protect him the way a private lawyer would. What can we do? Is there some way people can help out with this? It's been on my mind constantly. This is a huge roll of the dice with the charges being what they are. I don't want him to be the fall-guy for this. I don't know Jarrett, but that wouldn't be right. Unfortunately it may happen if he's not properly represented. I think there are a lot of people who feel as we do. His parents might be surprised how much help they'd get if they asked.

      From what I understand, the guys were on their way to their cars when the verbal altercation started outside in the parking lot. And the insult slinging was going on the whole time. In other words, they were all strolling along engaging in the poopie-kaka stage of name calling. The media makes it sound like they were slinking along in the shadows and then jumped the other two. The reason why is because that's what Kevin's friend told police. I don't believe that's how it went down at all. Not from what came out in the hearing. The fight didn't get physical until Kevin pushed Jarrett. Jarrett just reacted to the push. He didn't cause either one of the blows to the back of the head. I've felt all along that the friend may have caused severe damage which did contribute to the fatality. And I bet the facts will prove out my hunch.

      None of the boys seemed to understand how serious things had gotten. Help should have been called immediately. It didn't happen. I do feel that the friend acted just as stupidly by trying to cover up what really happened and by trying to move Kevin by himself. I do understand that he was drunk & scared of the consequences. I just can't imagine doing that myself. I wouldn't have cared what was at risk had it been my friend. I would have called for help. But there I go judging when I wasn't there & have no idea how I would have reacted in the situation.

      I'll keep praying for everyone involved. I wish there were some way we could communicate without everyone else knowing. I'm really frightened by some of the posts on this site...

  • Peggy

    KF? ! Hate issues? You really are red neck crazy.I have stood up for peace.Stop threats and discriminating is what I have said.Thanks for proving my point.There is no lodgic here or value of the facts.

  • Peggy

    Read the news.His buddy sat him up while he was passed out.He fell over onto the concrete.I agree there is nothing worse than kicking some one in the head while they are down.How about wait and see what the facts are during the trial before calling some one quilty. What you are doing is equally as bad.Kicking someone while they are down.Why insult his family?

    • Alchemy

      My point exactly, Peggy. I know from personal experience that falling backwards & bashing your head on the concrete is enough to kill you. My doctor said if the hit would have been a tad lower, and just a tad harder, I could have easily have been killed.

      From what I've read, all Chandler did was hit the guy when he shoved him first. Yeah, they could have walked away, but they were drunk & had their dander up. Witnesses at the scene said that the friend is the one that started mouthing off first outside the bar. Then he did some really dumb things like not calling for help, moving his friend & dropping him, and then he was not honest with the police. He can't seem to get his story straight. The only one who's been truthful from the start is Chandler. That will go in his favor, believe me.

      We do need to wait and see here. There is so much we don't know and the police are NOT going to tell everything they've found out to the media. It doesn't work that way.

      I just want everyone to keep a level head. Like I said, my husband is there working on that pipeline & I'm worried sick! I need my man & my kids need their dad. I just worry that the tensions are high & more violence might result.

      One more time...Let the justice system do their job!!! And don't take it out on more innocent people!!

      • Peggy

        Thank you Alchemy .Your husband needs to be vigilant due to these vigilante's.We have security at our campground.I hope he does as well.

        • Alchemy

          Yes, hon. They're taking precautions. I won't breathe easy until he's out of there. Everyone of those workers needs to be diligent & grow eyes in the back of their heads. Mike was right. I shouldn't read these blogs because they're all very disturbing. In one of them, someone found Peacock's fb page & posted it. It had a picture if the pipeline job site on it. Then they went on to blame it on pipeline workers & call them trash & much worse. My hubby is NOT trash! He worked very hard for his journeymanship & he's as honest & hardworking is the day is long. Just because people have to travel to find work in this economy doesn't make them trash! It infuriates me!

          Gas pipeline work is dangerous and all of them are highly skilled & specially trained to perform the job. That's something that some of these nimrods don't get at all! They can't just go in and hire people who aren't trained & experienced to do that kind of work.

          One news report did state that over 90% of the new hires are local. So there are a lot of misconceptions, as well. And why are they blithering on & on about hiring local workers anyway? What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

          A young man is dead, which is horrible, but to blame it on the pipeline workers is just ludicrous! Please take care & be careful. I'm hoping & praying that things will settle down.

  • e mono

    @ alchemy, one admitted to kicking the man while he was down, the damage to his brain stem could not of happened by dropping him from a seated position. also i have walked from the bar to the scene it is a pretty good distance these men were looking for it... a young man is dead due to their actions, they could have just walked away... i get what you are trying to say with the "good guys" but they acted in an irrational manner, with malicious intent, and that is why it is a murder, it is almost premeditated, anytime in that almost quarter mile they could have changed their minds. i also worry for that witnesses safety and i'm praying for everyone in this whole mess also. The short of it is what is done is done, and there are consequences for their actions. also what could have been said at the bar to warrant this type of stalking and beating. you are right i wasn't there i am going by their statements

    • Alchemy

      As an attorney, I think they're going to have a hard time proving murder. Manslaughter, yes, but murder? I think it's a stretch. Just my opinion & I don't know all the facts. That's the problem with this case. Overcharging means it may not even go to trial & wouldn't that be a horrible mess? See, the defense attorney will argue that sure, they followed, but that doesn't prove murder. Maybe that they wanted to keep exchanging insults & possibly whoop some butt, but not that they intended to kill him. Get me? What you're saying doesn't prove intent to kill...And intent to kill is a key element here. That's exactly what's going to happen & the Grand Jury knows it. So will it go to trial? Your guess is as good as mine because there's a lot we don't know at this point.

      We also don't know what the autopsy findings are yet, but if his head was hit hard in the back, that's where the autonomic nervous system is. That means he could have suffocated from the head injury & died from the attendant brain damage it caused. I know this because I fell & hit my head like that in college & was in the hospital for two weeks. They said I was lucky to be alive because of what I just told you here. So yes, the damage could have been caused by dropping him from a sitting position. Or when he fell, or when he was kicked, or from all three. His friend should never have tried to move him because he'd been banged around enough to be unconscious. That final blow might have turned a bad injury into a fatal one...we just don't know yet.

      I guess I've made my point & I think I'll just let this blog go. I hope the witness will be okay. It's constantly on my mind because enough damage has been done. I also will continue to pray for everyone. This whole thing really does break my heart because it was all so stupid. It's definitely made me appreciate how fragile life is & that we must all learn from this tradedy.

  • lm

    ok so the old saying never leave a man behind
    where was this boys so called friends when he was down just saying

    • Mike

      Wouldn't that be some type of negligence of the friends' part?

  • Alchemy

    e mono - you weren't there so stop with your self righteous BS. What if the third person wasn't even involved in the fight at all? What if he was the only one sober enough to tell the cops the whole unbiased truth & his testimony would help the police find out what really happened that night? You weren't there so you CAN'T know what happened & even Kevin's own friend had no idea how badly he was injured. He may have even contributed to the injuries that killed Kevin by picking him up and then dropping him on his head! He was so worried about concealing the fact that they were out drinking & fighting that he begged the homeowner not to call for help. And why would he do that? Because he was worried about being kicked off his precious lacrosse team maybe?

    If Kevin was kicked in the head when he was down that is inexcusable and the person who did it must be held accountable. But that is for the courts to decide. After all, that's what the American justice system is there for.

    I also don't want someone else to become the victim of more senseless violence & I worry for the WITNESS'S safety!! It seems my concern is quite justified by some of the godawful posts I've seen on this site!

    Every American has a right to a fair trial. Those young men won't get that where they are right now. You've already tried and convicted them. Your post makes that very evident. And I see the same thing in the other posts I'm reading here.

    This is a terrible tragedy & my heart goes out to Kevin's family. I can't even begin to imagine the pain & sorrow they're suffering with right now. But I'm also woman enough to understand that two other young men have had their lives ruined by this whole, horrible mess. I'm praying for all three families & the whole thing just breaks my heart. It's in the hands of the justice system now. Let them do their job.

  • e mono

    @ alchemy & peggy, the men were followed for over three football fields long... FACT they were kicked in the head (when they were down... on the ground) FACT... with that alone I see "intent"... so you can throw out all the hard work, timing, oil & gas industry... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, alchemy you said there was a third person talking to police, that makes three people, no ????? Another FACT is someone is dead. NOW someone or all three has to pay for it, no excuses here. I hope they do not get an out of town jury, they came up here for what ever reason and killed someone, so they should be tried here... NO EXCUSES PLEASE. whats done is done. now payment for it is in order