GREENWOOD, W.Va.West Virginia outside linebacker d’Vante Henry was arrested Wednesday on charges of second-degree sexual assault. Mountaineer football coach Dana Holgorsen has already said he’s no longer a member of the team. 

North Central Regional Jail

WVU junior linebacker d’Vante Henry was arrested on second-degree sexual assault charges Wednesday.

A booking officer at the North Central Regional Jail confirmed the charges to MetroNews and said Henry had not posted bail—which was set at $100,000—as of 1 a.m. Thursday.

A three-star junior college signee from Arizona Western College who played his high school ball in Moore, Okla., Henry arrived at WVU in July but did not practice during preseason camp, at which point coach Dana Holgorsen said the player was “dealing with personal issues.”

Holgorsen subsequently said Henry planned to redshirt this season.

The 6-foot-5, 215-pound Henry—who signed with West Virginia over offers from Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oregon State, Iowa State and Utah—was projected to play the Spur linebacker and thought to be an integral piece of the Mountaineers’ 28-man 2013 signing class that ranked No. 25 nationally according to Rivals.

Following his arrest Wednesday, Henry was no longer listed on the Mountaineers’ online roster.

Coach Holgorsen released a statement Thursday morning:

D’Vante Henry had been indefinitely suspended from game participation. There was strict parameters put in place that he had to abide by in order to play next season. The allegations made against him are troubling and very serious. He is no longer a Mountaineer.”

The criminal complaint filed by a Monongalia County sheriff’s deputy said the alleged assault happened last Sunday, Sept. 8. A deputy took the complaint from a woman who was a patient at Ruby Memorial Hospital.

The female stated that a male subject identified as Dvante M. Henry had entered her room in the early morning hours and physically forced her to engage in sexual intercourse with him,” the criminal complaint said.

The complaint went on to say the woman told Henry to stop but he refused. Henry was questioned by the deputy and said the sex was consensual.

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  • Buster

    Looks like he traded a red shirt for an orange jump suit.

    • ThatGuyOverThere

      Hahaha that is great.

  • Bryan

    It's amazing how some people think that this only happens at WVU and only under this coaching staff. Each and every recruit in the country is a risk, at WVU has already taken him off the roster unlike LSU for example who continues year after year to play their troubled youth.

  • pghmountaineer

    This is sad. I don't know the answer to this, but I wonder how much time and effort goes into trying to mentor these kids when they arrive. What I mean is, the coaches can only do so much, and I wonder are their adults connected with the athletic department that maybe act as a "Big Brother" or as a Foster Parent while they are here periodically staying in contact with them and reminding them of the opportunity they have to make something out of themselves by using the athletic talent and the free ride to college.
    Just a thought.

  • Jt

    Dana gets rid of them ASAP, that never happened under the previous staffs.

  • Chris

    Doesn't matter now he's done.

  • Jason

    This doesn't surprise me a bit.

    • Concerned

      It doesn't surprise you a bit? Are you psychic? Because while bad things happen all the time, it still surprises me that anyone would do something like that. Since you're not surprised, I think you should offer your services for recruiting since you can obviously spot trouble when you see it.

  • Ryan

    I agree with Eers in that you must weigh your options when acquiring JuCo transfers. You certainly have to commend Dana for the way he handles issues when they do arise, as most players are promptly dealt with!

    • Nick

      Kay Jay Harris was Juco...Dreamius Smith is Juco....Nate Terry was Juco.....Gary Stills was Juco....Ronald Carswell is Juco....Mario Alford is Juco....Kevin White is kinda like Juco...Brandon Golson is Juco...sometimes it is the grades...sometimes it is the development...and sometimes it is due to problems. Juco players are just fine.

  • Eers_Fan

    Such is the risk the JUCO transfers...there's typically a reason they weren't play D-1 already!

    • Nick

      You don't know much....I would like to see a picture of you. This guy may be know how females are. Kobe Bryant and Mike Tyson were innocent when it came to the accused females....females make up stuff all the time. He probably was copulating with her best friend and she got mad. Most Juco players are just fine...if you look at WVU over the years players right out of high school have committed more crimes. Now I do not know if the percentages are higher because we take more high schoolers instead of Juco transfers...we have had some very successful JUCO players...Gary Stills, Nate Terry, Kay-Jay Harris among others...

      • cindy

        Bryant and Tyson innocent? Money talks.
        Obviously you have no respect for women.

      • Ryan-#2

        It is a statement like this why females dont come forward more often when being assaulted because its people like you who automatically think they are making it up. let me tell you what there are a lot of crazy dudes out there who are power hungry and want control and that is why they sexually assault. Are there some women who make it up, yes, but that is the exception not the rule

  • iplayedincollege

    Its not the ghetto that have lead this young man in the wrong direction. Get the facts first before you
    Categorize him in the same sentence as a thug. You are So quick to judge and probably refer to him as the N word n not thug. Its a shame how some people can root for you n support but inside have this inferior attitude towards you. But as soon as you do anything wrong they are ready to pre label as a thug n a N word. Come on drop the stereotypes.

    • todd

      To, I played in school : he never once said anything about the n word. Thugs can be white or black. I went to college to and I'm smart enough to know when someone is putting words in his mouth. My aren't you the bigger person. I think he was speaking in general about thugs. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. So quick to bring up the n word. You don't have to agree with what he said but this world would be a better and more peaceful place without ignorant people like you. You make us all sick with that comment.

      • Micha


        Lighten up a bit. Glad to see you went to college "to" instead of you went to college "too". Too means also. Something you learn in grade school and forget in college I guess. Thank a teacher today.

        • Larry

          *Lighten up a bit is an incomplete sentence.

          • DonaldH

            exclamatory sentence? YOU, haven't a clue!!!!! Now that's a exclamatory sentence.

          • Grammer Nazi

            The "you" that is the subject of "Lighten up a bit." is implied -- as is nearly every subject of an imperative sentence -- so it is a complete sentence. TROLOLOLOLO! (This is an exclamatory sentence, by the way. It does not count as an incomplete sentence either.)

    • ThatGuyOverThere

      I just call it like I see it....Statistics do not lie.

      • Concerned

        No stats don't lie. Idiots do.

  • Aaron M

    Dana is doing a good job. Every program has kids commit crimes from Alabama on down. It's how the coaches handle them that matter. Dana has kicked them off the team immediately when something happens. Other coaches don't necessarily do that.

  • BigDave

    That's one of the problems going the JUCO route.

    • cutty77

      @ Big Dave,
      You are so right on. There is a reason they are in JC to begin with. But in todays Social Media World. It gets reported if get a parking ticket.

      • DonaldH

        So sexual-assault is the equivalent to double parking? Good-Heavens-- you people couldn't careless about higher education-- just win-loss records of the sports programs---

        • DonaldH

          care less

  • Dave R.

    boy,, holgerson really recruits some class individuals!! nice going coach !!! on the good side, the kid now qualifies to be a cincinnati bengal

    • Daniel

      Now that's funny right there! He could be best buds with Pac-Man! They could hang out in the strip clubs, gang-bang together and use their signing bonuses as wagers to see who can be the most ignorant on any given night! ROFLMAO!!!!

    • JECO

      Why don't you start following chess!

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    Wow...We sure pick some winners...You can take the thug out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the thug.

    • James

      You are right ! If it isn't the Players it's the program. But can we expect any better with the people we running the Programs....

    • JECO

      The only alley you might be refering to is tornado alley. The tornado that wipe out part of his hometown town in Moore OK probably makes most ghettos in the US look like Beverly Hills.

    • ThatGuyOverThere

      I don't care one bit what you think about my comment...take a look at the the majority of the problem athletes we have had in the last 10 years at WVU...90% are straight out of the ghetto...10% random stupidity (pills, assault, DUI, etc.) call me whatever you like, I do not care.

      • DonaldH

        looks like the white-guilt is thick up-in this here place.. Jackson and Sharpton could make a killin exploitin' some Franklins up in here...

      • Larry

        In defense of thatguy, Moore OK, is a city of 55,000, Charleston WV is a city of barely 50,000, Charleston has several ghettos, so I would tend to think it is possible for a larger city to have some as well.

      • hailey

        "That Guy"... great racist comments, hope you feel better...if you "don't care"... how about posting your real name so we can place the name with the sterotyical racist statements you make.

        • DonaldH

          Why would you want this persons name?

      • OSUPA

        Just a thought ghetto man. Might wanna check ur understanding of a ghetto. Moore OK is not a ghetto. Maybe after the tornado went thru u would say looked like a ghetto. Check ur data before commenting. Once again, Moore OK is not a ghetto.

      • Jspurlock


        • DonaldH

          Bigot? why is he a "bigot"-- I'm assuming you are, Jspurlock, white and maybe even Christian so if you could talk African-Americans and/or Muslims to be as critical of each other as you are of white folk, again, assuming you are white and Christian, then maybe we wouldn't have so much gang violence and terrorism.. How'bout it, what ya say?

      • JS

        You are an ignorant fool? I have been to Moore OK (where the tornado killed many people) and did not see a "ghetto" anywhere. You need to make informed comments instead of being ignorant. Comments like yours solidifies the stereotype that ALL West Virginian's are ignorant hillbillies.

        • DonaldH

          How do you know he's a native West Virginian?

    • Neal

      How do you know he was the product of a ghetto? You make a bad situation a little worse with those kind of comments, which perpetuate stereotypes of WVians

      • JJ

        Cry me a river

    • WVUFanMail

      Great comment 'ThatGuyOverThere' are showing that you are a much better class of a person...with that comment I would swear you're the stupid one, as opposed to Henry!!

  • Bobby M

    What the WORLD is wrong with people these days!?? If I had a chance to play COLLEGE FOOTBALL why would you mess around with all that OTHER bad news?!!! I'll never understand it! Just go to work work hard and Rock N Roll Rumble! No need to get involved in that bad news!

  • Larry

    Bad news, they are getting as bad as Marshall athletes to run afoul of the law.

    • Jeffrey

      Docs brother is already recruiting him to marshall

    • Mountaineer

      Oh come on, I love WVU but they wrote the book for the whole country on this bad behavior.

      Still another reason to be embarrassed by this WVU program.

      • Larry

        Not true.

    • William

      A lot of THUGGIN' in Morgantown. not a save place to visit!

      • William

        I really like Morgantown, and I get to as many football games and basketball games as I can. Heck, I'm even thinking of making some women's basketball games this year.

      • Larry

        Still much safer than Huntington though!

    • Cody

      Yeah, since this is so new to WVU and all Larry. I've thought about robbing someone just so Huggins might recruit me.