Former Martinsburg High quarterback Justin “Cookie” Clinton is now facing charges of breaking and entering, along with petit larceny at his former high school, accused of stealing about $2,000 and other items.

According to a report in the Martinsburg Journal, Clinton was identified on surveillance video by athletics director Greg Reed and football coach Dave Walker. Clinton allegedly entered the school’s main office on Aug. 29 and took nearly $300 of cash, checks and a set of keys from the secretary’s desk.

Clinton is also accused in a second theft that followed, including $1,700 that went missing from a bag in Reed’s office. The cash, keys, and other items were reportedly returned to the school after Clinton was confronted by police.

Clinton led Martinsburg to its third straight Class AAA state championship in 2012, and had originally signed a letter of intent to play football at the University of Charleston.

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  • StarInWV

    No one's saying he's a victim. He made his own choices and will have to account for them. I'm just saying the punishment that some people here are advocating just doesn't seem to fit the circumstances andwould just make things worse for him. Hopefully those in the judicial establishment will have cooler heads and recommend a course of action that will turn him around. That seems to be what is most relevant here...his success...not his failures.

  • steve

    He only returned the money because he got caught. I guess he will blame society for his behavior. He was just a "victim"

  • StarInWV

    Thug? Throw the book at him?? Prison?? Cmon man! All the comments here are so misdirected. This boy stole and returned $2000. I've talked to this young man and he is so humble. He made some bad choices...and yes he broke the law and should be punished. But prison isn't the answer to rehabilitating him. He needs some serious mentoring to guide him in the right direction. Somewhere between now and December 2012, there was a disconnect for whatever reason. He can turn this around if he and the people that have an influence on him believes he can. Way too much talent and youth to be wasted in the WV Dept of Corrections.

    • Joe

      Your an idiot if you think he would've returned the money if he didn't get caught. But your right we'll let him go an he'll only end up going back to stealing or maybe killing someone. Which will be too late. It happened to my brothers. They were killed by ignorant bastards just like him.

    • boogie johnson

      I totally agree

      • must go

        Throw the book at him! This is what is wrong with society today, there are no consequences for actions. Give him a chance because he has talent? A talent in what; football? Big deal! I do not care if he is a genius in physics or a concert pianist. He broke the law on his OWN decision.

    • WVMom

      I can understand where you are coming from on this one. I believe he did make some bad decisions and is only sorry now because he got caught. He is a talented young man and maybe deserves another chance. But he had a chance to do the right thing in the first place. There are thousands of humble kids out there that made the wrong decision and are paying for it because they got caught. So where do we draw the line? Do we give him another chance and rehabilitate him because he was a star quarterback? It is sad when you really think about it. But the point is if you forgive him for it then all the others deserve a second chance too.

  • lee arthur

    LOSER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chasmo

    well, lets hope that he does some SERIOUS SERIOUS TIME ! got to be an END somewhere for these THUGS that continually break the law.Please, no " slap" on the wrist !

  • Crashing Down

    With the last name of Clinton, we knew he had to be a crook.

  • Crashing Down

    He would have fit right in with all the criminals that have recently been recruited to the University of Charleston.

  • Shawn

    i bet it was Holgorsen or Huggins fault right?

    • Kevin



    I'm wondering how much focus was placed on his academics and life after football. Or do the coaches and the rest of the team at every high school continue to exploit athletes for their sports abilities which results in these types of endings every time. Yes I know the student is athlete is ultimately responsible for their path after high school. He should be appropriately punished. No free ticket here.

  • john

    His parents must be so proud

  • BigDave

    Perfect candidate for a SEC school.

  • concerned citizen

    character counts!

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    Hold him responsible, no slap on the wrist...He needs to do a few years of hard labor in a prison work camp (if they still exist).

  • Jim G.

    That's the way the Cookie crumbled.

    • WVMom


    • Kevin

      Please don't ever post anything that stupid again...

      • Jim G.

        I could say the same about your humorless inane post........but I won't.

        • Kevin

          Good, thanks.

  • Mac

    Here's another example of an "amazing football player" who thought he was supposed to get money for winning the AAA Championship. When the "bread" didn't come his way, he got it HIS way by just walking into the school, getting the keys and helping himself to the dough in both the main office and the AD's office. Pretty sharp quarterback. It was a nice touch though to give it all back. He may have done the school a favor by demonstrating the lack of security and the ineptitude of the administration and athletics director by showing them how easy it was to pull off this caper. They may reward his honesty by giving him the . . . here it comes . . Key to the City! Watch out Martinsburg!