Former Martinsburg High quarterback Justin “Cookie” Clinton is now facing charges of breaking and entering, along with petit larceny at his former high school, accused of stealing about $2,000 and other items.

According to a report in the Martinsburg Journal, Clinton was identified on surveillance video by athletics director Greg Reed and football coach Dave Walker. Clinton allegedly entered the school’s main office on Aug. 29 and took nearly $300 of cash, checks and a set of keys from the secretary’s desk.

Clinton is also accused in a second theft that followed, including $1,700 that went missing from a bag in Reed’s office. The cash, keys, and other items were reportedly returned to the school after Clinton was confronted by police.

Clinton led Martinsburg to its third straight Class AAA state championship in 2012, and had originally signed a letter of intent to play football at the University of Charleston.

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  • Steve WV

    He's not a victim!
    This is not related to Social, Cultural, Economic, or Race!
    This kid is a thief.
    This kid got caught and it's the only reason he returned anything!
    Don't let his wonderful personality personality Now ask what he really is.
    Anybody else would be charged with grand theft, I bet he Won't be!!!!

  • Fabian

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  • Concerned Citizen

    The money wasn't at his house. It was at his girlfriends house. The girlfriend's brother had the money. hhmmm? Then why hasn't the girlfriend and her brother been arrested or even questioned by police? I hope this is not one of those cases where we prosecute the well known athelete to make a statement. I'm sure the police know who was holding the money. Why do kids need this much money in the first place? Clinton apparently was going to share it with his friends. Equal Opportunity...Let's bring them all in for questioning.

  • Quic

    Judging when you are missing facts. Young man has gotten off path. Stealing to support addiction perhaps. ERJ isn't going to rehabilitate him. Now lets talk about recent DOH employee who obtained over $500k worth of items. Please ask his punishment. Also ask the punishment of those around him who knew what was going on. My vote is help the young man go right here on out. I learned a similar lesson at that age and have been well since.

  • William

    SWEARSUIT HUGGINS strikes again!

  • bearcat

    No slap on the wrist, No get out of jail card. Justin Quit @ shepherd because he wasn't going to start on the football team.

  • Cookie Monster

    I'm honestly mad that they would even put this in the news, and allow people to talk about how they think he's some awful "thug". Cookie , is by far nothing like that. He makes bad decisions all the time, but he is a great kid. He just graduated high school , and he probably just lost his scholarship. Clearly, he understands he's messed up pretty bad now. That doesn't mean it's okay for everyone to talk about him like he's a dog. Most of you are just mad that he beat most of your sons in football all through high school, and don't even personally know anything about Justin.


  • mhsGuy

    This kid bullied me and my friends almost every day. He actually bullied a lot of people. Glad he's finally being acknowledged for doing something wrong.

    • mhsformer

      I agree, tnis kid was not humble at all

  • chasmo

    are we MISSING something here ?? He had SO MANY CHANCES to come CLEAN and yet HE decided to get deeper and deeper in the " hole ". He had an excellent opportunity to get a free college education and play fball at the same time yet HE decided not to pursue THAT path. He chose a path of STEALING and LYING to the authorities & to the school that gave him the " world". somewhere / somehow this criminal activity needs to stop - however , we are a victim of PLEASE DO NOT DO IT AGAIN mentality - so, isn't it time to STOP THIS MADNESS ?!?! All that support him, what if it would have been YOUR HOME he decided to steal from ?

  • Tupac

    Every Kid deserves a few chances, I hope you people on here dont have any kids,I would hate for them to make a mistake and never get a chance to redeem him or herself

  • Davy

    Gunga, someone has to hold onto the recruitment money.

  • Gunga Din

    Not trying to minimize Clinton's wrongdoing, but why was $1700 left in a bag in the AD's office?

  • Davy

    Can he play Bball ?

  • StarInWV

    No one's saying he's a victim. He made his own choices and will have to account for them. I'm just saying the punishment that some people here are advocating just doesn't seem to fit the circumstances andwould just make things worse for him. Hopefully those in the judicial establishment will have cooler heads and recommend a course of action that will turn him around. That seems to be what is most relevant here...his success...not his failures.

  • steve

    He only returned the money because he got caught. I guess he will blame society for his behavior. He was just a "victim"