SUMMERSVILLE, W.Va. — A cast member of the former “Buckwild” reality show has been named in a two-count criminal indictment handed up this week by the Nicholas County grand jury.  

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Salwa Amin will be arraigned on two-count drug indictment next week in Summersville.

Salwa Amin, 24, of Charleston, was indicted on two drug charges. She was arrested in February along with two others, Shawn Booker, 42, of Detroit and Jason Jones, 31, of Summersville. They were all charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin and oxycodone and conspiracy.

Amin was originally released on bond but ended up back in jail in late March after failing a drug test. She has since been out on bond a second time.

Amin is scheduled to be arraigned on the two-count indictment Sept. 18 at 10 a.m. in Nicholas County Circuit Court in Summersville.

“Buckwild”, a show about young adults living and partying in the Charleston area, was canceled after its first season on MTV following the death of star Shane Gandee.

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  • bobby

    Salwa is hot hope i see her on something else soon

  • CaptainQ

    What a good looking woman! Boom baby see ya when you get out of jail girl!

    • Danielle

      She's not in jail & she's also clean and sober. Ppl can & do change. You all have done something you're not proud of, so quit acting as tho your perfect and have never made mistakes.

  • Duggie

    I thought her 15 minutes would be up by now.

  • susanf

    Glad she got indicted.. But, she will probably just get a slap on the wrist, no prison time and will be right back out on the street. Our "justice" system at work!

  • Jima.

    Leave it alone!

  • Greg

    If she hadn't been on the show this would be a completely non- relevent news item. As if it is now.

  • Justice is Served

    I hope they make an example out of her.

    • globalhustle

      so quick to judge...we are all one mistake away from being what we criticize

  • Larry

    Buckwild was a great idea.

  • Shawn

    Why write this article...nobody cares.

    • Laughable

      You must care. You read it and commented on it.

  • Jay