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Kanawha County sheriff’s deputies checked Cross Lanes Elementary School but found nothing out of the ordinary.


A Kanawha County school employee is in custody charged with making terroristic threats.

Sheriff’s deputies said Bruce Edward Stanley, 51, of Cross Lanes, made statements about making gas bombs. He was arrested when he reported to work at Cross Lanes Elementary School Thursday afternoon.

Kanawha County school officials placed the school on lock down as a precaution. The school was checked and nothing unusual was found. It was given the all clear.


Sheriff’s deputies say Bruce Stanley was upset over not getting a gift card from the school.

Stanley, a custodian, was allegedly upset that he didn’t get a gift card given to some teachers at the school.

Investigators said Stanley was asked by other school employees what he would buy if he had gotten a gift card. According to the witnesses who overheard this conversation, Stanley made the comment that he would have purchased gas and made some bombs. Witnesses also said they overheard him talking about the gas bombs again while in the cafeteria of the school.

Investigators said three co-workers took those comments as a viable threat and called 9/11.

School principal Vanessa Brown, in an interview with WSAZ said her students and the school handled the situation well and the lock down was really standard procedure at the school.

“We’ve started using the drivers license readers so we are using all the security measures. Our doors are locked during the days so as far as the effect on instruction it goes exactly the same way,” she said during the interview with WSAZ. “The only thing that happens is children don’t use the playground during a lock down or go to the computer labs or the library.”

She said the school was briefly on lock down while sheriff’s deputies used their K-9 unit to search the building.

Stanley is being held in the South Central Regional Jail on $25,000 cash only bond.




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  • tammy

    All I am saying is that the gas bomb was not directed to the school or anyone. Yes, they were dumb for even talking about it. There was about four of them talking what they would do if it happened. Why was it only him they called out. Nothing about the gift card was said at that time.


    There is always more to the story. We have become a society of political correctness and dialogue censoring wherever you go. You can no longer vent or appear to be irrational or someone will freak out and throw the Patriot Act at you and you are done for life. How many times have all of you said something irrational and never thought twice about it? All of you should be the answer. Lets see what the real story is and give this guy his day in court.

  • tammy

    after I spoke to a couple of the cafeteria workers to see if they heard what I heard this was totally blown out of proportion. Their were other workers in the same conversation talking about the same thing that he was talking about. there was no threat made.

    • Larry

      *there not their

      • Justin

        Capital T in There Larry.

  • Hillbilly

    We are planning bullet proof glass, etc to deal with outside security threats, so how are they going to deal with INSIDE security threats???? What a frickin' nut job.. sounds like a spoiled 6 year old..." didn't get my share so I'm gonna ..."

  • cb

    Calling 9/11 help much?

  • blugldmn

    Why didn't they give him the gift card?

    Treating one group of workers differently than others is what breeds this kind of thing.

    I mean they should have seen it coming.

    Are they going to have counselors on hand to deal with the grief of a vapid threat?

    • ConservativeRealist

      Who cares why he didn't get a gift card? - no one said who gave out the cards - maybe it was a group of grateful parents - maybe it was former students. The nonsensical question as to why he didn't get a gift card has nothing to do with his discussing building gas bombs. Maybe he wasn't "entitled" to a gift card - OOPS!!! The pro-socialist blugldmn can't fathom concepts of, "pay for performance", bonuses for performance, or recognition. Forgive me Comrade blugldmn - why do we keep score in college football - so that the team that performs the best wins!!! In your view of the world, if one team scored a touchdown we would have to give the other teams points to because, "Treating one group of workers differently..."

      To Tammy - "blown out of proportion"?-?-? Do you not pay attention to the news? There is ZERO tolerance for these types of comments. Mr. Stanley is innocent until proven guilty but, if he made comments such as those referenced, he is an adult and has had lots of training on school violence - he should have had the maturity to keep his feelings to himself.

      • Herd1

        Got to agree with you, ConservativeRealist. It's difficult to understand the rationale behind the "everybody-gets-to-be-a-winner" mentality. In the game of life, some of us play well, others can't or won't. Everyone needs recognition--but to equate support staff with professional staff and therefore reward both in the same fashion is asinine.

  • Larry

    I bet you are guy.