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CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Two Charleston Police cruisers are sitting in the junkyard today, smashed in an interstate accident early this morning.

The officers stopped beside the retaining wall in the west bound lanes just past the Oakwood Road exit on I-64 around 3:30 a.m. to investigate an accident in the east bound lane. While they were handling the east bound wreck a woman crashed her car into the back of one of the cruisers and sent it into the second.

All three vehicles sustained severe damage. The woman driving the car suffered a broken leg and was transported to CAMC. No officers were injured. Nobody was injured in the east bound accident officers were originally investigating.

The crash caused the east bound lanes to be closed for two hours this morning and traffic diverted off the interstate.  I-64 has since reopened.

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  • tw eagle

    her ear locked to the phone , she shifts her attention to the accident across the highway,
    as she starts her "play by play" her vehicle
    finds the cruisers and becomes accident #2
    for the troopers to investigate . . .why didn't the flashing strobing lights on the cruisers
    "wake up" this investigative reporter ? probably years of training watching "reality"
    tv taught her not to lose focus ! !

  • David

    She zigged when she should have zagged.

  • Mr chubbs

    Id bet ya she was gabbin on a cell phone. Any takers? I c it all the time as the law banning this has had zero effect. I hope they charge her with the h.u.a. disease most drivers have. H.u.a. means head up a**.

  • Pay Attention

    No, Yadas....driver's should pay attention to driving and not rubber necking to see what is going on across the road.

    • Crashing Down

      No dude, that is a very bad curve to be parked in the fast lane. Completely idiotic of the officers. Very lazy. Those officers made a very very bad mistake. The city will be liable.

      • BIG J

        Hey "Dude",when driving you are supposed to be watching the road!! It's not rocket science just common sense!! Most people need to learn how to use the amazing device called a BRAKE PEDAL !!!

  • yadas 74cuda

    probably should pull over to the righthand shoulder or go to next exit and come up behind them next time