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WVU safety Darwin Cook knows to be on the lookout for friendly fire from Karl Joseph.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Just because it’s Georgia State week (yawn) doesn’t mean there’s a lack of interesting quotes from the West Virginia players and coaches. A sampling of the best:

Darwin Cook on the hitting prowess of fellow safety Karl Joseph, who accidentally knocked out Doug Rigg: “If I’m ever coming back (upfield), I’m gonna watch out for him. I don’t want my head in my booty hole.”

Coach Dana Holgorsen on how he feels about his offense putting up more turnovers than touchdowns through two games: “I feel like crap honestly.”

Pat Eger on whether Nick O’Toole should be getting royalties from the #Boomstache T-shirts being sold in Morgantown: “Aw, I need to watch out. The NCAA’s all over that.”

O’Toole on the groundroots movement to ‘Stache the Stadium for Saturday’s game: “I can’t shave it now. There’s no going back.”

Offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson on the 16-7 loss at Oklahoma: “You can’t ask anything more than what our defense did Saturday. We did not do our job offensively—that’s clear to everybody.”

Shaq Rowell on what he learned about his teammates at Oklahoma: “I learned that we’re going to fight this year. Nobody wanted to give up, and that’s something I haven’t seen around here in a while. I really saw it in those dudes’ eyes that we believed.”

Cook on dropping an interception at Oklahoma before making amends with a pick minutes later: “Did you see me drop the first one? On Twitter they were saying I was terrible, and then about 2 seconds later, OH YEAH, MAN! YAAAAAAY!”

Rowell on rookie linebacker Marvin Gross being pressed into second-half action and tipping an interception: “He’s a freshman—he barely knew what he was doing, but he got out there and played.”

Defensive end Kyle Rose on the WVU defense getting its swagger back against Oklahoma: “I don’t have any swag but some of the other guys have some.”

Dawson on how his quarterbacks have performed this week in practice: “They look good. We’ve looked good in practice all along—it’s not about that. We’ve got to prepare ourselves mentally to go to battle and look good in the game.”

Who does Kevin White favor in the quarterback race? “I don’t have a favorite quarterback. Just whoever gets me the ball, I’m happy with it.”

Georgia State coach Trent Miles on visiting Morgantown to face an FBS team: “We’re not going there for fun. We’re not going there to take pictures or be wowed by a crowd.”

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  • Bryan

    Big Larry and William please take your ball and go somewhere else to play.

    Lets go Mountaineers

  • Phil M.

    Great remarks and powerful stats Dougie. I recall telling some friends and family after Pat White graduated that we were living in a great era of Mountaineer Foootball but just as with every program it would not last forever and would go away for a while so we better enjoy it while we had it. Every program goes through down times. Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Clemson, Georgia, Tennessee just to mention a few big name schools that had a lot of down years and some that still are. Be a real fan, keep supporting the EERS and keep some posititve comments coming, we all have ESPN who hates on us all the time, we don't need to turn on our own.

  • Dougie

    For all you guys wanting Millard out take a look at the first road games for our other top qb's:
    Millard: 21-of-41 for 218 yards with 1 INT. In 2009 Jarrett Brown 18-of-32 for 221 yards and a TD with 4 INT's in his first career road start at Auburn, a 41-30 Tiger victory. Sophomore Rasheed Marshall made his first career road start at Camp Randall Stadium in Wisconsin in 2002 against the 25th-ranked Badgers and he finished the game just 17-of-36 for 219 yards in a 17-point defeat. Chad Johnston’s first career road start came at the Meadowlands in Piscataway, N.J., in 1994 against 4th-ranked Nebraska and he had a miserable afternoon going up against the best defense in college football. Johnston completed just 2 of his 6 attempts for 19 yards with one INT in a 30-0 shutout. Major Harris’ first career road start at Ohio State in 1987 was even worse. The redshirt freshman completed only 2-of-10 for 17 yards with 2 INT's in WVU's 24-3 loss to the 5th-ranked Buckeyes. Marc Bulger lost his first career road start at BC in 1997 when the Eagles stormed back to defeat the Mountaineers, 31-24. Bulger threw mostly low-risk passes that afternoon, completing 17-of-28 for 218 yards and 2 TD's with one INT. Brad Lewis also lost his first road start 34-17 at BC in 1999. Lewis, filling in for an injured Bulger, completed 21-of-33 for 229 yards and 2 TD's. Just maybe you guys are just spoiled from last year...

    • Barry

      Good post

    • oWhViUo

      Every qb you mentioned had a better arm than Millard.

  • Allan

    I know Big Larry has to take his shoes off to count over ten.

  • Jason

    You all busting on Dana about the qb decisions are hilarious. Do you not think he knows better than you....he works with them daily. How many qb's have you put in the NFL?

  • Sheikh yo bonbon

    BIG LARRY for president

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    Allen Taylor Just mopped the floor with Big Larry!!!

    Interesting bunch of players we have at WVU.

  • Eers Fan in SC


    It's nice to see that you read these comments. especially with some of them being on the dumb side. I will say, as I have in relation to Coach Huggins, Coach Holgorsen shouldn't be screaming and berating players on the sideline, regardless how boneheaded their play may have been. There are more subtle ways to provide instruction or to show displeasure. When he yelled in Millard's face in Okla, he could have made his point more emphatically by putting in one of the other QBs, and should have. If he's not impressed with Trickett, or the whole QB competition was just a sham, it shouldn't matter. Millard was not as sharp as all of us would have liked, and perhaps a series or two on the bench would have dealt with his nerves, if that was the issue. One can never take any opponent lightly, and Ga.St. is no exception. Were they to win, it would be worse than App St beating Mich. Nevertheless, it should be an opportunity to try out everybody who hasn't played yet, including the Frosh QB. Coach H, if you read this stuff, pay attention to those successful coaches who don't berate players in public!!! There are more of them than you may think!

    • Jason

      When I read this all I think is Nick coach in college football and rips his players apart. Bet Bama fans aren't crying about their poor little players getting yelled at. That is half the problem with kids these have to pat them on the back and say you will do better or be better next time. You are great.

      • Chris

        If those young men can't take a scolding, maybe they should join the military...from the sounds of the SI article about OSU, that might be the only way the coaches can get through to their know they just have to be louder than the THC.

  • oWhViUo

    Thinks "Larry" is probably compensating with the use of "big" comments like his that will be easily disproven come saturday. sPITT needs people to fill their stadium Lar.....maybe you should go help'em out?

  • blugldmn


    Cleanup in aisle five needed!

  • bd

    No need to watch game. Larry has told us what would happen.

  • Bullhalsey

    "Crap"...."Booty-Hole"....class organization.

  • Shawn

    I'm surprised Big Larry can even count to ten.

  • Big Larry


    Don't give me any ideas...

    • WV07

      Keep blowing spit bubbles......nobody cares about your incorrect "predictions"

    • Chet Ubetcha

      I'm sorry someone already invented PowerPoint, you can't claim something we are all sure you can't use as your own invention. The guy who invented copy and paste has the rights to that guy as well.

  • Big Larry


    1. Will the Holgorsen "Air Afraid" offense break loose and score 60 points?

    No. Of course not.

    2. Will Holsorsen turn loose the very talented running back Dreamius Smith and let him run the football?

    No....Dreamius Smith has to learn how to block first and be a "Team Player".

    3. Will Clint Tricket or Ford Childress get the start against Georgia State?

    No. Of course not. Milliard gets the start. Keeping with his tradition, Holgorsen will want to see if he can put up big numbers against mighty Georgia State. Tricket will play a series or two until he makes a mistake. Childress is an afterthought.

    4. Will the WVU defense hold Georgia State under 10 points?

    Martinsburg High would hold Georgia State under 10 points.

    5. Will the WVU defense actually rush the passer for the first time this season?

    Its possible....We don't want to show everything this early in the season.

    6. Will this game be a sellout?

    No. Of course not.

    7. Will Dana "The Man in Black" Holgorsen break tradition for the first time in 3 years and actually wear the WVU school colors of Gold & Blue?

    No. Of course not. Dana has to wear Black so his quarterbacks can see him standing on the sidelines.

    8. Will Dana "The Man in Black" Holgorsen act like Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins and rant and rave along the sidelines and berate his players after they make a mistake?

    What do you think?

    9. What will WVUs record be after the Maryland game?


    10. That's all I got.

    • j

      10 predictions of Big Larry:
      1- Big Larry is a virgin
      2- Big Larry doesn't know what that means
      3- Big Larry has a cholesterol count higher then his I.Q.
      4- Due to not finishing kindergarten, Big Larry won't be able to read this
      5- Big Larry's brother-in-law dresses up like Santa to surprise him every year. Then goes home and the rest of his family laughed at him
      6- Big Larry will cry when he realizes Marshall is no good.
      7- Big Larry doesn't have a fungal infection, that's AIDS.
      8- His roommate is his mother
      9- Big Larry looks like an overweight Nancy Grace.
      10- His mom held his hand to put him on the short bus to go to the Marshall game last weekend

    • William

      It's very SAD to be a Mountaineer fan this year no matter where you may be.
      WVU fans didn't know how great it was when they had coaches with GREAT CHARACTER like Bill Stewart, Don Neheln, and John Beilein. If you have people in charge with poor character, then you will end up with BIG PROBLEMS!
      WVU = GREED and MONEY!

      • Bill Maher

        I'm sorry guys I keep just trying to make all you stand up great Mountaineer fans upset. West Virginia is a great institute of HIGHER LEARNING!! Greatest time of my life. Lets go MOUNTAINEERS!! I am one BIG MESS.

    • kevin

      your an idiot

      • TheArchitect44

        It's you're......oh the irony

    • tony

      why do you obsess so much about wardrobe? most people I know who care about this are girls.

    • JasonMccallister

      Are you from Huntington?Oh that's right you are trying to get a job in Charelston Gazette with Mitch Vingle. Luv the eers thru good and bad no fair weather crap.

    • Allan Taylor

      Wow, Big Larry—10 talking points! Can you make that into a PowerPoint presentation?

      • Brent

        Yes that would be nice!