MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Live updates and analysis throughout West Virginia’s matchup against Georgia State:


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  • hoosier

    You are right I think this could been a much higher score.. But I think they will finish up a lot higher in conference play than what there expected. I see them beating Texas! Also TCU! Also Kansas! Also OKS Hope there! that would put us in real good contentions in a good bowl! The new QB I think got his gitters out scored more in one half than we did all game vs OK should have beat them QB shot them in the foot good change coach!!!

  • richard

    if GA. STATE is the worst team in d-1 football and even though the WVU won by the score they did-----it was still an awful win. they looked as bad as they could against this team. if we would have played maryland or any of the big 12 teams today, we would have gotten beat. i'm afraid this is going to be a long season. also, Fords arm doesn't look that strong to me. so many of his throws were wobbly. AS FOR THOSE UNIFORMS......I THINK THEY LOOK GOD AWFUL. THE 5'S LOOK LIKE AN UPSIDE DOWN 2!!!! good gah, get rid of them next year. but with that said, let's hope the mountaineers improve and win the rest of the games.

  • Protechcpa

    I liked what I saw from Childress. He did make some mistakes and level of competition was sub par, but he showed me more in the first quarter than Millard has in two games. Ford is the QB. Offensive line play was offensive. Embarrassing. Kevin White has bricks for hands. Defense was OK but hardly as dominate as they should have been against this team. One could call this a throw away year and I think a lot more losses are coming our way, but I would be willing to write it off as an investment year if Childress stays on the field. If Millard comes back, this season is just a waste.

  • wvrefugee

    I've never seen a team play so hard and get nothing done! They don't make a lot of mistakes, they play the entire game and don't accomplish much at all.

  • clair thompson

    It's very apparent that the Pat White era has spoiled the Mountaineer nation. Please be patient and loyal.

  • CaptainQ

    This was a good 'warm up' for Ford at QB. Maryland will be more of a test for him and then the absolute 'final exam' for Ford will be against Oklahoma State. WVU won the way they were expected to win against this team. Schedule only gets rougher from here.

  • William

    Lets go Mountaineers! Ford is so darn handsome!

  • Uknow

    7 was fine. All the time in the world to throw. Looked at receiver all the way. When will Hog try 9? He will need him sooner or later

    • Chet Ubetcha

      You didn't watch the same game I did then. He got rocked on every deep pass, and worked through every progression. Trickett is depth, nothing more

  • tw eagle

    saw a few mentionables in todays game . . .
    shorts and myers only recievers you can count on . . .Mountaineer backs can't run to the right , not the O-line , plays push wide &
    take too long to develop. . .Childress had all
    day to throw ,especially in second half . . .
    when forced to move, his throws were short and into the turf . . .his long passes reminded me of Marshalls' throws , almost as much hang time as a punt . . .
    overall I give the Quack the edge in play . . .
    if trailing the turtles in 2nd half , i'd want
    to see the return of the Quack . . .

  • Mister Man

    Congrats, Mountaineers. Let's work on that offensive line.

  • Bim

    I agree JC. This should have been the first half score. Actually 21 points were scored against a wore out worst team in the FBS. Holgie basically said Ford did okay but the rest of the games are not like this, what ever like this means. Holgie saw no pass rush and Ford threw with no pressure except his own.

    • Mister Man

      WVU's problem was G State being able to bring a defender untouched rushing the quarterback.

  • Rick

    It was a win, not a good one but a win...
    Now WVU needs to cover the line when playing cupcake far 2 games, 0-2 when the line is taken into consideration...Like I said earlier, it's a rebuilding year.

  • Bryan

    I am completely satisfied last 2 lines of previous post was sarcasm

  • Rob T.

    Can all the negative nellies please realize how young we are.... No excusses we need and will get better. You sit and watch the telecast and they talk about how this state is a big family, so lets act like it and support these boys.

  • Bryan

    9 receivers with catches
    3 rushers over 60 yds
    Ga St 220 yds total

    Guess for a team of this caliber that's not a good enough game.

    Must have missed some wild prediction of what was expected out of our beloved Mountaineers this year.