MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Double-click the gallery above for constantly updated images from West Virginia’s 41-7 victory over Georgia State.

bubble graphic


bubble graphic


  • Mountaineers304

    Big are an idiot. It's the small-town mindedness of people like you that can't handle change that gives our state a bad name. Nothing in comes easy in this league and the boys will fight hard this year.

    But seriously, get a life. Tough guys like you sit behind the computer screen and give your feedback on something you know nothing about. I commend Nike and the Mountaineers for coming up with a new look for the year and as a Graphic Artist I can appreciate the new look!

    • big tom

      HA HA, LITTLE ONE, grow up

    • Rick

      Some people like the new uniforms and some people don't like the new uniforms. Everyone is entitiled to their opinion and their likes and dislikes. A graphic artist should be able to appreciate that without resorting to name calling.

  • big tom

    and for God's sake, get rid of those ugly ugly yellow helmets.

    • must go

      I agree! Get back to the original colors; no grey or yellow helmets. Before you know it the flying WV will be changed.

      Just think of the $$$$ spent suiting up 3 football teams ( 3 different uni's).

    • BH

      I agree Tom.

    • Brent

      Thanks for the fashion opinion! Now I'll give mine.... I loved the Gold helmets! Wear them every game for all the negative people like little tom.

      • big tom

        those aren't gold, they are yellow for God's sake,, YELLOW.

  • big tom

    I see wvu winning two more games.. that's it... playing against our worst opponent in 30 yrs. not counting childress , who is raw, the def. will be eaten alive by any good team...this incluses our next four opponents.
    so we're 2-1 ,, and after the next four games, we will abe 2-5..
    i'm sorry, I love the eers too, but we're so young , so inexperienced, with average talent, that we just aren't a good team.

    • Michael Walker

      big tom: You don't consider Oklahoma a good team? Coach Holgorsen said 2 days ago that this team had more potential on offense than last year. Would you know better than him?

      You keep saying we. Do you play? Or are you one of the coaches?

      • big tom

        what to you expect him to do, he's trying to sell tickets,,,
        okla is down this yr,,,

    • Skippy

      University of Maryland should be an easy win!

      • max beverage

        they have one of the best quarterbacks in the nation dont under estimate their offensive passing game karl joesph and the secondary better be on their best if they want the win period. Although childress looked good against the panthers he better prep hard for maryland to prove he's spot in the year or next week everyone will be yelling for trickett.