MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Watch Dana Holgorsen’s press conference following West Virginia’s 41-7 win over Georgia State.

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  • JHT

    We will take any win, W & M, GSU, or any other. The team knows what is coming. That is why they play the W & M and GSU teams to help work out the growing pains of a young team before the big boys of the Big 12 come calling. They are young and need all the reps they can get. I don't care what the coaches are wearing or how they talk, just coach....and that is what Coach H and his staff is doing. Time to now focus on Maryland. GO EERS.

  • tony

    always nice to get the coaches fashion update from willamena

  • Pudge

    Another swing and miss from William.

    • WV07

      Don't make fun of William...his mother told him he could be anything in life; an uneducated,disgruntled waste of space is what he chose.......and we support his stupidity.

  • William

    I love Dana 'YOU KNOW' Holgerson because he wears that nice BLACK and WHITE polo

    • WV07

      I love William 'you know' Idiot because he can't spell and articulate an original thought.

  • William

    Isn't it a great day to be a Mountaineer no matter where you may be. WVU now has a winning record with TWO GREAT WINS and WVU fans should be very PROUD with those GREAT WINS over Georgia State and William & Mary. They should make the top 25 this week. With that awesome win, I think that can now beat the best teams in the country. Give Holgerson a big raise, because he is way under paid at 3.5 million. This coach might be the best coach ever in Mountaineer history!

    • WV07

      William, you truly are an uneducated idiot....and our coach spells his name Holgorsen....not Holgerson. Its called being educated....try it some time when you aren't producing diarrhea of the mouth.

    • WVAtty

      Cut n Paste strikes again.

      You're a moron. Crawl back under your rock Wiily.