MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — After buying in on the Longhorns to win the Big 12 this season, I feel like one of those Madoff victims. To find fraudulent Texas in this week’s rankings, you’ll have to scroll down a bit:

1. Oklahoma State (3-0)

Result: Beat Lamar 59-3, a win that included Josh Stewart’s 67-yard punt return score—the Cowboys’ first since Joe DeForest was coaching ’em up back in 2010. No. 11-ranked OSU now has a fortnight to prepare for its Sept. 28 trip to Morgantown.

2. Oklahoma (3-0, 1-0)

Result: Beat Tulsa 51-20 behind Blake Bell’s 413 passing yards—not all of which were screens and quick slants. I’m still not sure how good the 14th-ranked Sooners are, but in a depressing year for the Big 12, the key is not knowing how bad a team is.

3. Baylor (2-0)

Result: Idle. Hey, two byes in the span of three weeks actually represents a step up in competition for the No. 20 Bears.

4. Texas Tech (3-0, 1-0)

Result: Beat TCU 20-10. Props to the Red Raiders (and the Big 12 officiating crew) for launching the Kliff Kingsbury era in fine fashion.

5. TCU (1-2, 0-1)

Result: Lost at Texas Tech 20-10. Upon further review, yes, the Horned Frogs were hosed on several crucial plays, but there’s no crying in football, unless you’re a Texas fan.

6. Texas (1-2)

Result: Lost to Ole Miss 44-23 thanks to an epic collapse in which the Rebels scored the final 30 points. And even when the Longhorns were leading, some fans booed Mack Brown’s prerecorded videoboard message. Texas hasn’t been this divided since Santa Anna pitched the “Siete Leyes.”

7. West Virginia (2-1, 0-1)

Result: Beat Georgia State 41-7. The Mountaineers piled up 604 yards with redshirt freshman Ford Childress slinging it and senior Charles Sims running it, but needed three fourth-quarter touchdowns to make the final score more palatable.

8. Kansas State (2-1)

Result: Beat UMass 37-7. The postgame highlight? Bill Snyder, coach of a team that lost to an FCS program and trailed UMass after one quarter, promising his Wildcats wouldn’t overlook Texas next week. Classic! Air that on your Longhorn Network.

9. Kansas (1-1)

Result: Lost at Rice 23-14 and lost its 20th consecutive road game. Jake Heaps threw a pick-six and another interception that led to a Rice field goal—more proof transfer QBs should not be hypnotized by the Super Bowl rings Coach Weis flashes in front of them.

10. Iowa State (0-2)

Result: Lost to Iowa 27-21 and needed two touchdowns in the final five minutes to make it that close. With read option QB Sam Richardson limping on an injured ankle, the Cyclones ran for only 59 yards on 24 carries.
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  • TruthTeller

    WVU should be number 5 not 7. Teams with two loses should not be ahead of WVU not matter what. It is just that simple.

  • Phil M.

    Money is a powerful motivator. It shouldn't be but it is. Hit or miss you get one of these Division 1 jobs you are set for life. What Dana is making at WVU is enough to set him up for the rest of his life if he's smart about his money.

    If he goes. he goes !! We reload with another coach and move on. The days of the Bowdens, Paternos and Beamers is over. Dial up Bobby Petrino you don't think he'd come to WVU over WKU. My point being there is always another good coach available .

  • steve

    It seems to me that WVU is currently better than Texas and TCU, which makes us 5th.


    Texas will NOT hire Holgorsen, what has he done to show he can run WVU's program, much less texas'. There is a WORLD of difference, and Texas would only have to look at Fraud going to scUM to decide.

  • tw eagle

    the texas coaching staff didn't all get senile at the same time . . .it's not like the talent on
    the field has diminished to a great extent . . . something happened from the ncaa for the
    young years . . .the ncaa will never "touch" the big schools . . .so , i'm guessing the long
    horns "pulled in " their horns for awhile . . . less incentives for the players to play well . . .
    read anything into that you to . . .if you as a worker were getting bonuses for productive
    work , and then you were expected to perform the same way , but without the bonuses, how
    would you respond , knowing your boss's job depends on how hard you work . . .this type
    thinking goes against the sterling work ethic of West Virginians , but it typifies the way the
    world is flowing outside of the Mountain state

  • FungoJoe

    Brown is out at Texas after this year. I said it two weeks ago, that Texas will hire Holgorsen after the season is over. Double down on that bet now.

    • WVWho

      Wait....what? Go from one coach with ties to Texas and no defense to one with less ties and no defense? That's nonsense. Better shot of muschamp or Saban. I may double down on your delusions.

  • tw eagle

    I've watched two TTU games this year . SMU and TCU . without the officiating crew TTU loses both those games . watched Baylor play last season in texas , same effect on game by officials . good thing WVU plays TTU
    in Morgantown . Baylor and tcu games are in texas so I gather from my "scouting " that winning in any texas venue will have the Mounties playing against a 19 man team .

    • Maxxajay

      @ TW I Agree 100%, And it was like that in basketball .. the big 12 it seemed as though West Virginia rarely if ever got a call in their favor... I don't care about the big 12 officials especially in Texas....

  • saltydog

    I wish UT was our next conference game instead of OK State, we could use additional time to develop the young guys for the leagues best team.

  • MountainMover

    We can win a lot of games if we jell this week and the offensive line steps up. If these things don't happen we will likely lose a lot of games.

  • Jay

    Interesting take, Allan. I'd rank WVU above Texas right now. The Longhorns would not have played OU nearly as close as WVU. (Obviously just my opinion.). They're plain awful right now. I'd probably slot Texas at #8 ahead of only Iowa State and Kansas.

    • Allan Taylor

      The temptation was there, Jay. Unfathomable how glass-jawed UT has looked the past two weeks.

  • Bim

    After watching all WVU games thus far, I stand with my 5 wins at best. Texas could be a deciding 6th win. I don't think we will be blown out as much as at first, but will put up a good fight. Maryland will be a good test as they have not beat anybody or faced a team of any substance. We fit right into their type of current schedule but a better team. The Big 12 sure does seem to have lost a lot of luster if a weak team like our is 7th.

    • Bobby M

      Why NOT us? WHY not now?!?!

  • leroy j gibbs

    Big 12 sounding like the old big east

    • Allan Taylor

      Not sure the Big 12 could ever sink THAT low, leroy, but the league is taking some body blows this season.

    • Sosick O'William

      Gibby, I can give you 20 Million reasons I'd have to disagree with you on that. But I understand where you're coming from. The Big 12, like WVU, is in transition. Give it some time.

  • big tom

    the eers win 2 maybe 3 more games,,,will be favored over iowa st. and kstate, the rest is anyone's guess,,
    we are still a work in progress, so very young on offense, and we've only played okla, and our D didn't look too bad, though giving up over 300 yds rushing, therefore Okla didn't have to pass, so things are misleading in relation to pass def... agains gstate. they qb was a terrible passin qb.
    we'll learn a lot this sat. about our def.. Maryland always has good players, just poor coaching.
    if we win 6 games, it will be a miracle.

  • Maxxajay

    From what I have seen of the big 12, It looks like in my opinion West Virginia could win all the games... With a dog fight of Baylor and Oklahoma State. And Oklahoma State is at home I feel the Mountaineers can honestly do that.. I have seen every team play except Baylor, And WVU can win If they play like they did at Oklahoma and Ford is the quarterback..

    • Harpers Ferry

      What are you smoking? You must be drinking the Kool-Aid by the gallon. WVU will be lucky to win ONE in their next seven games.

      • Hailey

        You are the one smoking...I will take that bet all day long

    • Oh Did Ya?

      No way. The defense is improved but will not stop pass happy offenses. We can beat K state, Kansas, Iowa st, and Texas. Will lose to ok st, Texas tech, tcu, and Baylor. Should beat Maryland for 7-5.