HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Police continued their search for a mother who dropped off an infant child on the doorstep of a home in the city Saturday evening.

The baby boy was believed to be less than 24 hours old when left on the porch of an 11th Street home in Huntington. The residents heard someone bang on the door and discovered the newborn with a note indicating the mother was unable to provide a good home.

“At this point, we’re not looking to charge her,” said Detective Ted Backus of the Huntington Police Department. “We want to make sure that her health and her care is taken care of and that she doesn’t have any problems related to the birth.”

The child was still hospitalized Monday in a pediatric intensive care unit. Backus said the ICU is a precaution since doctors know nothing of the baby’s family history.

“We didn’t have an opportunity to have umbilical cord blood tested for any addictions,” Backus said. “He’s in the hospital to make sure he has no addictions or health issues. Once that is cleared he’ll be placed into foster care pending an adoption process.”

Leaving a child on a doorstep wasn’t uncommon in the 1920s, but it’s a rarity today. Backus knew of only one other such case in his police career. He said it seemed sad that a child would be abandoned only hours after birth, but also credited whomever left the child with at least providing the baby a chance.

“She dropped him off at a home where somebody was home. It also appeared he had been taken care of before he was dropped off,” he said. “His glucose levels were fine, blood sugar was fine. He wasn’t malnourished and he wasn’t neglected, it didn’t appear.”

Police said a witness spotted a woman walking in the vicinity of the house around the time of the incident. She was described as a young, black woman dressed in black and carrying a camouflage backpack. Backus said police don’t know if the woman had any family connections to the baby.

The note from the mother indicated she had given the child a name, though police haven’t released that information.

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  • Lisa

    We don't know her circumstances....maybe she was very young and scared, no way to transport this baby to a hospital...maybe she's a victim of rape or incest....maybe she hid this pregnancy for her own safety...I'm just glad she didn't suffocate it and throw it in a dumpster! Prayers for this lady and praying this baby finds a loving home and family...

  • Nettie

    Perhaps it wasn't the best way to do it, but this woman did seem to care about her baby and want him to find a home where he could be cared for. Far better than the many women who do throw their babies away or flush or abort them. Prayers for them both. (ps. I'm not a left winger.)

    • Grant


  • mauldawg

    No charges,what a crock. She is not a mother,just and egg donor. No mother leaves her child on a doorstep. No excuse. All you left wingers keep making excuses for her. If found she should be charged and jailed for at least child endangerment. Where is the worthless sperm donor? Welcome to 2013 where children are thrown out with the garbage.

    • Jr

      Amen. Attempted murder if you ask me. I I read the original story about two hours after I watched my stepson and daughter in law hold their newborn as he took his last breath. And cannot for the life of me find the justice in any of this. Gods or Mans.

      • Grant


        Our daughter was stillborn last year at 8 months. My sister lost her son in her 8th month of pregnancy fifteen years ago. My aunt was killed at the age of two, and my grandmother never "got over" that pain.

        There are no answers in this world. The only thing that I can say is that my relationship with my son, wife, and God are much closer.

        When you are with your stepson and daughter-in-law, I recommend that you just listen. There are no words that you want to hear at that moment. Just be there. Offer to help with their other kids or house but don't push it.

        I am sincerely sorry for your loss. If they need someone to talk to have them look up our group on Facebook, "Mid-Ohio Valley Pregnancy and Infant Loss" or e-mail me at, and either my wife or I can contact them (whichever is appropriate).

        God bless your family.

        • Jr

          Thank you. I will pass along this Info. All support for our family is truly appreciated.

  • Grant

    Prayers for the mother and child. It couldn't have been easy for her. Hopefully, the child finds a good home.