MORGANTOWN, W.Va.— The MetroNews team of photogaphers and videographers takes its weekly look inside West Virginia football after the Mountaineers’ offense powers by Georgia State with a 41-7 victory.

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  • William

    Sounds good guys. Got me some Doritos and bean dip. We will make an evening of canned poo and throwing darts at a picture of holgersen.

  • bva24

    I tried putting my farts in a bag. Didnt work. But I'm on my way to BIG TOMS to wear a fart can as a football helmet.

  • Big Tom

    I live the smell if a good canned fart. I'm in.

  • William

    I have a can of FARTS! Who wants to smell em?

    • hailey

      William you are a strange little man, I bet your family would be proud of you and you childish antics. Time to grow up little man

  • Big O

    William.....Marshall troll.

  • Bagelknot

    Who cares about the helmets or uniforms if they win. Winning will cure everything. I'm 50 and I liked the helmets. Didn't care for the white ones though.

  • Jasper Wilcox

    I LOVE the new helmets! The matt finish is great. The white was great too!

  • Mike

    I guess I'm old style but helmets were bad. I do like the white ones. Reminds me of helmets from the past.

  • Rock Solid

    Guys,why does tradition have to be sacrificed to please recruits with wild colors. You say you have to GET THE GOOD PLAYERS! Bull!! We arn't getting any players because of our uniforms that are worth losing our identity. Dana is a mercenary who doesn't care about tradition, he wears black because he doesn't care what the school is about, only if his check clears. He has no love of the state or it's heritage only if he can produce wins and move up the food chain to a bigger program. If we lose our identity while he works to promote his future doesn't bother him at all. What is sad is that the most valuable thing WVU has, which is reputation is being bled away as we become just another team in some color scheme that nobody recognizes when they flip on their TV. Ashamed you people are too stupid to recognize that.

    • big fan

      Tell us what traditions are being sacrificed. As for Dana, I go to work everyday for a company and if something comes around for a lot more money I would take the job. As soon as people realize its a business and loyalty only goes so far things would be better. This awesome reputation you talk about has nothing to do with football program or at least I hope not since the program is just now I believe of self imposed restrictions due to the last 2 coaches we've had. I believe the the reputation has more to do with the love this state shows the program in good and bad times. I have missed 2 games in the last 19yrs and both of them were the birth dates of my children. I have seen the good and bad days on the field and off. So go ahead and bad mouth the program all you want I can overlook that but don't bad mouth the fans of this great program that I take personally. But if you would like to match IQ's that's a game you won't win. So please drop the stupid remarks unless you know personally the people your talking about.

      • William

        Dana "You Know" Holgerson is only here for the MONEY! It is just a matter of time till he is gone. He is not a TRUE MOUNTAINEER and never will be. WVU could have did much better in picking a Head Coach.

        • Truthteller

          Well I tell you what Willie, go to work tomorrow if you have a job that is and ask your boss if you can work for free. See how that works out for you when the bills come around. Get off the drugs and out of you parents basement.

        • Brad

          Who is a true mountaineer??? Don? Where was he from? Lou Holtz? Born here.... Nick Saban? Coached here, & would've stayed, but was fired.. Bobby Bowden? Rich Rod? He loved this state & this was his dream job?? Where's he now? Who are these "True Mountaineers" you speak of & where are they?? Black is worn for a reason.... & what about Oregon? They change colors every week.... Is that hurting their tradition & recruits? You're an idiot..

        • WV07

          You 'could have did' a better job with your grammar....smuck!

  • wv_hawk

    I loved the unis and the "yellow" helmet...

    Variety is the "spice of life" - just support the Mountaineers.

    I hope we NEVER go back to the blue we had about 30 years ago - it was a lot lighter than what we have now and just a tad darker than Boise State blue -- YUK.

    And we are "Old Gold" in name only -- we've been yello for about 25 years... where have you been?

  • big fan

    Big tom when was the last time the football team wore old gold, in the neighborhood of 33 years ago and if I am not mistaken right around the same time white helmets were last worn, and you hate the new white helmets also. It must really be bad to be you with everything being a negative for you. So sorry things change

    • big tom

      no , I don't mind the white ones , but I really like the blue,,, yellow or mustard just is ugly ugly

    • William

      Those uniforms are UGLY, no they are very UGLY. Everything about them are sad, who- ever made this change should be FIRED!

  • big tom

    this is not our new school colors, old gold and blue that have never been changed except by nehlen so they can look like Michigan,, sad

  • Matt

    I loved the helmets looked great with the mainly dark blue and black sleeves. Not a school colors?? This is our new school color schemes. Enjoy it!!

  • Veretax

    Honestly. I think taht look might look better if the yellow was more old Gold than mustard yellow.

  • big tom

    let's hear it for those ugly helmets,, let's hope this is the last time for yellow,,,that isn't even one of our school colors. why in the world to abandon our traditional colors...

    • rekterx

      I liked the helmets. I like the new unis in general.

      To the main point: Thank you Mr. Hoff for putting these pieces together.

    • William

      Dna Holgerson will be changing WVU football colors for next year - they will be BLACK and WHITE. Just hope they don't use any stripes on uniform!

      • Truthteller

        Actually Huntington is known as little Detroit.
        Lots of drug traffic and crime in Huntington.
        It should be Marshall Plundering Terd that should wear the bright orange uniforms.

      • Chris

        He has said more than once the reason he wears the black and white on the sidelines is so that the QB can quickly identify him against a sea of gold and blue.

    • Chet Ubetcha

      It isn't about what old fans want, you have already spent your money on the school (actually you probably never attended but you get the point). This is to bring in young blood, new recruits, and younger students to bring additional revenue and talking points to the school and program