MORGANTOWN, W.Va.— The MetroNews team of photogaphers and videographers takes its weekly look inside West Virginia football after the Mountaineers’ offense powers by Georgia State with a 41-7 victory.

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  • John Davis

    Why is it that all you people do is whine about holgerson or the colors do any of you care about the games players probably read some of this how about talking about dakiels awesome td catches or simms burst or fords arm instead of the bickering are any of you football fans or fashion consultants Americas next top model is on the e channel go there and complain so some actual fans can talk football

  • Rock Solid

    Hey Allen. They are as much my uniforms as they are yours! Duh!

  • Rock Solid

    Hey Brad. Oregon never had an identity until Nike became successful. So to come up with a "hook" to give them an ID was the wild uniforms. WVU didn't need a hook. Neither does USC, Penn State, Alabama, Texas, Nebraska, Ohio State, aud nausium. Why do we have to become a clown act? Ever see the ugly girl who had to act out to get attention because she couldn't compete to get attention with her looks? Same for some guys!

  • Rock Solid

    Hey Big Fan: The main thought of my blog was made because of all the talk about the uniform combinations and the mustard yellow colors that arn't true WVU blue and gold, which are what are recognized by non WVU viewers nationwide. Those are the uniforms people associate with us when we were top ten material. If you are happy with 6-6, and7-5 and losing the pin stripe bowl,good for you. Why don't you go watch some Colonial Conf talent laden games or maybe even some Mid American Conf. They play just as hard as the big conferences but with less aspirations for their future. I've tried to type really slow so you can keep up. OK?

  • Dougie

    People worry waaaay to much about uniforms. Doesn't matter what uniform they wear, some will like it and some won't. I never even noticed the uniforms. I'm too busy watching whats going on in the game...

  • Matt

    Kirk needs a hobby lol

  • Kirk

    Just a few quick reminders for everyone who wants to wax intellectual here:

    It's = contraction of it + is. This is a verb; should not be used to indicate possession.

    Its = possessive pronoun. (This is the one you want to use when you're assigning ownership of something).

    Your = possessive adjective. This is not a verb, it is, again, used to assign ownership.

    You're = contraction of you +are. This one is the verb.

    I don't know how you can possibly have the false confidence to insult other people, indicate (or state outright) that you're intelligent, or otherwise insult one another's intellects when you're so wholly bereft of any knowledge of your own language.

  • Bryan

    These responses never cease to amaze. Forget the uniforms they are what they are, forget your invaluable opinions for they too are what they are and get on board. Bottom line, WVU is in great shape, this train is taking off @ 3:30 sept 21 and not stopping until completing an 11-1 regular season topped off with one last BSC bowl win for an overall 12-1 season.

    All raise and hail the mighty Mointaineers!

  • Allen

    Yeah I wonder why they changed the color? Oh that's right! So they could show up on TV better. It's not black & white anymore. TV is HD and in color now. The flying WV also is better than the state emblem that use to be on the side of the helmets.


    The uniforms are for the players on the team and not some old dude sweating in his chair over a football game and cold beer as he snores not even seeing the game.

  • big tom

    You think the wvu helmets are ugly....wait till you see me!!

  • William

    Sounds good guys. Got me some Doritos and bean dip. We will make an evening of canned poo and throwing darts at a picture of holgersen.

  • bva24

    I tried putting my farts in a bag. Didnt work. But I'm on my way to BIG TOMS to wear a fart can as a football helmet.

  • Big Tom

    I live the smell if a good canned fart. I'm in.

  • William

    I have a can of FARTS! Who wants to smell em?

    • hailey

      William you are a strange little man, I bet your family would be proud of you and you childish antics. Time to grow up little man

  • Big O

    William.....Marshall troll.