INSTITUTE, W.Va. A new cadet class starts training Monday at the West Virginia State Police Academy. This will be the 63rd class at the training facility.

The 21 cadets will undergo 25 weeks of training, which includes physical fitness, weapons and state-law education.

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin will administer the oath of office to the cadets at 10 a.m.

The cadets were selected from hundreds of applicants who underwent a written and physical exam.

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  • Bill

    Dale, Troopers today are more hostile toward the public than ever before, where older troops had better communication, I would say by your post that you're in law enforcement, I too, spent allot of time at the academy when Col. Buckelew, Gen. Mooney, Capt. Young and Mark Smith was the Comm, alot of these people have legtimate concerns.

  • Dale

    Jim G., wonder what you contribute for the betterment of society? Can you "cast the first stone"? Why would infer judging all Troopers by the actions of a few?

  • Jim G.

    I wonder if they have a class called Lying/Perjury 101? The recent "trooper of the year" perjured himself before a grand jury in Mingo County to harm an innocent man at the apparent behest of a corrupt judge. We can't forget the state police lab worker who sent innocent people to prison for heinous crimes with fake lab reports.

  • Rick

    Only 21 cadets in the class. That is sad. That won't even fill the current vacancies.