MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen heaped praise on freshman Daryl Worley, rescinded last week’s praise for the offensive line, and said the Mountaineers are “excited about going to Baltimore” to face unbeaten Maryland.

He also announced the departure of senior cornerback Brodrick Jenkins, an 11-game starter who had been relegated to backup status this season. Declining to clarify whether Jenkins left the team or was dismissed, Holgorsen revealed only that “it’s internal.”

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  • Larry

    I think they just need to take one game at a time, leave it all on the field, give 110%, play a full 60 minutes, take care of the football, pin their ears back, and bend but don't break and they'll be fine.

  • Tusker

    PS - I only by gray Mountaineer gear.. Goes with mostly anything, if looking well buttoned is your sort of thing.

  • Tusker

    I didn't realize Deon matriculated anywhere. I'm super surprised he's playing at the D1 level. The kid has the wherewithal of really cheap toilet paper, the kind that's inferior to your hand.

  • William

    I am color blind. So I don't even know why I complain about Dana holgersens shirt. I can't see colors, so I like to smell things. Like my fart can. Anyone want to donate to this can?

  • wvajoker

    If that is true "Know it All" William, you and Dana have something in common. You are not a Mountaineer and never will be.

  • john c

    guess i will have to get rid of my grey and black wvu clothing!!

  • john c

    omg he is wearing a black shirt.........

  • ducks in a row

    After a long day, it would be nice to read some comments about the game itself. Why all the jibber jabber about clothing and colors? Are there any adults on this board?

    I agree with the poster above. This game should be a huge test for 1. (QB) Ford. 2 Receivers. The running game appears to be fairly solid. I'm shocked at the fact that the D seems to be able to defend the pass so far this year, yet can't seem to stop the run. Is that totally opposite from last year, or am I dreaming? I think this one will be tight. How is Rigg doing?

    • Double A

      Good post "Ducks" finally some football!! Rigg will be fine but probably wont go Saturday. Pass D is improved, a lot, in my opinion from just being more experienced and better coached along with a second year in a simplified 3-4 D. Running D will get better. As season matures our running D will also. The whole unit will continue to grow and improve! The big O will get rolling soon and by the time TT comes to Mo Town payback will be spoon fed to those Red Raiders!!!

  • John Davis

    so now the football fans are more interested in the color of holgs shirt than the Maryland game wow? I think we beat Maryland and we r assured of atleast 7 and 5 we lose and it could be a snowball. We got the Kansas and iowa state games texas looks winnable in Motown now and maybe a road win at kstate give us one more maybe two and not a bad year right? Keep ford at the qb spot regardless and the next couple years could be very good!

  • Bim

    A friend of mine in Maryland and follower of MD but not a big fan, says we will win by at least 2 touchdowns. He is basing this on when he watched us play Oklahoma, only.

  • WVWho

    This game shouldn't be close. WVU-31, Maryland-13

    • Hop'sHip

      WVW: I hope you're right, but at the risk of being called a Grinch, I suspect you are living in Whoville.

  • leroy j gibbs

    Must be a slow sports day

  • Bim

    Why don't we play Rocky Top after each game instead of Country Roads. Colors, songs makes no difference.

    • Dave

      Rocky Top is a nice song but it's not a West Virginia song, it's a Tennessee song.

      Good ole Rocky Top
      Rocky Top Tennessee

      • Bim

        Dave, my point, black is not a wvu color

        • Duggie

          I can't believe you guys are making a big deal over the shirt. It's a shirt. I have been a WVU fan for several decades and don't around and wonder what shirt Holgerson will wear every year. What I really can't believe is why Luck would hire a coach with hair like that. All the other coaches had great hair. Holgerson's hair is all over the place. I know he says it's so the QB can see him better on the side line because the other coaches wear hats and have great hair but I don't believe it. He just isn't following WVU tradition of coaches with great hair. He has no school pride. He needs to go.

          • Dougie

            That was great!


    I Just Don't Follow The "Color Of The Shirt" Fiasco. That Doesn't Make You Better Or Worse As Far As Coaching Goes!!! As For He'll Leave, That's A "Sucker" Bet, I Bet You Continue To Post Your Thoughts!!!!

  • Dave

    We will absolutely have to bring our 'A' game to beat the Terps. They have a good QB with 2 great receivers in Diggs and Deon Long (former Mountaineer). Play great and we win; play good and we lose a close one; play mediocre and we lose by at least two touchdowns. Let's play great!!! Go Mounties!!