MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — In their weekly installment of “The Takeaway,” Allan Taylor and Justin Hoff—two guys on stools—break down the Georgia State film, chat about Joe DeForest and discuss what lies ahead for the Mountaineers in Maryland.

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  • Chad

    We are the 8th youngest team in the nation, why not put Childress in and let him grow and develop. If him and Millard both return there will be another battle in spring and in fall camp. Then Millard graduates. Let Ford have 4 years, look how Geno developed. He was not great as a sophomore and took a lot of sacks as a junior. Let all the young kids grow and develop together, next year and the year after we will be a better team for it, not after Millard graduates and we break in Childress or another freshmen. We aren't going to be great but what do you expect from 30 underclass men on the 2 and 3 deep.

  • Mountaineer fanatic

    Millard is not consistent. Last year he came in and threw a TD right off the bat. Then he came in for the second time and threw an INT. Can't always throw TDes but can't throw so many INTs eather. At least if Ford gets better every week he will be with us for awhile. We can beat Maryland. Lets gooooooo MOUNTAINEERS!!!!!

  • Ryan

    Hey, we can't say anything about our schedule, Alabama has the same schedule as we do. Colorado st.? Georgia st.? Chattanooga? and kentucky, arkansas, and tennesse all suck

    • Bim

      Our problem is everyone but GS could beat us. Easy for Bama but not for us if we had their schedule, we'd never get to a bowl.

  • Outdoor Man

    Brian...Love your work!

  • Bryan

    These responses never cease to amaze. Forget the uniforms they are what they are, forget your invaluable opinions for they too are what they are and get on board. Bottom line, WVU is in great shape, this train is taking off @ 3:30 sept 21 and not stopping until completing an 11-1 regular season topped off with one last BSC bowl win for an overall 12-1 season.

    All raise and hail the mighty Mountaineers!

    • tw eagle

      a very doable dream , who will the Mountaineers draw in the fiesta bowl ?
      Michigan at 10-2 or ND at 9-3 ?

    • Dave

      Yes, that's what I'm talking about. Love the attitude.

    • chad


  • tw eagle

    there's politics locked into everything in life . from high school ball all the way through the
    pros . . .January these same scribes were blowing the horn for a chavis rollins who was gonna be "the second coming " of Pat White .
    problem was , other than size and speed , he had no talent . . .then from spring ball all the way thru camp it was gonna be trikit or childress . . .the guys that write like to be right . . .well , trikit has some experience and childress is 8 feet tall , he looks like a winner .
    must be one of them . . .is coach Holgerson playing "nice" and trying to keep all the QB's happy ? that's not how you build a winning program , by being nice to nice players . play the ones who have and show the heart to be winners . my opinion , like every opinion expressed here (or anywhere) holds absolutely no water . who is coach Holgerson 'shining' on ? Millard or Childress ?

  • Jase

    You all are retarded, in case you haven't listened to the expert on offense, coach holgorson, ford showed he was leaps and bounds better than the other two qbs, not just by stats but by body language and taking control of the offense and he is only going to get better week to week

  • William

    Its going to be a big quarterback mess by mid season. WVU must play these cupcake teams just to have a chance for a winning season. WVU sports is at an all time low.

    • Grant

      So a regional rival and ACC team is a cup cake? You must be searching for something to complain about or just don't know football.

      • Justin

        Not taking up for him, but I think he was referring to William/ Marry and Georgia State.

    • Dave

      Sorry, but I'm LMAO at the moment.

  • Dougie

    Ok I can believe the common fan can be faked out by having good stats against really poor competition, but I don't believe sportswriters and commentators are buying it. Listen I hope Ford becomes a great QB as much as anybody, but playing decent (not great) against Georgia St cannot be compared to playing against Oklahoma. He threw rainbows and balls in the dirt all day. Yes it was his first game, but the same can be said for Millard in his first road game against a top 20 team. Millards stats against Oklahoma are waaaay more impressive then Ford's against Ga St. Millard gives up the best chance to win right now. We gave up on him way to soon, and we will find that out this weekend. And no, this isn't Paul...

    • DWM

      This is what I think this comes down to, Millard, Trickett, and Childress are all about the same and each give us about the same chance to win. If they are all close and if Childress has far less game experience, doesn't it reason that he has the greater upside?

      If they are all relatively close, I say play the youngest one and let him grow into the job.

    • chad

      Just what kind of drugs are you on Dougie?

    • Bobby M

      I wouldnt TOTALLY disagree BUT you MUST think about this! In Millards first TWO games he AVERAGED 1 interception and 1 fumble! Yes - that is his average IN two games! Now let me ask you - you have two average QBs but one is guaranteed to throw 1 interception AND 1 fumble EVERY game! What QB do you choose?!?!?

      I think they are CLOSE in their skills BUT coaches are hoping one just takes the ball and "runs with it" as they have said! They gave Millard chance in spotlight and HE performed average - not great! So now its time for another to get chance to see IF he CAN step up!

      Spot it UP! Let it RIP! Rock N ROLL Rumble!

    • scott

      listen closely to what the coaches say about his presence in the pocket, huddle and communicating with them on the sidelines. Holgy said himself Ford's presence is what they've BEEN looking for. Mark my words, he'll remain in that spot until he graduates. Millard couldn't cut it, Trickett is a coach in training........Ford is the present and future. and no this isn't