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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — As West Virginia hunters prepare for the 2013 big game season a check of the newest publication of the hunting regulations might not be a bad idea. There are some radical changes.

Perhaps the biggest change is the opportunity to kill two deer in a day’s time. Under the new regulation hunters can kill a buck and a doe or two does during any single day of hunting, regardless of whether they are hunting with a bow, gun, or muzzleloader.

“We’ve had a number of requests for that throughout the years,” said DNR Biologist Chris Ryan. “It comes from a bow hunter who may only get a limited number of Saturday’s or a certain amount of leave from work. The other case is out-of-state hunters or in-state hunters who are busy and can only hunt the first three days of the buck season.”

Furthermore, hunters don’t have to check-in the first deer before killing the second.  You could legally shoot one and if another is standing nearby, draw another arrow or chamber another round and drop it moments later.

The change is aimed at giving hunters more opportunities when many have limited time to hunt. It also helps lower the number of antlerless deer in areas where numbers are above what the DNR considered the appropriate carrying capacity for the habitat.

There’s a renewal of the restriction which was put into place last year which requires a hunter to kill a doe before he can take his or her second buck. The number of bucks you can kill is capped at three for the whole year and no more than two with any one hunting method.

The other primary change to the 2013 hunting regulations involves bear hunting. Hunters in 19 West Virginia counties, who have the proper permit, will be able to kill a bear concurrently during buck season.

“In 19 counties for the first time we’re going to have a limited black bear season concurrent during the buck season,” Ryan said. “Those permits had to be in by August 19th. Hopefully we had a lot of hunters put in for those permits.  Also a landowner does not need a permit.”

The changes set up a unique opportunity in those counties.

“They can actually kill a buck, a doe, and a bear if the doe season is open,” Ryan said. “All in the same day.”

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  • lee arthur

    Hunting for food is very acceptable , hunting for trophies not so much.

  • Hurler

    Let's have Black Powder before the 2 weeks of Buck season! VA has this one right!

  • Phoneman

    I have also lived here and hunted the mountains of WV all my life. Hunting season in our homes is a time for my fathers and brothers to spend time together and catch up on our busy lives. We are also so pleased that our young children love to be outdoors with us. So hunting in West Virginia isn't just a sport for us it is a tradition. I believe most fathers should take the children outdoors to learn about nature. Get them interested in something besides video games and computers.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    ever watch "chasin tail" on the history channel
    deer cause alot of automobile accidents and provide a haven for deer ticks which cause lyme disease, also there is nothing tastier than a venison backstrap! thats why i hunt

  • Cory Boothe

    According to the Center for Disease Control, hunting is one of the safest sports. Much safer than horseback riding, hiking, or even ping pong.

    Been hunting over twenty years and have never seen a deer running around with an arrow in it.

    • Concerned

      Second that.

  • Jeff miller

    I have lived in West Virginia all my life,I grew up hunting and trapping with my family.Now I don't want to be apart of hunting in Wv.It has been turned into a joke.There is no respect anymore.For anything.And a very good example was when the W.V.U. mascot decided to make and post a film of him shooting a black bear out of a tree on the internet.They told him he could no longer use the musket for his personal use.Wow now that was really harsh!They should have gotten another mascot.Because that was a message of stupidity and disrespect.What does that say about our college.?It is all about money.Ten years ago I could take my handicapped daughter 18 miles from our home trout fishing and it was something she loved to do.But high water washed the pond out.The right thing would be to fix it.No?W.V. you've put the screws to the true outdoors men.Its no longer about the outdoors and basics,Its about power and money.

  • EERS fan

    Why do you get off on calling these animals stupid?

  • mike

    Brian, believe it or not people are harvesting food for their families for the winter. So don't look at it as "getting off" on killing animals, try thinking of it as men and women taking care of one of the most basic needs of their families.

    • Brian

      Mike, I know people who use the meat. Some are quite poor. This I understand very well and I think your answer was very good

      I do not understand the the fat slob who comes all the way from a major city then takes his $10,000 ATV into the woods. After this he waddles off his ATV in his size 48 Rambo camouflaged outfit to shoot his $2000 dollar a poor deer or bear for just his entertainment. This getting off on killing.

    • Jeff miller


  • Jeff miller

    D.N.R. They'll never consider their faults,because the wont confess to not doing a proper job.The amount of whitetails poached,or killed on crop damage permits.How about the deer running around in rifle season with arrows in them.Good honest hunters don't hunt anymore because there's too many Idiots out there due to promoting hunting.Making it unsafe.I know there is alot of so called hunters out there with Big racks on there walls that have to lie about them the rest of their life because it was a illegal kill.Be honest.

    • Bill Lared

      DNR can never operate correctly. The Gov needs to clean house in the DNR office! My word man the chiefs of Wildlife and Parks are drunks and lost their license to DUIs. With scum like that leading there can never be help for the DNR and benefit us too! Wake up Earl Ray!

  • chuck

    Brian, are you a veggin'?

  • Brian

    Can somebody explain to me why some people get off on killing stupid animals.

    • Ed

      so stupid people can eat meat .I suppose hes a vegetarian .this guy dont hunt so he thinks nobody else should.whats he doing on this website since it dont concern him.he needs to join the anti-gun idiots where he will fit right in

    • tony

      Too bad mine your own business !

      • Spell Checker

        That should be "mind".

  • leroy j gibbs

    They need to limit bucks to one a year like ohio does and maybe will have lsrger bucks harvested in the future


      A friend of mine was talking about how much earlier bow season has opened this year. With that said, fawns with their spots currently still abound. If they have their spots then more than likely they're still dependent on their mother's milk. If you kill an early season doe that has a fawn with spots, the fawn will more than likely succumb to starvation. Just an observation.

      • Joe

        Someone killed a doe with 2 fawns recently on property adjacent to my own property. At the time she was killed she had 2 fawns, both sporting spots that have found refuge on my property. I am happy to report they are both doing well and have been eating from my garden and trees as well as natural foraging. Spots have all gone but both deer seem to be healthy and surviving. I would hope that they both survive this season, but with the amount of hunters surrounding my property I know it is possible one or both may not survive the season. Unfortunatly that is the downside of hunting. Don't mistake me for a non hunter, because I do hunt, am an avid hunter, but I also like to observe wildlife on my property year round. I have several cameras posted on my property and enjoy seeing the animals that are captured on film year round.

    • must go

      I second that!

      • Jim

        That will never happen. We would have to do everything else like Ohio as well. We would have to let the DNR charge $25 for a deer tag like Ohio does and the hunting public would cry.

        I say do whatever you have to to make this happen.

  • wow

    Shadow, go back to sleep and let longbeards make his point without your smart (NOT) reply.

  • Public Servant

    Shadow, at least longbeards mispelled word did not hit below the belt!!

  • longbeards

    This is a good move on the part of WV DNR. Thanks for listening to the hunting pulic!

    • Shadow

      Longbeards, it is spelled pubic!

      • MassHunter

        Actually SHADOW it's spelled PUBLIC. :)

      • Jim

        Funny Shadow