MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Even after taking a helmet to the chin in his first college start, West Virginia quarterback Ford Childress isn’t adjusting his attitude.

“I like blitzes,” said the redshirt freshman, who should love what Maryland has in store this week.

Though Childress was sacked twice by Georgia State actually, he absorbed his most jarring hit on a 21-yard, fourth-quarter completion to Daikiel Shorts. As Panthers linebacker Jarrell Robinson spilled through the middle of the line, Childress stepped into the throw barely a nano-second before being crunched.

“He got under my chin,” Childress said. “It was a little uncomfortable.”

But productive quarterbacks see explosive potential amid those uncomfortable moments. When defenses load up pressure packages, they’re capable of being exploited—provided the quarterback has enough time and nerve.

“It’s easy to get a really big play out of it when they blitz,” Childress said. “You hit them in the voided area and then we can get a big shot in. Sometimes I’ll have to take a shot, but I don’t mind doing that.”

Maryland (3-0), which tops the nation with 15 sacks this season, figures to stay aggressive against West Virginia (2-1) on Saturday in Baltimore. During last week’s 32-21 win at UConn, the Terps rang up six sacks.

“(Maryland) can blitz all they want; as long as we pick it up we’ll make big plays out of it.”                                                — West Virginia offensive lineman guard Mark Glowinski

“They can blitz all they want; as long as we pick it up we’ll make big plays out of it,” said WVU guard Mark Glowinski before heading off to watch video of the Terps defense.

Of particular note is outside linebacker Marcus Whitfield, who has compiled 5.5 sacks both coming off the edge and stunting inside. “I’ll find out more from film and see if what he does is anything spectacular,” Glowinski said.

To some extent, West Virginia’s pass-protection failings last week were a bi-product of Childress facing competing agendas in his first start. With head coach Dana Holgorsen pushing him to ramp up the offensive tempo, Childress sometimes didn’t allow his offensive linemen time to change their blocking calls after the Georgia State defense jumped out of its original alignment.

“Some of that was on me,” Childress said. “I know now that (the linemen) need their time, so that they can protect me.”

In search of a silver lining, offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson lauded Childress for shaking off the knockdowns to throw for 359 yards and three touchdowns.

“A lot of time you get hit and you get antsy,” Dawson said. “But he did a really good job of standing in the pocket, taking some really good hits and delivering accurate balls.”

After Maryland lost both starting cornerbacks to injuries, you might expect the Terps to play more zone coverage in hopes of protecting the newbies, but Dawson isn’t banking on such a philosophical shift. Edsall’s defenses have been blitz-reliant for years and West Virginia’s downfield passing game through three weeks has been spotty.

“I don’t think they’re going to change their mentality at all,” Dawson said, “because we haven’t made a lot of plays down the field. Why would anyone come out and be threatened by us? We have to produce and make some plays before we can change the defense’s mentality.”

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  • Doug

    As a season ticket holder, I said before the season started that WVU, though laden with lots of young talent, would win 4-5 games this year. Having said this, I also predicted that the Mountaineers will win 8-9 games next season and go to an attractive bowl as both the offense and defense will be deep and very experienced. They will defeat Oklahoma, Baylor, and K-State at home next year. Keep in mind that we have just recuperated from Bill Stewart's years of under-recruiting--i.e. 16-17 players out of 25 available scholarships for 3 years straight, to finally have a full-roster. Remember, you heard it here first, so hang in there....better times are coming for WVU Football.

  • blugldmn

    you shut your whore mouth harpers ferry....

    william you do the same....

  • cutty77

    I remember 2 years ago when Randy went after Geno to. Geno busted him too. Bring it. Ford will Grow up fast. Everybody will see what kind of QB is and going to be. On William leave him alone. You can't embrass a Idiot. lol

  • William

    I love WVU and Holgorsen. They are doing everything right. I expect them to beat Maryland by 20 and for Marshall to lose by 30 to whoever they are playing.

  • brown

    You people kill me. This site is supposed to be information and comments about our beloved Mountaineers. Who gives a **** about William. I think our priorities lie with the team. GOOOOOO MONTAINEERRRRRSSS!!!!!

  • lee arthur

    This is great reading .I love the way you all tear each other up over such irrelevant prattle.

  • Justin

    William is one of those dudes who never played any sport in his life and if he did he ate boogers and rode the pine and would lead the mascot out at pep rallies come on dude give it a rest.Let's go mountaineers. Come get some.

    • William

      Looks like my namesake is being overwhelmed by the WVU fans on this board! I won't say anything negative about him, but I am taking time today, since I have it, to try and educate the readers that there IS more than one William.

      While I may be critical, I am a WVU fan first and always!!! The other William just has fun at the expense of others. I can almost see him drinking a beer, posting caustic comments, returning to this board as he cracks open a 2nd beer and laughs at the response he has garnered!!!!

      I've given my impression of the game. WVU by 7. I've talked about offense, but on D, I expect our front 3 to get some push to make Maryland's QB uncomfortable. The blitzes have involved all of the linebackers now, as well as CB and Safeties. I expect it to continue to come from multiple directions. The Maryland QB will have some running room, but if we can force him to tuck it and run, as I believe we can, then at the end of the day, my 7 point prediction will be correct. I'm thinking Rose comes up big with some TFL. Clarke deflects at least one pass; Rowell has 4 UTs, and Worley gets an INT and a sack. Just my opinion, and I am having fun now.

      I'll return this evening and check things out. Hopefully you won't want to run me away.. But for now, it's back to the grind.

  • JD

    I agree, let Ford and the rest of the team develop. They will have their growing pains this season but that is fine, it happens. If we finish the season 8-4 I'll watch every game and if we finish 4-8 that will not change. I am a die hard WVU fan and will support my team no matter what kind of season they have. I am only 27 but I remember the good and the bad. I remember our last losing season, 2001. We went 3-8 that year, our only wins were against kent state, ohio, and rutgers. Not many games were televised, I recall the BC game was but I remember listening to most of them on the radio. My favorite moment from that season was listening to the mountaineers thrash rutgers 80-7. My least favorite moment was the close loss to temple. I know I rambled a bit but my point is win or lose, I will always support the Old Gold & Blue till the end!

  • Daniel

    Wow! Such enthusiasm on all your posts. Childress is a stud! He will be a four-year starter as he predicted (unless injured). The offensive line is now being coached by one of the best in the country (moved from Stanford) and the defensive coordinator is the same that kept WVU from reaching the National Championship Game on that late December night in Morgantown against Pitt. What more do you people ask for? Of course! I forgot: a national championship and unblemished records year in and out! As long as this team is competitive week in and out, I'm for them! Even when they aren't: I'm all for them! True Mountaineers bleed Blue & Gold. The rest need to go home and join a different fan base! Be loud and proud! Go Mountaineers!!!!

    • Bobby M

      FRIEND! You might BE wrong about the defensive coach! I think the guy WHO coached defenses for PITT and kept us FROM the game is the head COACH at Iowa STATE in Paul Roads! Look it UP Friend!

      Spot it up! Let it RIP! Rock N ROLL Rumble!

  • ducks in a row

    Here it is. My point # 1 covered. Appreciate it very much. Punting is good. How do you anticipate the remainder of ST's play on Sat.?

  • william price

    William Loves Attention. He must be lonely Man or oy.

    • William

      I don't visit every day, and I've always left positive comments. Today, you have been discussing my namesake, who does not have my opinions and who is probably from down in Marshall territory. He probably doesn't post there because of lack of general readership for Marshall articles.
      But for the choice you made to name yourself william price on this board, you might have ended up as a 3d William.

  • jwg66

    I too like seeing our teams develop. As for rankings, its still pretty early for them to mean much... Every preseason, seems like ND gets top 10 respect, then they loose to Michigan and Michigan nearly falls to some Zips.... One week WVU is flying high and beating Texas at Texas, then you find out they have weaknesses and Baylor was a better W. Same stories, different year. Guess that's why its interesting and why they play the games.

  • tw eagle

    without WILLIAM and the caustic verbal darts thrown at him, this posting page would be almost bare . . .so , my thinking is WILLIAM is a youth (12 or less) , a very lonely man
    seeking some social feedback , or an acquaintance of Allan Taylor posting to
    heat up the embers of Mountaineer nation. . .

    Whichever , I enjoy the verbal rancor being
    tossed around . . .it definitely exhibits some passion for the WVU athletic program. . .

    • Maxxajay

      @ tw ....William has more than one name on here sometimes ..he will use the name WLLLLIAM....look at it without the caps...Wlllliam. Looks almost the same. and O William. Young person not a man yet.....

      • Big Larry

        I don't know who William is and I don't really care but "I love his Work"...

        • William

          Thank you, Big L. Go Mountaineers!!!! I'll not make Maryland, but I have tickets for all home games, and I'll be in person at KSU in October. Ordered tickets for that game from WVU Ticket Office.

    • Allan Taylor

      C'mon, tweagle: Planted comments are a big no-no. (Plus, why would I plant a guy who creates extra work for me moderating all the anti-William commenters who call him NC-17 names?)

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    Bryan, who were you referring to?

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    Atta boy