WILLIAMSON, W.Va. — Mingo County Prosecutor Michael Sparks is taking himself off the Tennis Maynard murder case.

In a statement released Wednesday, Sparks said there was “an emerging conflict of interest” forcing his hand to take himself off the case.

Maynard is charged with shooting and killing Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum April 3 as Crum sat in his cruiser in a downtown Williamson parking lot during a lunch break.

Prosecutor Sparks also said Wednesday he could not discuss the specifics associated with his decision.

The West Virginia Prosecuting Attorneys Institute usually plays a role in appointing special prosecutors after receiving the required paperwork.

Maynard, who is in jail without bail, is scheduled to appear for a motions hearing Oct. 15.

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  • august


  • ConservativeRealist

    The Judicial system in Mingo County should be taken over just like they do with dysfunctional school systems...

    • Cooter


      Disgusting mess down there. Not the least bit surprised, most of the remote counties in southern WV are corrupt like this.

  • Open Eyes

    Reason could be that Spark's threw out earlier case(s) brought against Crum's behavior. Not say this is the reason but it could be.

    • realitycheck

      wouldn't doubt it. Whole lot of crooked down in Mingo.