Once upon a time, not that many years ago, West Virginia Democratic politicians had it pretty easy; Senator Byrd was at the top of the ticket, the Democratic Presidential candidate would always carry the state and three out of every five voters were Democrats.

Today, with the national Democratic Party moving farther to the left, Barack Obama in the White House and declining Democratic voter registration in West Virginia, Democrats running for federal office here try to thread a narrow needle.  They carefully parse how being a West Virginia Democrat is different from being a Washington Democrat.

Senator Joe Manchin has done it successfully for two elections, as has Governor Earl Ray Tomblin.  West Virginia 3rd District Congressman Nick Rahall managed it in 2012 and will try to do it again in 2014.  Nick Casey is trying to find that happy place in his race for the 2nd District Congressional seat.

And based on comments during her announcement yesterday, Natalie Tennant may try to do the same in her run for the Democratic nomination to the U.S. Senate.

“Let me be clear right here, right now,” said Tennant in Beckley.  “I disagree with the Obama administration’s policies on coal.”

On Obamacare, Tennant said, according to the AP, that there are parts of the Affordable Care Act that need to be fixed and others that need to be kept.

Those two issues, more than any other, define the new Democratic politician in West Virginia.   It’s too early to tell whether Tennant can grab and maintain the middle ground as well as Manchin and Tomblin, as she enters the race against Republican Shelley Moore Capito.

As with any middle position, it’s hard to keep your balance. Capito, the National Republican Party and independent organizations will try to knock Tennant off center by defining her as an Obama liberal.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee issued a release yesterday calling Tennant “too liberal for West Virginia.”   Capito campaign manager Chris Hansen said, “Harry Reid and the liberal D.C. Democrats handpicked Natalie Tennant to be their nominee.”

Tennant’s challenge is to define herself before her opponents do, and that’s tough when you have to begin by explaining what you are not.  Consider the lead sentence of the AP’s article on Tennant’s announcement:

“West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant kicked off her bid for the U.S. Senate on Tuesday by distancing herself from the Obama Administration’s policies on coal, hoping to blunt one of the Republican Party’s main lines of attack in a state that’s heavily dependent on the coal industry,” the AP wrote.

This is the new balance of the Democratic Party in West Virginia, one that irritates liberals who distress at their own candidates’ umbrage with Obama, but provides a proven pathway to Election Day success.

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  • kensgirl

    From ballotpedia.org:

    "The Center for Public Integrity reported in September 2008 that Natalie Tennant received both the endorsement and financial assistance from the Secretary of State Project, a below-the-radar 527 political organization whose purpose is to “wrestling control of the country from the Republican Party” through the process of “removing their political operatives from deciding who can vote and whose votes will count,” namely the office of Secretary of
    State in many cases."

    The SOS Project is a George Soros funded organization.

    From the Secretary of State Project website:

    "Since we launched in the fall of 2005, we have engaged in eleven races and have backed the winning candidate in nine states, including: Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon, New Mexico, Montana, Nevada, West Virginia and Missouri. We lost only in Michigan and Colorado (and there by a tiny margin)."

    George Soros ... now THERE'S a guy who represents West Virginia's values and best interest!

    • Wowbagger

      George Soros, Hippie's hero (or maybe part time employer)!

  • Medman

    As usual, many comments here are over the line and exaggerate the facts beyond belief. Both Tennant and Caputo are respected ladies who may be two of the best possible candidates we could have for the Senate seat. Attacking them personally is not only nonsense, but reflects the lack of decency for the nuts who make these hateful posts. We need to let them debate the issues and explain their view of the future of WV and how they see their role if elected. Please calm down and quit this pathetic, childish bickering.

  • FungoJoe

    Tennant==fence rider.
    "On Obamacare, Tennant said, according to the AP, that there are parts of the Affordable Care Act that need to be fixed and others that need to be kept."
    Typical liberal leftist. They tell you what they think you want to hear.
    Who is Natalie Tennant?? Just look at the group of liberal leftists that were in the background in the pictures when she made her announcements. That was clue enough for me as to WHO Natalie Tennant is.

  • Fentanyl Bomb

    I will try and not get fully vested in this matchup until I see the final fightcard.

    Remember, there are quite a few Rupublicans that do not consider SMC ideologically pure enough and may harm her in the primary.

    The Club for Growth and a few others are grumbling that she is a bit too Establishment for their tastes.

    That would seal the deal for a Tennant win.

    • Retired COB

      I'm one of those who consider Shelly a 'Republican Lite' or RINO if you prefer. She'll win, but I really wish we had a strong conservative to vote for.

      The Democrats could have won this one if they would have run a pro-life Democrat. That would have moved a lot of pro-life Republicans like myself over to their column.

      • Fentanyl Bomb

        You are not alone. This will be a highly contested race for the middle.

        Wedge issues like abortion and guns will play prominently, but the bulk of voters will be swayed by issues that resonate closer to home.

  • Bill

    I like Tennant, however I will not vote for her! In my life time there has never been a Senator from West Virginia that was not a Democrat. West Virginia needs change; we need to vote Capito for Senator.

    Tennant is already changing her tune she will say all the right things before the election to get elected, but once in office she will just be another Rockefeller or Manchin, she will find a reason to vote the party line. I don't know it Capito is the answer but it will be a start.

    What we need in all of government, are people that will put the constitution, its citizen's and the country a head of party and personal greed.

  • PMQ

    Hoppy...why do you keep pushing Tennant?? She is an EMPTY pant suit. Mental midget...she has NO chance. She is EXACTLY what we DON'T need.......

    • MTNR

      Natalie busted up election fraud in southern WV. Made it easier for deployed military to vote. Returned $3 million that her office saved back to the state. Shelley has done NOTHING since getting elected. And don't forget that Natalie got 400,000 votes in 2012 ... Shelley has her work cut out for her in the first and third districts, where voters have never seen her name on the ballot.

      • pc

        No, the FEDS, not Natalie, busted the election corruption in southern WV. She found everything o.k. Guess she returned the $3mil. to the state due to fact she was unable to perform the duties of her SOS office. Just an empty buckskin bimbo, product of her husband's PR/lobbying endeavors!

      • DonaldH

        Shelly will carry all 3

      • PMQ

        Yawn.....she is an EMPTY suit....too close to Blo Joe and Obama for me.

  • David

    Like Justice Scalia, I've decided to become a highly selective Constitutional originalist. The 2nd Amendment refers to the arms available at the time so, as a highly selective Constitutional originalist, that's how I choose to see the right to bear arms - only the arms which were available when the Constitution was ratified.

    • Jim

      Great. The Framers were aware of a machine gun. Prior to ratification of the second amendment, the Continental Congress had been offered (and turned down as too expensive) a fully automatic rifle. I guess we're good to go with anything but nukes and poison gas.

    • jawn

      The militia equipped with 18th-century weaponry
      US Senators chosen by the state legislature
      I think we're on to something

      • DonaldH

        And the 10th-- man-o-man!! we might just save this Nation yet!!

    • Robert

      so cannon, explosive rounds and 30 gun ships are back on the menu?
      oh, and no income tax, no obamacare and no EPA? you may be onto something.

  • Tag

    The only chance Tennant has is if low information voters come out en masse. It worked twice for Obama.

    • Hop'sHip

      That is why it is important to get the Faux information voters out, you know, those who get their information from Faux News.

      • Charleston,WV

        FYI: Fox News had a report from the 2010 Census on Obama’s 1st Term: Real Median Income Down $2,627; People in Poverty Up 6,667,000; Record 46,496,000 Now Poor. So based on your post, this information must be biased considering that Fox News reported. Sounds logical.

  • Griz

    My whole family hunts with an ar-15, we use a 10 rd magazine and it is a very safe and effective rifle for the kids and the little lady in my life to use to provide healthy low fat natural food for the family table. The ammo is somewhat affordable and easy to find, the telescoping stock allows the 11 year old, 15 year old and the adults to effectively and safely shoot it without the need to spend thousands of dollars on youth model rifles.
    Also, a well organized militia is not the national gaurd. The militia was your local tavern goers who saw the need to be able to answer the call with a weapon to keep the tyranny of government at bay.
    By the way, I am not a dumb in the holler redneck. I have a masters degree and am active in politics and I believe strongly in my right to own my ar-15.

  • TD

    You're on the mark Hoppy but the big thing that is never mentioned is the pass given to Republicans for their records. Capito voted for a tax break that moved jobs overseas, corporations pay an effective 33% lower tax on profits earned overseas as opposed to those earned here. Millions of US jobs lost as a result. Capito voted to create that tax break and has voted against ending twice. She also voted against the Wall Street reform bill after voting to relax the regulations that led directly to the economic crash of '07.

    With a well oiled right wing noise machine in WV, namely the WV Radio Corp, giving her a free pass while banging Dems heads with anti Obama garbage everyday, it is a tough needle to thread indeed. It will be up to Tennat to break through the noise and define Capito as she truly is, the right wing media certainly never has.

    • Natalie_Tennant_Sux

      And it will be up to Capito to show the state that Natalie Tennant is a full-blown idiot.

    • CaptainQ

      No need to worry about WVRC's GOP bias, TD. I'm sure once the Main Stream Media 'discovers' Natalie's campaign, they will crank up their own propoganda machine to try to win her the election. The MSM hates Capito for one reason only, because she's a Republican.

      It'll all even out in the end, and keep in mind, Capito still has the Right Wing Media on her side, and a big part of the RWM is, talk radio, like what's on WVRC.

  • CaptainQ

    Well Hoppy, Natalie Tennant seems to be attempting to mimic the same successful 'run away from Obama' strategy that Joe Manchin, Earl Ray Tomblin and Nick Jo Rahall employed to win their elections in 2012. Since Tennant has no previously known ties to the President, this tactic could work.

    Although it's been nearly six years since he first won the White House, the name of Obama still continues to be political 'poison' to the vast majority of WV voters with the anti-coal policies of his EPA still fresh in their minds. If somehow, Natalie can make these voters forget that she is of the same party as our sitting President, she has a chance to win. It is possible, Manchin, Tomblin and Rahall proved it last year. Nick Jo is attempting to duplicate this success next year too.

    This upcoming election cycle will be interesting to watch.

    • Wowbagger


      The longer the scharade continues the harder it will be to fool the majority of West Virginia voters!

      • CaptainQ

        Sadly Wowbagger, as each proceding election cycle has proven, WV voters are historically quite easy to fool. How do you think Rockefeller, Rahall and (until 2010) Alan Mollohan got reelected SO many times? How could anything but 'being fooled' explain the Democratic Party's dominance of the WV Senate and House in spite of the fact that the Mountain State continues to rank last or near last in EVERY national economic indicator since that's party's been in charge?

        • Wowbagger


          I, of course lived through all of this too, but I've been driving around Southern West Virginia this week and the signs in miner's yards already suggest that the times just might be changing.

          I also spend some time on the weekends hanging around various gun shops. These folks aren't stupid and have really long memories. One shop has a photo of Ole Joe with a caption I shouldn't repeat here and I strongly suspect that the owner, his dad, and his large extended family were supporters a couple of years ago. I doubt if Joe walked in the door (and he just could) the photo or caption would come down.

          1932, when the Democratic Party achieved dominance, was a very long time ago and the national party is a lot more blatant about their agenda than they were even ten years ago.

          Nothing lasts forever!

        • Hillboy

          definition of low-information voter: anyone who votes for a candidate other than the one preferred by me.

          Until the state legislature passes a law requiring voters to pass a test to determine whether they possess sufficient information to cast an "informed" vote we will have to base elections on the votes cast and accept that the people have spoken. I don't recall that the Republicans have been fielding such great candidates against Rocky, Rahall, etc.

          • Hillboy

            McCain was competitive until he made a tone-deaf response to the looming economic crisis--basically saying there was nothing to worry about.

            I do agree that there are too many people who vote for someone based on whether they like that person or not. I've seen that a few times already with people saying, "that Natalie Tennant, she seems like such a warm person."

          • CaptainQ

            Definition of low-information voter: One who blindly and loyally vote for a single political party regardless of how effective that party operates when in office.

            With THIS definition, there are people on BOTH sides of the aisle (Dem or GOP) guilty of this. I do believe we have quite a bit of EACH type of those on this MB! This is why in modern America (or WV for that matter) issues mean very little, voters are swayed as much by party loyalty and 'entertainment value' than they are hard facts. The is the main reason why Obama beat McCain in 2008, because Obama looked and sounded better on TV than 'old cogger' McCain.

  • Bruiser

    Tenant has been an Obama groupie for 5 years. All of a sudden when she starts running for the Senate, she is against all of his policies.She stands for nothing but Natalie Tenant

    • Natalie_Tennant_Sux

      Bruiser, you are so correct that there's nothing more that anyone can add other than "Natalie Tennant could never imagine that anyone ever saw her for what she is: an idiot."

    • Hillboy

      In what way has she been an Obama groupie? I'm a little confused about how and why everyone is calling her a liberal. As far as I can tell the SOS doesn't vote or take a public position on state or national issues. My problem with Tennant is that I don't know what she stands for.

      • Shadow

        And the answer is: Whichever direction the wind blows!

      • realitycheck

        well, she's campaigned for Obama (google her name and Obama - you'll see some nice pictures), she was a delegate for Obama at the Dem National Convention, she's publicly supported various positions (which she's now beginning to backtrack from.... But, she's hoping everyone will ignore all that and remember that their grandparents etc. always voted Dem and that she was the former WVU mascot (because that somehow means something when elected someone to the United States Sentate)

        • Hillboy

          OK, I googled her name and Obama and saw one picture of her where there was a cardboard cutout of Obama in the background. I didn't see any of her and Obama actually in the same picture. I will have to take your word that she campaigned for him.

          • Hillboy

            I did see her name on the delegate list, along with Manchin, Rahall, Rockefeller, Tomblin, and Erik Wells. I don't know how many of them actually showed up.

          • CaptainQ

            Uh oh! Natalie went to the 2012 Democratic National Convention as a delegate and voted to affirm Obama? Yipe! At least you have to credit Manchin, Rahall and Tomblin for being smart enough to 'miss' that event last year (helped them win their elections, too).

          • DonaldH

            I saw pictures of her at Obama/Biden Rallies and even found her name listed as a delegate at the Democrat Convention to nominate Obama

  • Jt

    I think the cages of the right are rattled with Tennants decision to run, CapiNO is not as strong statewide and the Moore past crimes are bound to come up, has Shelly ever stated her opinion on what Daddy did. CapiNos past few years of doing NOTHING for the state or its people will be magnified in a state wide election. Please tell me one bill she has sponsored.

    • DWM

      Nothing but battle the liberal democrats that have populated Washington. She will win in a landslide because the Democrat Party has moved far to the left and abandoned WV, regardless of the issue.

    • Hop'sHip

      Give her credit. She did vote to repeal Obamacare 41... err... 42 times. I apologize if I have my count wrong. My point is that what she lacks in quality, she tries to make up in quantity.

      • Shadow

        Forty-two times proves her intelligence is repeatable and is in agreement with 80 percent of the American People. Sorry, your comments and opinions are in the minority.

    • Joe


      So thats what you have on Shelly......what her dad did? Come on.... You can't hold her accountable for anything her father did. She has been an excellent congresswoman and will be a great Senator for WV.

      • DonaldH

        That's right Joe, JT also knows Obama is a communist and was born in Kenya because his daddy was...

  • DonaldH

    It won't be Obamacare or even Obama's position on coal that hangs Tennant-- It will be the Democrat Party's position and coming onslaught of attacks on the 2nd that does her and many other democrats in.
    In the wake of the shipyard shootings President Obama has already said there is nothing else he can do for increased gun control through executive order and any restriction will have to be by the people through legislation.

    Manchin hasn't done his party in this state any favors by campaigning one way on the 2nd and then doing what seems like a 180 once he arrived in Washington. Because of that, every democrat will now be suspect of being a liar--

    • Wowbagger


      In order to garner support from the Progressive Democrat establishment (and some closet Progressive Republicans, I might add) they are all expected to be two faced.

      Just like Joe Manchin both the Senate and the House all have to lie to us here in fly over country on all of these issues and vote as ordered by Harry Reid (and Nancy Pelosi in the House). Mostly because of the Tea Party movement Republicans are more divided.

      Occasionally if the votes are not needed they are allowed to vote the way they know their constituents want in order to keep them in the dark. They will also always talk a good story here in West Virginia to allow the likes of Party Chairman Larry Puccio and many others (including candidates) to try to keep the Party faithful uninformed and in line at election time.

      West Virginians need to realize what a Kabuki Theater Washington has become and really act to fix it!

      • James

        I agree with Wowbagger !! We never know the Truth until it's over....

      • Hop'sHip

        Kabuki Theatre. What a wonderful description of what the Tea Party sorts have brought to Congress. Thanks Bagger. The worst of these characters haven't been sent by West Virginia, however. Don't blame us for Michelle Bachmann, Steve King, Louis Ghomert and the Cruz missile. Other states will have to fix that. Although I must admit, they have kept us entertained. I suspect that out of all this bunch, though, only Cruz is acting.

        • Wowbagger


          I'll take Cruz over Harry Reid who was best suited to be the undertaker of Searchlight Nevada or botox Pelosi thank-you!

          BTW: Are you some kind of racist? Cruz is Hispanic you know.

          Lord Joe, the two faced and Lord Jay the moneyed are enough baggage to be responsible for sending to the Hill.

          You should just have another sip of Kool-aid and let some adults run things in 2014 for a change!

        • Shadow

          You probably loved Barney Frank and the other socialistic members in Congress and their work on the Housing Financing and failures.

          • DonaldH

            Don't forget the Vaudeville comedian from Minnesota.. Not to mention all the mental giants that believe man has already walked on Mars or the ones that believe Guam will capsize if we put too many people on it...

            I'd rather drink Tea any day over the brain-rot Kool-Aid that seems to be the drink of the blue regions.

  • Bigfish

    We know who Natalie is and after a decade of foolishness and nothing for wv we know who Shelley Moore bush is.natalie will win this race.

    • Natalie_Tennant_For_Dogcatcher's_Assistant

      Natalie Tennant is the absolute worst elected official in the history of this state. It's even hard to describe this woman as an "elected official" when it's only name recognition that got her elected to SOS. There's nothing there. It's the most empty of the empty suits. Wait till there's a debate between the empty suit and Capito. Blow out time!

    • DonaldH

      Bigfish, tell us where you stand on the 2nd..

      Do you think there is enough regulation and control on guns or do you want more control and regulation by the Federal Government?

      • JimmyTwo Times

        Please go read the 2nd Amendment and show me where it actually says the citizens have a right to bear arms. The problem with gun advocates is they're paranoid fear mongers that lack common sense. Nobody needs an assault rifle. I've never had someone tell me they used an AR-15 to hunt. It's either a shotgun or a regular rifle. Why is bad to have background checks? Are you scared you'll be turned down? C'mon man!

        • DonaldH

          Not that an AR-15 is an assault rifle,, but I hunt with one.. Not deer though, too small for that,, ground-hogs, mostly

        • DonaldH

          Really Jimmy, you wanna open the debate of equal protection under The Bill Of Rights by parsing the words of "People" vs. "Citizens"

          By the way, Jimmy, do you or will you support Capito or Tennant in the next election?

          • DonaldH

            To see the true candidate behind their façade of campaign speak-- look at their supporters...

          • JimmyTwo Times

            It's likely I'll support Tennant, just as it is likely you'll support Capito. What's your point?

        • Jim

          The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It has to do with the security of a free state. It guarantees the People the right to keep and bear weapons suitable for opposing those who are trying to take away a free state. It is primarily intended that the People may own and carry weapons suitable for killing soldiers and police officers (foreign and domestic).

          In 1791, soldiers carried smooth bore muzzle loading muskets. So did the People (they weren't restricted to bows and arrows). In 2013, soldiers and police officers carry fuly automaic variants of the AR-15 rifle. So should the People.

          • EPMountaineer

            Jim, where do you get your history?

            You believe the 2nd amendment was "primarily intended that the People may own and carry weapons suitable for killing soldiers and police officers (foreign and domestic)."?

            More specifically, where do you get your "suitable for killing" AND suitable for killing "domestic" language which, correct me if I am wrong, "domestic" includes officers of the United States?

            Further, what does "suitable for killing" mean? What kind of power does that include? What kind of bullet? Does that include armor piercing bullets? How many bullets? Suitable to kill from 15 feet away? Suitable to kill from 250 feet away? Suitable to kill in darkness? Suitable to kill how many people? Are there any limits to "suitable for killing"?

            When the 2nd amendment was written and passed, this nation's representatives had men keep and bare arms so the officials could easily call up militias and standing armies to remove the Native Americans from their land and defend against their counterattacks. Those same founders and representatives, aware of the threat posed by gun owners, also required well regulated militias in the same 2nd Amendment. It is to protect the people of the United States from illegal militias, and to do this by regulating the control and use of certain armaments, to keep bad people from being able to form a militia, which could threaten the Constitution. The Constitution and its 2nd Amendment, which was approved by 3/4ths of the states in 1791, does not permit the use of firearms or other armaments against it or its representatives including its soldiers and officers of the law.

            As for legitimate ways to protect the public from unconstitutional executive actions, the Constitution permits a minimum of four ways for the public to check and balance the authority of the executive branches to prevent or stop unconstitutional executive branch actions against citizens.

        • Robert

          I assume you want background checks on all voters as well?
          And background checks onn presidents?

      • Chuck Anziulewicz

        DEAR DONALD:

        Are there any current gun control laws in place right now that you object to? There's really very little gun regulation in the United States as it is. The NRA used to support reasonable gun registration laws, but they've backtracked on that now that they are firmly in the pocket of the gun manufacturing industry.

        No one I know is opposed to the 2nd Amendment, nor are there any movements afoot to repeal it. But to suggest that the 2nd amendment gives you and absolute right to own an arsenal of as MANY weapons as you want, of what KIND of weapons you want, with absolutely NO accountability? That doesn't sound like RESPONSIBLE gun ownership to me.

        • DonaldH

          Chuck, It appears you support stricter gun control measures implemented on the people by the Federal Government; I forgot to ask you, will you or do you support Capito or Tennant

        • DonaldH

          Dear Chuck,

          I go through a back-ground check with each new firearm I buy and quite frankly it is none of "Chuck's" business how many firearms I own. And beyond the restrictions already regulating what I can and do own is also none of "Chuck's" or anyone else's business.

          I have not one problem with background checks and neither does the NRA to my knowledge. What the gun control advocates want are background checks that would be so ambiguous that a local bureaucrat or local elected official such as a Sherriff could approve or deny an application to own a gun.

        • Jim

          Hi Chuck,

          "Shall not be infringed" means the government cannot even step on the fringes of restricting gun ownership or where guns may be carried.

          Furthermore, the second amendment is an amendment. It modifies and supercedes what is in the Articles of the constitution. Congress may have been granted broad powers to regulate interstate commerce or to levy taxes, but the second amendment makes it clear that they can not regulate commerce in weapons or levy taxes on them. All gun laws are unconstitutional.

          You time machine device below is interesting. Maybe the Framers would be dismayed that there are so many mass murders involving guns. But maybe they would point out to the likes of you that since 1950, with only one exception, every one of these mass shootings has taken place in a gun-free zone.

          • EPMountaineer

            Jim, regarding gun free zones, if those didn't exist then what is your ideal public place? I want to hear how people who think having guns in these crowded areas would help solve the problems these killers present? Could the Colorado slaughter have been prevented if everyone in the theater was carrying a weapon? Of regular citizens, who should and who shouldn't carry a weapon? Should an 18 year old carry in public? Should an 85 year old carry in public? Should everyone of age carry a weapon? Nothing like having a bunch of people pull out weapons in a crowded theater with poor visibility and hard surfaces for ricochet. How many regular citizens need to carry to compete with a guy with a 99 round magazine? Do more people need to carry high capacity assault weapons? Likewise, how about having everyone at a crowded reception for an elected official carry and pull out their guns when shots rain out? Would that made it easier for security officials at the Arizona shooting to determine who is the actual shooter? How about the possibility for someone accidentally shooting the wrong person in self-defense? What should happen to the person who accidentally kills the wrong person in self defense? Lastly, what kind of weapon(s) do more people need to carry in public? Should teachers have semi-automatic rifles with at least four large clips so they are able to meet fire with fire like in the Sandy Hook slaughter? Do weapons with even larger magazines need to be made available to the public? How should people compete with a 20 year-old killing machine who has unlimited access to an arsenal of firearms in his house? Should any public place be gun-free?

        • Joe

          Chuck A.

          Im pretty sure the 2nd Amendment says "...the right to bear arms..." It does not limit that right to any certain type of arms....

          • EPMountaineer

            Shadow, so what do you do once we figure out the mental health issue? If government keeps skipping on doing anything with the background check system then there will be no system. Yes, the background check system has thoughts of flaws, including not requiring checks at gun shows, but it needs more work. It can be made better while maintaining privacy for owners.

          • Shadow

            Chuck, Monday proved that background checks are phony and all of the shooting have occurred in Massacre Zones, previously know as Gun-Free Zones. We need to work on Mental Illness which is the bulk of the problem.

          • Chuck Anziulewicz

            ... although if the "Founding Fathers" could hop in a time machine and come see what our "Another Month, Another Massacre" culture is like, I suspect they'd end up giving that 2nd Amendment a lot more thought.

          • Chuck Anziulewicz

            Yep, too bad the "Founding Fathers" aren't around to delineate between a musket, an AR-15, a "Saturday Night Special," a machine gun, and a bazooka.

          • ConservativeRealist

            I agree Joe...the 2nd Amendment doesn't put limits...the plurality of, "arms" opens it up. Who defines what is an, "arsenal"?