MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. — The program coordinator of the WVU Fire Extension Service was killed in an ATV accident Wednesday morning in Marshall County. 

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Mark Doty was well-known and respected in the firefighting community.

The extension service confirmed Mark Doty died in the crash that occurred at about 7:30 a.m.

Marshall County Sheriff Kevin Cecil said Doty was hauling lumber away from his driveway along Birch Ridge when the ATV apparently had some kind of mechanical problem. The ATV went over an embankment and struck a pine tree. The machine ended up on a paved road at the bottom of the embankment. Doty died of a severe head injury.

Doty and his family are well-known in firefighting circles across West Virginia and in other states. Acting state Fire Marshal Tony Carrico told MetroNews it was tragic news to hear.

“He was very progressive and proactive in training. He believed strongly that firefighters and the first responders community deserved only the best, and he strived to attain that at WVU Fire Extension,” Carrico said.

Doty worked with fire training programs in and outside of West Virginia, assisting up to 5,000 workers annually.

Carrico said Doty had firefighting in his blood with a long family history of volunteering in Wetzel County.

“He was down-to-earth,” Carrico said. “If you wanted to get your mind off of firefighting or training you could talk about any subject. He was just a real nice fella. It was my pleasure.”

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  • Jay

    Well Boss, I will miss you a whole lot. Mark was a great person, instructor, and boss. He will be truly missed forever.

  • A brother firefighter

    Mark you will be greatly missed. Prayers to your family

  • Jerry Mounts

    The fire service in our great state of West Virginia lost a valuable asset today.

  • Scott

    I had the privilege of taking instructor courses from Mark this past spring. Mark was top notch instructor and advocate for the fire service. Sincere condolences from Green Valley VFD - Cabell County. The WV fire service has lost a great one today.

  • Elayne

    Prayers from the Lenore Vol. Fire Dept. Mark will be greatly missed

  • Edward

    Mark was a passionate advocate for the University, as well as firefighters everywhere. Sincere condolences from his counterparts in the public education community.

  • ConservativeRealist

    As of this past weekend at Boone County Fire School, WVU Fire Service Extension had trained over 17,000 First Responders this year...

    Mark was a true leader - a dedicated person who served his community as a Lieutenant with the Paden City Volunteer Fire Department, and as the Program Director for WVU Fire Service Extension. He was passionate about making the West Virginia Fire Service better. He made the WVU Junior FIre Academy a leader in the nation in developing the fire service of the future. He was wise beyond his years... I am very humbled to be able to say that he was my friend - a person who was truly committed to something greater than himself...Rest in peace my brother for we will take it from here...

    • Chief Michael W. Robinson

      Mark was a true leader, a mentor and was on his way to continuing what was a stellar career that impacted firefighters in WVA and beyond. I am a fire chief in a large metro FD and also a long time fire training manager. I originally met Mark through the National Fire Academy and immediately saw in him many qualities. In 2012 when my son attended the WVU Junior Fire Camp at the WVU Fire Service Extension Academy, Mark immediately came over to me and did the kinds of things that one would expect from a professional of his caliber. He became a true mentor to my son who couldn't wait to see him upon his return to the 2013 camp. We in the MD fire service and many aspiring junior firefighters are saddened by this tragedy and are made aware of the humanity that is in all of us. Mark was a leader among leaders and may he rest in peace and may God look out for his family. Mark, Thank you for all that you have done!

      Chief Michael W. Robinson
      Baltimore County, MD Fire Department
      Chair-MD Fire Service Personnel Qualifications Board

  • John

    I am so sad to hear of Marks passing. He was such a positive person to work with. I will keep his family in my prayers. RIP M.D.

  • john

    Mark was a fantastic person, an excellent instructor and one of the best friends the fire service in West Virginia had.

    The work the WVU Fire Service Extension has been doing is nothing short of phenomenal under Mark's leadership. Last year, they trained the 8th largest number of fire service personnel in the country with the least amount of staff! People from all over the United States come to Jackson's Mill to be trained by the folks at WVUFSE.

    Mark will be missed. Such a short tenure that is due a legendary legacy.


  • Kay

    Thoughts and prayers to the family and to his brothers and sisters of the fire services

  • wvrefugee

    I would venture to say that more people in WV are killed per capita by ATV's than guns. This is a serious problem even with those that take safety precautions.
    Sad story!

  • Chris Brunetti

    Brother Mark was a man of Integrity,and is loved in the Fire service around the country!
    How he died is not as important as how he lived ! A man of God with a servants heart. Please pray for his family and the fire community.

    My life is better knowing Mark!

    • ConservativeRealist

      Amen Chris...Amen...

  • Darrin

    RIP brother we got it from here!

  • Never know

    I'm sure he was. Lets not jump to conclusions. It has not been reported he wasn't wearing a helmet. Praying for the family

  • say wat

    ever heard of a helmet???

    • WV77

      That's was pretty disrespectful! I'm sure most people don't wear helmets when just working around their homes. Nothing said he wasn't wearing one, but that comment was just totally uncalled for. He was on his property moving lumber, not out joy riding. Have a little compassion! SMH!

    • not known

      Listen when I say this you probably did not know him or any of his family members or his story. He could have probably did have a helmet but when yo. Are tthrown over a steep embankment on a atv no less your helmet would most likely crack. You my friend are a very disrespectful citizen and selfish. Why would you even say this. I personally know his wife. Do you realize they were a young coouple. Not married for too long. How was she suppose to know the night before that would be her last night to sleep with him next to her kiss him or say "I love you". Now she has to go home every night and hug the pillow he used to sleep on with tears streaming down your face. I truly hope you reconsider thinking this comment.

    • Joe

      Say Wat....what is wrong with you?! Completely out of line comment.

      My prayers to the family of Mr. Doty, who was obviously a very well-loved, successful and courageous professional.

    • Brother-in-law

      Thanks for upsetting his wife, my wife, his family and the people that loved him! If you were only 1% of Mark's character, you'd be providing valuable services to your community as he did, instead of trolling for laughs via someone's tragedy! This man was up early working on the house he was building for his wife!!!

    • LFD

      Show some respect douchebag

    • Respect

      How about you be respectful? I'm sure if his family reads this they do not want to see condescending comments such as yours. He was a great person and was an amazing instructor who deserves respect. So before you comment on something again, take a spelling class, and ask yourself how you would feel if this was someone in your family.

    • chad