CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha County Republicans will get the chance to meet their candidates vying for the nomination in the Second Congressional District this weekend. The county’s Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday will feature the first ever straw poll of candidates in the community.

“We’re trying some new ideas and trying to expose people to our candidates,” said Fred Joseph Chairman of the Kanawha County Republican Executive Committee. “We’re trying to make sure we get the best person into that position.”

The five declared GOP candidates in the race will have the opportunity to make a stump speech. The speeches will be followed by a question and answer session from the crowd and then a non-binding vote will be taken.

“Straw polls are unofficial and unsanctioned. The only thing they are at that point is a popularity contest. It has very little bearing on the total picture,” Joseph said. “The candidate that sells the most tickets usually wins the straw poll.”

Joseph said interest in the GOP in Kanawha County and across the state has been significantly increased in recent months.  The party sold 150 tickets to the event and expects to draw as many as 170 for the dinner. Tickets are still available at 50 dollars each.

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