WEBSTER COUNTY, W.Va. — A Webster County couple accused of murdering three people last year were found guilty Friday.

A Webster County jury found Michael York guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Lamar Coates and guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Denise Coats and Dustin Brown. Mercy was not recommended by the jury.

The jury also found Michael York guilty of one count of prohibited person possessing firearm and one count of concealment of a deceased body.

Amanda York was found guilty of three counts of voluntary manslaughter and one count of conspiracy to conceal a deceased body.

Prosecutors said Michael and Amanda York killed Brown, Allen and Coates in their front yard near Hacker Valley in 2012.

The murder trial began on Tuesday

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  • Lamar

    Another case of white suburban murderers that will be ignored by the white media.

  • theresa rose

    i miss your smiling face everyday Denise and LA you was the best friends .....I am so happy justice was done ...and also for Dustins family my heart goes out to you all and hope we can all find peace in this , it will never bring our loved ones back but a step torwards healing ....

  • Joe

    What complete and utter wastes of blood the convicted are.

  • Justice Prevails

    The murdering couple will now rot in prison, him for the rest of his miserable life and her until she is a senior citizen.

  • Beth Davis

    R.I.P. Denise, Dustin, and Elle.