BALTIMORE, Md. — In-game updates and analysis from M&T Bank Stadium where West Virginia and Maryland are matching up Saturday.


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  • lee arthur

    Loser's lose.

  • wvtd

    this could be a very long season.

  • john

    we suck what a joke up front off line no heart

  • Mac

    Maybe we could get Marion County's incredible Nick Saban to "give back to his roots" - - and become the Head Coach AND Athletic Director at WVU with a $10 Million ANNUAL salary to be paid for by the three (3) outgoing and inept WVU employees known as: Oliver (un) Luck, Dana Holgerson and "Huggy" Huggins! And of course tell "Bray-ing" Cary that IMG must kick in as well!

  • BH

    Ford Childress is slow.

  • JimJim


  • JL

    This program is wrecked. If you can't win with Geno, Tavon and Stedman you are not going to win with Ford and this group of disorganized players. We are down in talent - but we sure are not coaching up at all.

    • JL

      And just to be clear - I put that squarely on the over paid coaches and not the kids. This defense hit some people - but our special teams failed us again and started the onslaught.

  • Justin

    Dewey Norman you said it just like it is ,Oliver and his business buddys got what they wanted.

  • big tom

    can't seem to get thing posted here, guess taylor simply doesn't like my slant on things

  • george

    Like the film "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" Lets load Holgerson and Luck both on the telephone pole and carry them out of Morgantown before the ruin the program.............................

  • leroy j gibbs

    Reality sux get used to it.wvu athletics is back to being average .the pat white days and desean butler days are over

  • Jack

    Ford was totally unimpressive. Give Trickett a shot. It's a given that it can't get any worse. He did start for a top program like Florida State. He has game experience and maybe he can get the offense on the right track. The toughest part of the schedule is coming and if changes are not made, you may be looking at 2 and 10.

  • 1olewvufan

    Unless Trickett is a better QB than Millard or Childress, then WVU is doomed, and will be lucky to win another game.

  • big tom

    and why can't I get things posted like everyone else,,, taylor must be a dana lover and doesn't want me to post.

  • big tom

    sports fans, we are going to be down for years, we'll suffer thru dana for two more yrs, and then hire a new coach, and if he is good, it will take him another 2-3 yrs to improve. if he's turns out no better than dana, look at ten yrs before we have winning seasons.
    Luck will have his pockets full of money, dana will get rich off us and move on, huggie won't retire and will continue to talk about next yr, and the fans will quit coming to the games,,,now this is reality, this is what he is going to be ,,,,
    I tried to tell you we were a terrible team and no one listened,, said we'd go 8-4 or 9-3. SO WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE NOW.

    • Larry

      I'm afraid you're absolutely right.