BALTIMORE, Md. — In-game updates and analysis from M&T Bank Stadium where West Virginia and Maryland are matching up Saturday.


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  • Billy

    Kool-Aid, anyone???

  • Big Larry

    Ford once again welcomes the Maryland Blitz...

  • DonaldH

    Hey Guys, Big Valley is on INSP and there's a football game from the Israeli Football League on Jewish Life TV Network-- Rebels vs Bandits

    • DonaldH

      Great News Guys!!! High Chaparral is coming on now!! I'll do like a live bog on it so you guys can keep watching the game and keep you up to date on the show

      • DonaldH

        Injun, oops I mean Native-American just stole there water supply and escaped on a horse

  • Big Larry

    The rout is on...

    Time for Tricket?

    • OldSkool

      It was Trickett Time at the beginning of the second half. Holgerson should give the guy a chance, he couldn't do any worse. Childress looked lost the entire game.

  • Big Larry

    Holgorsen's "Air Afraid" offense has been grounded...

  • Justin

    I am excited to watch our players with free rides play like crap. Go team! Represent our state well, pathetic.

  • pghmountaineer

    I think we can all agree, we can now remove the "Offensive Guru" label from Coach Holgerson.

  • Billy

    Holgy has a plan, he is a guru.

    • Vinnie

      A plan to do what? Get highly intoxicated after this whipping and stop at the Hollywood Casino in Charlestown on the way home?

    • Ollie Loves Money

      Well he did break out a cool black hat.

  • Big Larry

    Ford Childress said that he welcomes the Maryland blitz....well, they are obliging him.

    What was he thinking?

    Maryland looks inspired and ready to play...

    WVU looks lost...

    • Ollie Loves Money

      He thought Maryland Blitz was a drink.

  • Bim

    Announcer says "whole lot of nothing so far" from offense

  • Dewey Norman

    Our savior Mr. Luck has ran off coach Stewart and coach Van Zant and Metronews thru a scam and every but body was happy, now enjoy what u have.

    • Concerned

      Can you all please leave Bill Stewart's name out of this. He has passed.

    • Duggie

      Van Zant was terrible. Stewart was a great man but he was not a head coach. What did you do Google past WVU coaches for your post?

      • zero tolerance

        Horse Woman is also NO HEAD COACH!

      • jeco

        New BB coach, whatever his name, is a very good coach. Stewart, great man, ran himself by continueing NCAA violations started by RR. He failed to comply with regulations. That's a fact.

    • Ollie Loves Money

      Van Zante was awful.

    • Harpers Ferry

      Van Zant was HORRIBLE. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to college baseball.

  • ducks in a row

    My point one (QB), and two (receivers) has been revealed. I asked about how the rest (except punting) will perform......that has been revealed as well.

    Come on guys..........You can recover! Let's Go Mountaineers!

  • Rick

    I can't take it anymore...special teams so far has failed's 14-0 and all points have come on turnovers...the game just started.

  • Magic Mike

    What no one blogging? Must be hanging their heads on the massacre that is about to happen to WVU.

    • William

      They have packed it up, THEY HAVE QUIT PLAYING. WARM UP THE BUS.

      • Duggie

        For once William, I think your right.

  • Bobby M

    WHAT???? Fir the special teams coordinator! !!