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Maryland Terrapins players recover a fumble by West Virginia running back Wendell Smallwood (4) at M&T Bank Stadium.


BALTIMORE, Md. — Stats, figures and integers of note from Maryland’s 37-0 walloping of West Virginia:

32.1 — points WVU averaged during its seven-game winning streak against Maryland.
0 – points WVU scored Saturday
0 — Number of offensive players WVU made available for interviews after the game.
6 — Turnovers for West Virginia in its first three games this season.
6 — Turnovers for WVU in Saturday’s loss.
6 — First downs for the Mountaineers
554 — Maryland’s average yards per game during its 3-0 start (10th-highest in the FBS)
330— Maryland’s offensive output Saturday
1 — Catches by WVU wide receivers on Saturday.
72— Plays run by Maryland
47— Plays run by West Virginia
65 – Yards of total offense for WVU in the first half
59 – Yards of penalties for WVU in the first half

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  • DAVE

    MAN I REALLY MISS BILL STEWART...remember when luck said 9 and 4 ain't gonna cut it......well hows 2 and 10 look for ya there Ollie???

    • J the C

      This is the dumb comment of the day.

    • Steve

      You mention Dear Bill with no offense, some of the fans that we're asking for him to go "they" got "WHAT" they wanted. Look at us now.

    • wvrefugee


  • JL

    I'm sure Ollie is on a plane on his way to San Francisco. That needs to be checked - because if you are the "CEO" of this program you need to be working tonight - and all day tomorrow - aty the place that you are paid by.

    • wvrefugee

      Ain't gonna happen. He could give a Rip about this program!

      • Big Larry

        The focus of Oliver Luck is not WVU athletics...there is no money there for him...

        The focus and number one priority is how well junior plays on Sunday. He is the one raking in the millions...He i the new bread winner...Junior will take care of daddy.

        If Oliver Luck was the diehard WVU loyalist like everyone says...he would have sent his kid to WVU to play football rather than Stanford.

        But it is not about loyalty...its about prestige and making money...

        WVU wont win any more football games this season, but at least Oliver Luck can hop on a jet to go watch junior play on Sundays...

        It is what it is,,,

  • Billy

    Holgy, spilled milk in the diary section, clesn up also in isle two

  • leroy j gibbs

    Defense looked good
    Offensive line looked "lethargic"
    Quarterback looked overwhelmed
    Special teams looked ignorant
    Coach looked like he wished he was back in Houston.
    I am only calling it it like i see it.trying not to be negative

    • Mike

      I wish he was back in Houston.

  • Rick

    On a brighter bout those "herds"...god that just doesn't sound right.

  • Rick

    Were Maryland's uniforms really that red or was it just my tv...was the score really that bad or was it just my tv...

  • Rick

    On a post a couple of days ago I fore-told of the loss put I thought that the players would have made a game of it and we would be out coached but the coaches we're a complete failure. From the first whistle they were inept. Special teams, offense and defense...yes the defense has gotten better but there were no bright spots in the game. None.

  • William

    68,978 - Number of pissed off WVU fans.
    23,460 - Number of empty seats at next home game
    41,000 - Number of WVU that want to run Holgerson out of Morgantown
    275,450 - Number of WVU fans that wants Joe Deforest fired
    27,500 - Number of WVU ticket for give away on Craigslist
    0 - Number of fires in Morgantown till end of season
    5 - Number of touchdown in remaining games
    2 - Number of quarterbacks that quit team
    69 - Number of turnovers for rest of season
    3 - Number of new shady deals by WVU by end of year.
    18,999 - Number of season ticket that drops for next year
    It is very sad time to be a MOUNTAINEER FAN no matter where you may be.

    • Rick

      I think your numbers are a little low...

  • Chief Casavantes

    What a beat down up here in Baltimore. The first turnover took me back to Stillwater last year. We are inept in dealing with adversity. Some WV natives here are hot. Some are restless if you know what I mean.

  • Chris

    I don't care who it is 6 turnovers your going to get your butt whipped. The biggest problem is the offensive Line they get that fixed alot of the inept problems will fix themselves.

    • JL

      You are right Chris. Remember in the William and Mary game both teams had one turnover, so that wasn't the problem. William and Mary played us STRAIGHT UP in Morgantown. Oklahoma sucked with Knight at QB and are much better now that he is benched. There is no one to go to besides Ford.

      • Oh Did Ya?

        Trickett is mobile. If the line is so bad that is the most important trait. He can buy time so receivers can get open. He played very well for FSU last year. It can't get worse. The other two have led the offense to zero points in the two games against bcs opponents. In fact they gave Maryland and Oklahoma points so they actually provided negative points. It's impossible to be worse.

  • Jay

    This is a painful night. That's for sure. Last year we couldn't stop anybody. This year we can't score. Gotta laugh to keep from crying.

    At the end of the day, it's just a game - and it will get better. Be thankful for all the blessings in your life. Not all are as fortunate.

    Go Mountaineers!

  • 1olewvufan

    Two things became perfectly clear today; (1) Ford isn't the QB of the future. (2) The offense has no confidence in Ford. And after today, I doubt Holgorsen has confidence in him.

    Is it Trickett time?

  • Jack

    I don't like to make negative comments, but the only bright spot in this game was the defense, but you can't expect the defense to stay on the field the whole game. If you can't score, you can't win.

  • William

    Well on a good note - IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER.

    • Rick

      We've run out of teams like William and Mary and GA St...We could go 2-10...and those wishing for BB, that's not going to be much better...In 45+ years of being a good fan I have never seen the state of mens athletics at WVU be so bad. The fault lies with the AD and the major coaches...

      • J the C

        Rick, you obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Some WVU fans just can't take the downs. It's easy to be a great winner.

  • William

    When does basketball season start? - Can't be soon enough!

    • Maxxajay

      Game is over West Virginia did not score a touchdown but I am proud of that defense they played a great game.... Definitely need to work on that offense something got to improve somewhere.... I love the Mounties.....

    • Mike

      Remember last year when we couldn't wait till basketball season?
      How did that work out?
      Gonna be about the same this year.
      Need some coaches with integrity.

      • J the C

        Coaches witrh integrity? What does that mean? We need, and have coaches who can recruit, manage and win! Some people just can't lose gracefully.

    • Jay

      What's it matter?!? You'll complain then as well. Seems your negativity is in season year-round.

      • William

        I guess the truth hurts Jay! U can't take the truth, WVU SPORTS IS IN SAD SHAPE! Get use to it - going to be losing for many years to come. When you own a company and don't hire good people with GREAT CHARACTER as your leaders, then thing might end up in a mess.= WVU FOOTBALL & BASKETBALL

        • Jay

          You are an insufferable person online.