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Maryland Terrapins players recover a fumble by West Virginia running back Wendell Smallwood (4) at M&T Bank Stadium.


BALTIMORE, Md. — Stats, figures and integers of note from Maryland’s 37-0 walloping of West Virginia:

32.1 — points WVU averaged during its seven-game winning streak against Maryland.
0 – points WVU scored Saturday
0 — Number of offensive players WVU made available for interviews after the game.
6 — Turnovers for West Virginia in its first three games this season.
6 — Turnovers for WVU in Saturday’s loss.
6 — First downs for the Mountaineers
554 — Maryland’s average yards per game during its 3-0 start (10th-highest in the FBS)
330— Maryland’s offensive output Saturday
1 — Catches by WVU wide receivers on Saturday.
72— Plays run by Maryland
47— Plays run by West Virginia
65 – Yards of total offense for WVU in the first half
59 – Yards of penalties for WVU in the first half

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  • tw eagle

    why did holgerson play millard in game 1&2 ?

    playing millard let me know that WVU has a QB more prepared to play and win than childress . . .holgerson is supposed to be trying to win , right ?

    I can see never winning again this year with Childress , he's that BAD . . .he moves like his feet are set in concrete and his thought process is even slower . . .let this turkey wait till next year to cut his baby teeth on a cupcake like GA St . . .

    if holgersons ability to evaluate talent is this poor , Mr Luck , you picked the wrong man . . .I won't put up with sitting thru three losing seasons waiting for this turkey to mature into QB . . .Mr Luck , you played the position, and played it well . . .you've seen Childress "play" and i'm sure you're familiar with him personally . . .I say holgersons riding the wrong horse . . .

  • D.P.

    Dcwvp - I mostly agree with you. Many of the
    regular posters (William and Big Larry to name only a couple) on this site are pure idiots! How wonderful if they would return to the caves where they came from and NEVER AGAIN have internet availability!

    I take these losses as hard as anyone and question many of the coaches' decisions. Even though I am highly disappointed so far, I (like 80-90% of WV fans) still consider myself a "WVU faithful" and will attend Saturday's game.

    What many of these jerks fail to realize is that ALL major athletic programs go through lean times. Realistically, WV has had TREMENDOUS success in both football and basketball during the past 10 years!

    It will be interesting to see the posts (or lack of) by jerks like William and Big Larry in the future when things turn around. I'm sure then they will turn their negative comments to politics, romance, animal rights or whatever other sites float their boat!!!!!

  • Dcwvp

    "WVU faithful" ???

    Some of you have no clue what that means, our fan base is a freakin joke. I hope you bums never come back to the stadium.

  • Magic Mike

    Marshall will win for the first time against WVU. I like what Doc Holliday has done with that team. WVU would be smart to hire him.

    • vinnie

      Holliday is no coach either. Get lost Mikey. On a related note; I could not get the game on radio due to the great new contract with IMG. ESPN radio covered on satellite but cut into the game constantly with theme music and commercials. Sad day for an alum.

      • Dcwvp

        It was broadcast over the Internet on a couple of sites.

  • Ratman

    You all forget that without Oliver Luck we would be in a terrible conference with no revenue. Like it or not revenue is important to every university. We would have went downhill way more without Luxk. I would much rather take my lumps and play Texas, Oklahoma and Baylor year after year. You all are a sad bunch of people. If you don't like it go route for somebody else.

    • Ratman


  • Lo boy

    Garrett Community College would have taken us out behind the woodshed on Sat.

  • Lo boy

    Who will we beat the rest of the way? Kansas? Iowa State? Very upsetting performance on Sat.

  • lee arthur

    Loser's lose .

  • RJ

    Rowell Summed it up well, "A Disgrace To All WV!" I guess this is the product that WVU fans are suppose to accept according to you. I am not a fair weather fan but with the dollars being spent on the program up there, especially coaches' salaries, should the fan base be happy? It is evident we have little talent on this team, so with the Big 12 schedule starting Saturday do not expect fans to constantly fill the stadium and that means down revenue. Gate receipts will start slowly dropping. What a sad time for Mountaineer Nation. Thanks Oliver Luck and crew!

  • wvtd

    major Harris's first few games were nothing to brag about but he turned out just fine. patience grasshoppers, this is kind of a rebuilding year. remember, we are not Alabama.

  • Doom

    It won't get better until Luck is gone. He has no Respect from WV faithful

  • Ratman

    If my son played on Sundays I would be on a plane to watch him too. What a whiny bunch you are over the dumbest things. Go support your son Ollie. Family is what it is all about.

  • pghmountaineer

    I don't believe our players are this bad. I think there's talent on this team. It's the coaches who are clueless. This is on them. The offensive line has never been worse than it has been under Holgerson's watch as head coach.

  • wvrefugee

    We're becoming like Kentucky.....can't wait til Oct. 15!!! Oh wait,,,they'll suck too!


  • WV alum

    Black is the color of mourning, right?