BALTIMORE, Md. — Click the gallery above for game photos from West Virginia’s 37-0 loss to Maryland.

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  • Justin

    If we had Nick Saban and he lost a game or two, we would be wanting to fire him too. Maybe we are just a little inexperienced.

  • Allan

    This could have been the year Marshall beats WVU...good thing there aren't scheduled, we would have to listen to William gloating.

  • Michael

    We are just getting started the Big 12 is yet to come we may not win another game this year! We are in big trouble !!!

  • Jack

    The defense has been a pleasant surprise especially with the situations they have been put in. I know this team is young and inexperienced, but the offense is pathetic. The offensive line, receivers, and quarterback are not getting it done. We are starting into the meat of the schedule and we got blown out by a mediocre team. Why not give Trickett a try. He does have game experience playing for Florida State.

  • grrman

    Theres a high school team in Ripley givin uo 70 points a game maybe WVU could score agaimst them

  • William

    Please, more pictures of the cheerleaders. No one wants to see team pictures from this game

  • Rob T

    we are young!!!! AND TERRIBLE

  • William

    It's a sad year to be a MOUNTAINEER fan no matter were you may be.

    • Yogi Wahoo

      Not as sad as being a Gomer like you Bill

  • anon

    Fire Dana Holgorsen. Heck,I'd take Rich Rod back over what we've got now!