BALTIMORE, Md. — Watch Dana Holgorsen’s postgame news conference following WVU’s 37-0 loss to Maryland.

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  • NICK

    At what point during an early blowout should a possible QB change be needed. No mobility, staring down receivers, and slow play.

  • Dad2two

    Oliver Luck got his man...let him go down with the ship!

  • leroy j gibbs

    Doc is doing great things with the herd

    • David

      Yeh, he lost to Ohio last week and blew the VT game today. He doesn't know what to do with the talent he has. Doc can stay in Hungtington.

      • tc

        I agree David looks a coach would know when to call a time out to stop the clock.

        • Marcus

          tc did you watch the Oklahoma game just curious??

      • Marcus

        Let me guess you want Richard back too?

    • Magic Mike

      They played a great game today. Doc has them playing good football. He will be the coach one day. I say after this season. Doc had his troubles but he did better every year not worse.

  • Perry Cook

    Looks like Coach Stew was the genious. Didn't he recruit Gino, Stedman, and Tavon. Where is Dana's recruits? A lot of his recruits have left already. Oliver just admit you srewed up and go talk to Doc Holiday. I hope that Doc will let you in his office. Go EERS!

    • David

      Doc Holiday? Really? Did you see his poor coaching and clock management today?

      • Marcus

        VT 3OT right to the end ! It was over for us against Maryland in the first quarter. Really!

  • Marcus

    Again We do not want or need Rich back !! (Period) Give Doc a shot!!!

    • Jamie

      I want Rich back

      • George

        Bring back Rich. Bring back the teams that were fired up and wanted to play.

        • Marcus

          Bring back a LOYAL Mountaineer! The Board will never let that happen!!

      • Marcus

        Pitt wants us to have Rich back too!

  • mark


  • JL

    That's the first shutout WVU has suffered since 2001.

  • tony

    has to be one of the worst losses in wvu history. not that we lost, but that we could do NOTHING at all on O.
    don't think ive ever seen a wvu game where so much didn't go right.
    there were a few bad losses before this, but not to a rival like this. Despite the professional naysayers, very quickly with the magnitude of this loss, we are in crisis mode. that level of o line play may be able to hang with Kansas..thats about it.
    this season could hang on and end up respectable at 500 if we can vastly improve on O. our d may still be good enough right now to be a winning team. they were put in the worst position time after time.
    you have to admit you never thought you'd see a day where we had games where we scored 0 and 7. put that together with how we've done on the other games and Syracuse last year...kind of scary..let's hope we've hit our rock bottom....I live and work in Maryland.. it sucks.

  • Ollie Loves Money

    At least none of the players got paid today.

  • Jamie

    adjective: inept

    having or showing no skill; clumsy
    2. See Dana Holgorsen

  • Mike

    Please get us another "coach in waiting".....this one is not working.

    Put on the blue and gold!!

    • Rob

      The only thing you should be begging Oliver Luck to do is resign. His lies and greed created this mess!

    • Cody

      You are so right. I think everyone in the stadium should wear black! Absolutely ridiculous to stand on the Mountaineer sideline in black. Why in the world is Luck telling everyone to stripe the stadium or all wear gold when are own coach doesn't even wear our colors. What an insult. Everyone where Black until can no shows show respect and pride of the history of WVU football.

      • Cody

        Sorry about typos. Wear black until danno shows our state some respect.

    • William

      He is not a Mountaineer and never will be! Didn't he look great with all that black? Great black hat to top it off.

      • rekterx

        Bob Huggins wears black. His basketball team has a black uni. The football team doesn't.

  • al

    He needs to go NOW!!! Call Rich Rod and beg him to come back. Maybe Don N could come back and fill in the rest of the year.

    • DoDoDave

      Ok, I'll go along with 'The Fraudrigez' coming back. Only after EVERY turncoat spy in American history is ALSO pardoned, but I'd still have to think about it after everyone else was pardoned!
      Nah, SCREW FRAUDRIGEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Marcus

        AMEN!!! DoDoDave!!!

      • wvtd

        I would rather sit through a losing season than see rod da fraud come back.

  • Rick

    The most inexperience is at the coaching level...period.

  • William

    Does anyone know how many times Holgerson said 'YOU KNOW" in this interview? Let see if anyone knows correct answer!

    • Deb

      I counted 32 times! Am I right? LOL

    • WV07

      lets see how many times you are an idiot

      • William


    • Billy


  • JL

    How many times have you heard this joker say "all three sides of the ball". We get it - everything about your program sucks.

    • gary

      we went too big... get a new coach and different program...

    • JM

      Thats funny. I agree