BALTIMORE, Md. — Watch Dana Holgorsen’s postgame news conference following WVU’s 37-0 loss to Maryland.

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  • WVinFL

    I trust that they are putting the best kids out there to play....albeit they really stunk it up on saturday. I'm not sure what folks here expected of the team but I think the expactations are out of line....

  • Jim

    This is what a program with no depth looks like. when,last year, did the 2nd stringers ever go in? Up by 40 at 3rd qtr and first team still in!
    thats coaches fault. new meat needs to steep up or go play FCS. gene chizik is available

  • John

    If we would be winning and winning big you people would be treating Dana Holgorsen like a God!

    Those of you wanting Rod back must not know about his Cheerleader scandel that was swept under the rug!

    You want a national title? Then we have to travel the hard road to get there!

    Show some support you fair weather fans!

  • WVUreject

    Poor WVU! What you and Marshall need to do is recruit some in state talent! Our kids at least play with PRIDE! Marshall...the winningest team in the 90's had 1/2 its roster from WV!

  • Nicky the Greek

    I have officially joined the Dana is on over his head crowd. Seems like an OC job is his ceiling.
    On a side note, how bad must Trickett be to not get more than 6 snaps vs William & Mary?

  • SamWV304

    Please everyone stop chopping heads before we run another good coach n staff out the door. First off Geno and Steadman. were recruited by Lonnie G,Doc. Holiday. and their high school coach. who just happens to be ex Mountie Damon Cogdell. Not coach Stew .Second, We have a problem holding the ball high n tight. peewee ball is where they learn that no coach shld have to recoach that ever..

  • Jeff

    Hey, don't you get it? The loss doesn't matter. The embarrassment on national TV doesn't matter. Mr. Luck made money for the athletic department. That's all that matters. Mr. Luck made money. The teams don't matter. The fans don't matter. The reputation doesn't matter. The pimp made money. That's all that matters.

  • Frank

    Bill Stewart attracted players who wanted guidance and fellowship more than juston the field. Bill wanted to turn boys into men. Creating a unique culture gave us an advantage to get some quality players. Holgorsen can not convince a recruit or family that he will provide leadership on or off the field.

  • JM

    I don't understand why RichRod is vilified for taking what he thought was a better job. I'm sure all of us have made decisions we regret. If your still mad at Rich, get a life. If you left your $8 an hour job for a job paying $15 you are intelligent. Rich had a terrible boss(Pastilong), I don't blame him. I left my last job because of a terrible boss.

    • Marcus

      I'm sure your missed. We don't need or want Richard back !! (PERIOD)

  • Jeff

    The media had the Trickett kid as WVU's savior this season. I wonder what happened that allowed a redshirt freshman to become the starting signal caller.

  • Rock Solid

    I told you in an earlier blog to wait for the Maryland game and then we would know what kind of team we have. Well now we know. A defense that is miles ahead of last year, but we had no way to go but up. On offense a line that can't beat anyone blocking, thus even good backs can't find a hole to run through. No true SPEED anywhere on the field at receiver, but that doesn't matter when the QB is slow and has no time to throw, and it is wet, and he's a freshman. Hell, Maryland had all eleven defenders up at the line of scrimage because they knew their line could manhandle ours. Hard to run or throw when the opponent is in your backfield on the snap on every play, and they did it with only four people rushing! Don't worry about who the coach is it's recruiting over the last few years that scares me. Where are the studs we used to get? We have some on defense, but offense is woeful and I don't think it can be fixed this year. We are SLOW!!! At least the uniforms were tolerable, but the script numbers are yuck.

  • derek

    Sticking with Holgs. It will come together. Everybody was saying great things last week. Guess that's why we are armchair QB and not coaching. It can only get better. At least we don't have to see those ugly uniforms again. Stay true blue and gold. Mike Kellar would be a great hire for our offensive coaching staff.

  • Frank

    twelve men on field violations= poor coach

    stupid reasons for using of time outs= poor coach
    failure to challenge simms fumble=poor coach
    not having an adequate punt returner= poor coach. The list seems endless. And why do the post games announcers sugar coat treat the coach with candy coated gleves?

  • Teddy

    Good to see I am not the only fan wondering why holgy always wears a black shirt. Does he think or is his heart still with another team?? We DO have ONE outstanding player on this team---the punter will be playing on Sundays.

  • LuvDubVU

    Absolutely the worst WVU team I've seen in 25 years. If it's not the schemes, then it's the players. In my opinion, it's both. Geno, Stedman, and Tavon were Bill Stewart's recruits. Holgorsen has Childress, Millard, and Trickett. Big diff, I'd say! And a coach who cannot even don Gold and Blue does not deserve to walk a WV sideline. I paid $100 for a 50 yrd line ticket. It will be a long time before I attend another game. Sad. sad. sad.

    • SamWV304

      So you constantly wear only gold n blue? wow how boring...I'm gold n blue thru n thru.. but times change. people change. n uniforms... change.. It helps recruiting. proven fact.. see. Oregon,Maryland..Colors and shot at Nfl is wht attracts these kids like bug lights. Only thing that matters to me is the. flying WVand. what product is on the field that's what people see. Let him wear black if he wants kinda like a Johnny cash look..cld fit Defoe see.