BALTIMORE, Md. — Hey, at least Stefon Diggs didn’t get loose, right?

That’s small consolation, for sure, but those soggy West Virginia fans stewing beneath their ponchos on Saturday didn’t have much else to celebrate during a 37-0 pummeling at the hands of a program WVU had owned the last seven meetings.

The best and worst from M&T Bank Stadium:

Worst statline no one ever anticipated from a Dana Holgorsen offense: Six turnovers and six first downs.

Best impact by a backup safety: Maryland’s A.J. Hendy jumped a sideline route and returned the interception 28 yards for a score. He also scooped up two fumbles.

Worst sign for an offensive line: “When you can’t run the ball with five people in the box and you can’t pass protect when they’re rushing four, you’ve got issues,” Holgorsen said.

Best proof Deon Long has matured: Six catches for 98 yards showed Maryland’s junior receiver is more polished and committed than during his brief stay at WVU in 2010. “He’s probably the happiest guy in that locker room,” said Terps coach Randy Edsall. “I tried to keep him calm all week long.”

Worst exploitation of backup cornerbacks: Wasn’t West Virginia’s downfield passing game supposed to capitalize on Maryland starting two second-string corners? Did WVU really complete only one pass to a wide receiver? “Their secondary was able to play off a majority of the game because we never established a run game or a perimeter game,” said WVU offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson.

Worst luck on punt returns: WVU special-teams coach Joe DeForest hoped Ronald Carswell would be stabilize the spot after taking over for Mario Alford. But Carswell misjudged a punt that ricocheted off him and led to Maryland’s first touchdown.

Best hit (no flag): Icky Banks popping Diggs on a screen pass, sending the Terps receiver to the sideline breathless.

Best hit (with flag): Travis Bell rocking Long as the defenseless receiver came down with a 19-yard sideline catch. (Apparently it was enough to warrant a personal foul but not targeting? What?)

Best testimonial for Under Armour’s no-grab jerseys: “I felt like I had a bulletproof vest on,” said Terps linebacker L.A. Goree.

Worst injury to a linebacker who returned: WVU’s Brandon Golson appeared to wreck his left leg after colliding with teammate Will Clarke on a first-half sack. Alas, the junior re-appeared in the third quarter.

Worst injury to a linebacker who didn’t return: Nick Kwiatkoski, the Mountaineers’ top tackler this season, left with an undisclosed injury and missed the second half. Defensive coordinator Keith Patterson couldn’t offer a postgame update Kwiatkoski’s condition.

Best leg, part I: Terrapins kicker Brad Craddock powering a 50-yard field goal halfway up the kicking net—in the rain, no less.

Best leg, part II: Maryland punter Nathan Renfro blasting a 64-yarder to pin WVU at its own 4.

Worst time to take a nap in the replay booth: The guy upstairs failed to pause the game for a review—much less overturn—a third-quarter fumble on which Charles Sims’ knee appeared to be down.

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  • pkw

    I have seen High School kids run the Air Raid offense better than WVU did, Holgerson and Childress look completely lost. It is much easier to hide poor coaching on Texas were superior players win in spit of coaching. Its going to be a long season!

  • john

    couldn beat a good high school team

  • wvuman

    How dumb is william,it is going to take time to put a good team together after all the changes of coaches and players...Dana and Luck will turn it around ,it just hurts waiting players learn mental toughness... lets go ears

  • Dr G

    "275,450 - Number of WVU fans that want Joe Deforest fired." - William


    About 1.8 million.... Number of WV residents who are embarrassed that Deforest is still employed by the state of WV and look forward to his departure before being suspended by the NCAA.
    "But remember, I do not know anything about football,"

    • John

      It is a, sad day to be a Mountaineer Football and Basket Ball fan. I agree it is going to be that way for quite awhile, probably a long while. Both the football and basket ball programs are having to convert to recruiting junior college transfers.
      Don't think Dana is able to recruit and no one wants to come to the Huggins House of Hollering and condemnation or flying across the country a couple times a week.

      Still love the Mounties but you cant win when the other teams have more quality players. We have quality players but we are out numbered.
      Great group of kids, just not enough talent in enough positions.

      I quietly say go eers. Guess I have to say ROLL TIDE or go Blue Devils until we turn things around.

  • pghmountaineer

    Get used to it folks. There are plenty more blowouts on the way this year. We have the talent. I'm not suggesting they could win the conference. But they are not as bad as they looked.I think it's all about technique and the coaches don't have a clue how to coach these guys up.

  • William

    68,978 - Number of pissed off WVU fans.
    23,460 - Number of empty seats at next home game
    41,000 - Number of WVU fans that wants Holgerson run out of Morgantown
    275,450 - Number of WVU fans that wants Joe Deforest fired
    27,500 - Number of WVU tickets for give away on Craigslist
    0 - Number of fires in Morgantown till end of season
    5 - Number of touchdown in remaining games
    2 - Number of quarterbacks that quit team
    69 - Number of turnovers for rest of season
    3 - Number of new shady deals by WVU by end of year.
    18,999 - Number of season ticket sales that drops for next year
    71 - Number of times that Holgerson says "YOU KNOW" in a 6 minute interview
    It is very sad time to be a MOUNTAINEER FAN no matter where you may be

    • Duggie

      Where did you get your statistics at William? In your head? I can do that too.
      1,200,235 - number of negative posts about WVU from William
      35,544 - Number of time William mentions "you know."
      65,210 - number of time William says "Run Holgerson out of Morgantown
      58,210 - Number of time William referrs to staff as Holgerson's drinking buddies
      1,800,000 - number of Mountaineer fans that what William ran out of town.
      0 - Number of games William has coached
      568 - Number of time this month William's mother made him sign off this website to finish homework.
      3 to 5 years - number of years it takes for a new head coach to fully install a new system.

      I can go on and on making crap up in my head too.

    • tony

      when they open the gates of hell, they'll pick you, William , as the door man

      • wvtd

        he cant have my job!

      • William

        I guess the truth hurts Tony! U can't take the truth, WVU SPORTS IS IN SAD SHAPE! Get use to it - going to be losing for many years to come. When you own a company and don't hire good people with GREAT CHARACTER as your leaders, then thing might end up in a mess.= WVU FOOTBALL & BASKETBALL

  • Joe Cool

    Rich Rod and Neither

  • zero tolerance

    Best Head Coach and AD of the last 10 yrs?
    Bill & Ed

    Worst Head Coach & AD in WVU History?
    Horse Woman & Ollie "It's All About The Money Boys" Luck!

    • BH

      The man has passed away. Show some respect.

    • susanf

      You are such a classy fellow, aren't you? No wonder you probably support Holgerson. Birds of a feather, as they say.