BALTIMORE, Md. — Some losses contain points of optimism. Others are complete washouts.

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Will Clarke sacked Maryland’s C.J. Brown twice, but after a 37-0 loss he said WVU’s seniors “can’t let the season go downhill.”

Postgame visits with nose guard Shaq Rowell, defensive end Will Clarke and safety Darwin Cook—three seniors who had never experienced a loss to Maryland until Saturday—conveyed that West Virginia’s embarrassment extended far beyond its puny, turnover-plagued offense.

“Nothing,” responded Rowell when asked what positives WVU’s defense could derive from its 37-0 beatdown.

The Terps’ first touchdown drive covered only 24 yards after a Ronald Carswell fumbled punt. The Terps’ second touchdown drive covered a mere 6 yards after a Ford Childress interception. In between, cornerback A.J. Hendy’s pick-six interception accounted for another score. Those hardly were the fault of the defense. But unlike the Week 2 setback at Oklahoma, from which Rowell and his teammates plucked omens of encouragement, this loss carried a completely deflating tone.

“It was a disgrace to West Virginia and the 1.8 million people,” he said. “We beat this team seven times in a row, and they came out ready to play today and whipped our ass. Period. Point-blank.

“They talked trash in the media and they backed it up today. They just came out and beat our butt on all three sides of the ball today.”

Never mind that Maryland compiled 21 fewer yards (330) than it did in last season’s loss in Morgantown. Or that the Terps averaged a mere 2.4 yards per carry, about one-third their season average.

“I’m sure there’s things on film we can pinpoint out that we did well, but with a loss, I don’t see anything good,” Clarke said.

As the team prepared to board a bus outside M&T Bank Stadium, Clarke guessed that some players would spend the four-hour ride home watching game video on their iPads. Losses so startling and one-sided tend to spark teams into fix-it mode.

“We’ve got to rebuild,” Clarke said. “We can’t let the season go downhill. It’s only Game 4. We’ve got eight more guaranteed games left.”

Beyond those guaranteed eight? Perhaps a lower-tier bowl game if things are remedied, or an early winter if things aren’t. Embarrassing defeats against the likes of Maryland don’t bode well for WVU playing through the holidays.

“We were in the right mindset coming in, and everything felt good,” said Cook, who had no pregame intuition WVU would fall so flat. “But a lot of things went bad today.”

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  • WSC

    I am a Mountaineer fan, have been for 35 years! I will always root for the gold and blue! But a couple of things are bothering me I can't get these games on tv and can barely get it on the radio where I live. Never had that problem(radio), when 58 covered the games! Before this year, there was only one day out of the season that I did not root for the Herd, and I am sure you know what day that was! However, I am so proud of the thundering herd for the effort they made in Blacksburg! Man what a game! Proud of Doc Holiday and his staff! Let GOO MOUNTAINEERS, And Go HERD! We should all support both programs!

    • Larry

      If you have high speed internet, you should be able to listen to it on the computer, I'm sure some of the radio stations that broadcast the games also stream them on their websites.

    • RJ

      Glad the Mountaineers are not playing The Herd this year! Doc and crew would beat us!!! Herd has a better team than us this year! Go Herd!!

      • eliotz

        RJ.. Ho man isn't that a fact! I said that several times during my drowning on Saturday night.
        Ya know Doc recruited most of our past major play-makers until this year too. He could end up our next coach, and almost was this time. Means nothing now but had Doc been here still, I bet Cato would have been playing for us.

    • Ethan

      I agree WSC

  • Mountaineer fanatic

    I am not quite sure what can be said or done to fix the problem. It is almost humorous. Last year we had a great offense and a lousy defense, so the offense gave up and didn't seem to care. This year we have a great defense and a lousy offense. All I can ask for is that while the offense is learning how to play together that the defense does not give up. There was a bright spot yesterday. It was called DEFENSE. Also, please, I do not want to hear any coach say they do not know how to fix it. I heard that last year about the defense. If the coaches do not know, who does?
    To our new QBs. Keep working hard and I for one will continue to be a fan no matter what.

  • H.

    We have a talented team and it was an unfortunate loss, but there is still time to make improvements. I just wish the administration would take a long hard look at both Dana's and Oliver's performances and consider making some much needed changes. I often wonder what our team would have looked like with Doc Holiday and Steve Dunlap there.

    • jerry

      H your a fool too

    • eliotz

      Do you guys have any idea the history of the WVU AD's position and how it was for 30-40 years? I'd like to know what Ollie Luck has done other than make WVU part of the national conversation, get the school in a major conference and get our coaching budget in the lower-middle of the Big12, instead of upper middle of the BigEast. Ollie Luck is the only reason we didn't suffer last year, the misfortune of Louisville this year with a top ranked team that even if they could beat Alabama nobody will ever know it! If the old guard of the AD's office was still in charge, thats exactly where we would be! It would never matter if we had the best coaches and players, because all the assistants would be 1 good season from getting a higher paying job. The game was a travesty. But you can bet if this continues through the season, Oliver Lick is the ONLY administrator at WVU and has ever been at WVU that will be campaigning to tear up Dana's contract and get a nationally named coach! A step up instead of sideways or down!

      • wvrefugee

        He never posted the job after he fired Stewart did he? He screwed up the Media holding contract didn't he? He screwed up the Basketball seating and parking didn't he? He created a million dollar shortfall after telling us about the potential windfalls of joining the Big 12 didn't he? He hired Joe Deforest didn't he? He gave Huggins a 3mil dollar raise for mediocrity didn't he? He has alienated many longtime donors over the past two years didn't he? He fired Casteel and Lockwood didn't he? I could go on and on. If that is Leadership, I'd rather have Covey as our AD!

    • Marcus

      H. I totally agree with you!!

  • Mike

    It is so hard to see such talent on a team and nothing ever come easy for WVU.Some programs have it all and win consistently . We have wonderful facilities and fans and support but why can't we have some glory. Not sure what is missing but I know the players try thier best and they are talented but could it be coaching? Does Holgorsen really want to be here? I know Rich Rod even said his mistake was leaving. Least he can admit that. Bring him back home. LEast his players had that killing instinct to win and take chances. I just hope a this team can recover and possibly go after something within the big 12 and fight and win. goood luck and i will never stop being a mountaineer

    • Marcus

      We do not want or need Rich Rod back!! (PERIOD) He obviously didn't want to be here!!

      • wvrefugee

        I sure do, along with Casteel and Lockwood!

      • Larry

        True, and lets face it, he's got it going in AZ, and is in the 2nd best conference in the country, why would he leave that for the big 12, undoubtedly the 5th and possibly worse.

  • lee arthur

    Lack of talent and a poor coach = losers. Heads need to roll.

  • Robin

    Give me 22 Rowells and no one could stay on the field. The guy gets it, he feels it and that is the attitude that wins.

  • wvudad

    That right there was the problem, a four hour bus ride, we heard last year that three hour plane rides caused WVU to lose, so a four hour bus ride doomed this game before it started.

  • Rick

    I don't think it has anything to do with the players. Yes, poor decisions were made. The only excuse is the coaching staff. Holgersen said ALL the fault rests on his shoulders. In the 3 years he has been here he has taken a team that was a top notch national contender and drove it into the ground. Yes, we can point to specific plays, some were out of desperation but in the end its the fault of the head coach and his major assistant coaches...

    • jerry

      i totally agree go somewhere else .

    • joe

      Holgs has been here for 2 seasons. This is the beginning of the 3rd. and the beginning of the 2nd with all his own guys in place. Not making excuses and he has stuff to fix not doubt, but lets call it was it is....

  • Tim C

    I have been a WVU fan for 50 years. I have stuck with you through good years and bad. I will die a Mountaineer. That doesn't mean I don't get frustrated or upset....because I have and I do. But I love you guys anyway. One thing the players that come from other states may not understand is that we are like your surrogate parents, we love you and will protect and defend you, but we will also spank your behind when you don't give it your best. Pick up your chins and hold your heads high and refocus.....time for cheap talk is over, it is "put up or shut up " time. Give us your best and win or lose we will stick with you. You give us anything less than 100% then you deserve all the negative attention you get.

    • Debbie H

      Well said Tim C...

  • bill

    No heart. you got to want it. This team is going through the motions. just because you think you earned to wear blue and gold doesn't mean you can just show up for the games. you got to want it more than other team.

    • Mac

      I see a lot of heart out of the defensive unit. Those guys worked their tails off. It may not show it on the scoreboard, but the offense and Special Teams pinned those guys down deep all day long long. How many times did Maryland score when the ball wasn't gifted to them in WVU territory?

      I wish the guys on defense wouldn't take it so hard. They can't be expected to stop drives when they start at the WVU 20 or 30 yard line. Not to mention 3 and out after 3 and out by our offense. I'd be shocked if UMD didn't have at least 40 minutes in TOP.

  • Joe Cool

    Charlie Weis 2.0

    • wvrefugee

      Hal Mumme 3.0!

    • hailey

      That is embarassing to Charlie Weis. To quote WIlliam WVU = No leadership, kinda hard to deny it at this point, I have defended our coaching staff as long as I can.

      • Uncle Unctuous

        You aren't quoting William if you aren't using CAPS LOCK!

  • RJ

    Rowell Summed it up well, "A Disgrace To All WV!" I guess this is the product Maxxajay that WVU fans are suppose to accept according to you. I am not a fair weather fan but with the dollars being spent on the program up there, especially coaches' salaries, should the fan base be happy? It is evident we have little talent on this team, so with the Big 12 schedule starting Saturday do not expect fans to constantly fill the stadium and that means down revenue. Gate receipts will start slowly dropping. What a sad time for Mountaineer Nation. Thanks Oliver Luck and crew!

    • eliotz

      You aren't a fair weather fan? How is that? Go ask a Kansas, Baylor or Iowa state fan. Or even a Michigan or Notre Dame fan after all the crap years they had. They all stuck with their teams, bought tickets, and the Alum kept throwing money at the school because upgrades in coaching and facilities is what brings the recruits. Thirty years ago we would have given anything to be in a big time conference with high price coach and AD that would take on leadership and create a real football program! This is just growing pains! And don't let the foolish WV BS political press fool you! We really DON'T spend a lot on coaches compared to the major programs. Even Holgorsen is mid-level pay and the coordinators are in the bottom 3 of the Big12 (except Deforest as the $ special teams). In the coordinators jobs, we're middle of the road in the BIG12 and we would be sucking bottom in the SEC had we gone there. In fact, the other conference teams that spend less than us on coaches have a top 20 team about once a decade. Most teams in the Big12 have coordinators with NFL backgrounds or came from a head coaching job. Go look up OK, TX and OK States assistants. And you keep listening to the WV Press and they tell you about how much Holgs makes, and NEVER mention what the coaches at the rest of the Football schools that ride up the top 20 year after year. And we'll be back up there too! If these coaches can't get it done, Ollie Luck will find some that will! He remembers when we sucked every year for decades instead of part of a season. I'm quite sure he's not going to let it happen again with all he's done to see that we FINALLY get some national respect. Now lets act like real Mountaineer Fans and act like a big time Football powerhouse and stick with them through this. If the old farts and academic egghead mentality ever gets its claws back a hold of the AD's office again and cuts the budget back to the stoneage, we'll be sorry we didn't hang in there and support our AD and our team. The team needs us more than we need it right now and if they don't turn it around we can yell and scream for Holgorsens head on a stick at the end of the season!

      • wvrefugee

        This may be biggest waste of bandwith of a thread I've ever seen! All the above programs you've mentioned in your drivel made coaching changes because the bleachers were empty and they were losing money!!! The "Alum" all got their money together and insisted to their AD's to go a different direction in each example.

      • Punster

        Well said. Regardless of what we think of the Mountain State, it is not a desired location for top recruits or coaches. Yet. It takes leadership, but it also takes full stadiums no matter the strength of the team. These kids want to play in front of a packed house. And who can blame them? Yeah, there's work to be done, but we're still better than the Cignetti years, and the potential for growth is still there. Go Eers!

  • Bobby M

    THE GOOD news is that the coaches AND players didnt have to travel far to GET back home!

    IMAGINE when they get there rear ends KICKED like this then gotta travel 2000 miles BACK! OUCH!

  • Dan

    Ugly. I am glad I did not pay the exorbitant ticket and make the effort to go to the game, that being the nearest away game we will have in a while. I see no enthusiasm from the players. We have no QB. No FB. I would hate to be a receiver on this team. This miserable team is going to save me a lot of time on Saturdays. Maybe get some work done around the house.

    • eliotz

      Go be a fan for someone else. Seriously. You're as useless a fan as they will ever be as a team. Gees. I hate fair weather fans. Games like this make the victories so much sweeter. I sat through loosing seasons my whole time at WVU and I still never missed a home game and if I lived within 1000 miles, I wouldn't miss one now. Go Mountaineers!

      • Jim

        Being a "fan" is for losers.......get a life!

      • Kaitlyn

        Thank you! And Larry quit being a trolling jerk off... I guess you never make mistakes! Wvu used to have the best fans now they are bunch of fair weather pansies!

        • Larry

          Real mature there kaity, I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken, and you quit being a trolling friendosaurus...

      • Larry


  • Maxxajay

    To all the Mountaineers on this Team. What happened in Maryland this weekend learn from the mistakes and move on... You still have a lot of fans support so you got something to work for, your own pride, you love for the University, the state, you got my support,, Win or lose I'm with you to the end I'm not a fair weather fan,,,, always remember it's the team wins the team losers... But we still are the team...Good Luck.TEAM