CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia Education Association has a news conference scheduled for Monday afternoon in Charleston to discuss what the union is calling a “current issue of concern for education employees.”

An advisory announcing the news conference said WVEA President Dale Lee and other members of the union would talk about issues teachers discussed during their WVEA annual meeting earlier this year.

The news conference is set for 1:30 Monday at WVEA headquarters in Charleston.


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  • Brian

    It's funny everyone is lining up Teachers, Sept 22, todays news County Officeholders, and I still go to work everyday 5 days a week, sometimes 6 or 7 or double shifts and I can't get a raise..............

  • Joe

    Told ya.

  • Whodat

    of course it will be about pay....they will just disguise it as something for the kids. Bottom line, as always, will be about money or some form of compensation. I would hate for Dale Lee to actually have to have some visionary leadership. Ok WVEA members, keep paying those membership dues. Dale needs the salary.

  • Joe

    Why should the WVEA teachers receive an exemption?! Is their insurance a Taft-Hartley category plan?!

  • blugldmn

    Either that or they want their exemption from Obama/Manchin care....

  • Joe

    The topic is probably, and of course I'm just spitballing here, pay.