MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Dana Holgorsen blames himself for WVU’s poor play, and Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy talks about his squad’s preparation coming off a bye week.

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  • Mountaineer fanatic

    Do not give up. Never give up. If your efforts aren't succesful this year then maybe success comes next year. Our offense is simply very young.

  • Allen

    Billy has lost perspective.

    • Billy

      Hey Allen
      I am not the captian of the ship. Protocol says that only the captian is expected to go down with the ship. And the fact that I can not swim plays into it too. I gues after 44 years I need to find me a new ship or uh, team.

  • Billy

    Abandon Ship, WVU will sink a few more fathoms. Maybe someday someone new with more insight and foresight will take over the athletic dept and raise and restore our beloved mountaineers to at least be conpetitive.

  • 10rock

    Well at least he didn't blame Coach Stew. Makes him a better man than Obama.
    Just sayin