MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Rapid reaction from Dana Holgorsen’s news conference on Tuesday, which I expected to sound like a FEMA briefing but instead heralded the power of positive thinking:

“We’re THAT close to being a damn good football team.”
Yup, in the same way Mars is THAT close to Jupiter.

“We’re sitting here at 2-2 with both losses coming on the road to undefeated teams.”
With both wins coming at home against Georgia State and William & Mary.

“Because I evaluate him every day in practice—you don’t.”
Holgorsen, asked why Clint Trickett (the team’s most experienced quarterback) has played only six snaps through four games, snapped off that retort to 90-year-old Mickey Furfari (the room’s most experienced sports writer).

“We can field a punt—that would be a start.”
Addressing WVU’s eight lost fumbles—second-most in the FBS—Holgorsen fixated on the two crucial turnovers by Mario Alford at Oklahoma and Ronald Carswell at Maryland. Back-breaking mistakes, for sure, but they were just part of the problem. Take out those fumbles and WVU still has six, which would be tied for third-worst in the FBS.

“We’ll work it today (at practice). I’ll blow a whistle and say, ‘We just got a turnover, run out there and score.’ We’re having trouble scoring period.”
Holgorsen flashing some quick-change sarcasm on the topic of West Virginia scoring just seven points off its eight defensive takeaways this season.

“When a couple of things happened earlier (at Maryland), everybody kind of got all wide-eyed and said, ‘Oh crap.’ That can’t happen. We can’t play like that. It’s 100-percent coaching. I can’t have guys that are scared to make a mistake.”
Fear the turtle, don’t fear the game.

“I need to change my mentality if I want (the players) to change their mentality. I’m going to expect good things to happen. If you sit there and worry about calling the perfect play, then you’re going to call a bad one. That mentality needs to go away. We need to relax, and we need to get out there and we need to expect good things to happen. Right now, offensively, I don’t see that happening. And that needs to exist with me.”
Hey, I recognize Holgorsen is only a third-year head coach, and thus he should remain open to re-evaluating his approach to the psychological tone he sets for his team. This sounds like a boss questioning himself and grasping for answers, but if you can’t question yourself after a 37-0 train wreck at Maryland, then when can you?

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  • Glen Dickens

    I was a holgersen supporter from the start but there comes a time when you have to say enough is enough an knows the time.Holgersen is not head coach material he may have been a good offencive coordinator but luck should of waited for him to have gotten some head coaching experience before you gave him anything he wanted but now just learn by your mistakes but do something about it when you are fired as athletic director at wv an get back to texas

  • Hillbilly

    I just saw on a national news site that WVU was the # 1 party school in the country , nuff said .

  • Randy

    Old Bill Stewart couldn't cut it with only a nine win season being his worst. So thankful to have Oliver Luck's great wisdom and foresight. If we ever engrave Seneca Rocks like our own Mt Rushmore, I hope it's in the likeness of Coach Stew.

  • junior

    the only thing we can do is see how things pan out. childress has made mistakes but has also showed alot of promise. lets see how he develops. he is a freshman and he will learn.

  • steve

    Ok know it all's-who should be the next coach?

  • FungoJoe

    I want to see Oliver Luck take calls for an hour on the Statewide Sports Show. Is Oliver Luck accountable to the fans?? Is Holgorsen?
    Oliver Luck is the problem. He should answer to the fans. Does he have the stones or the courage to face the fans?
    Get the plane fired up to fly and ready to pull the banner "FIRE LUCK & HOLGORSEN!!" for this Saturday's game.

    OSU 52
    WVU 13
    The hits just keep on a comin'.

    • Alum

      The fans didn't hire him so why should he answer to them? He answers to the University administration and the Board of Governors, not you, not me, not any fan.

  • Concerned

    Geez, now I know the writing equivalent of WVU's performance against Md. Thanks Allan

  • Alum

    Allan, this is a fairly bad piece. Have you recently been taking lessons in applied pot shots from MF?

  • scott

    Holgs seems to be in his own little world on the sidelines calling plays. The guy needs to hire an offensive coordinator and start coaching. Most importantly, he has to be a leader and so far I have not seen it. Maybe he will change over time as he gets more experience or else he will be checking out soon!

  • Martinsburg Resident

    I will be in Morgantown this weekend to cheer on the Mountaineers... It will be interesting to see all the so-called fans disguised as empty seats... It pains me to admit it but WVU's fan base is really small and mostly full of "fair weather fans". I stayed the entire game at M&T Bank stadium & got soaked. Most of the so-called faithful headed for the exit sign at the half. WVU will compete with the BIG SCHOOLS when this state truly gets behind them... Hail WV Hail!

  • Adam

    When I read some of these idiot responses, all I can picture are old men sitting with their Geritol, prune juice, Ben Gay and asking their wives to turn up the heat.

    Wake up! Not every college coach is from the state they work in, wears the team's colors every day, or has to hold their tongue when someone asks a smart a$$ question.

    Bet when we beat Clemson, the majority of you experts here didn't have one bad thing to say about the coach... But of course, none of you would tell the truth about that would you? You are bandwagon/fair weather fans... Simple as that!

  • lee arthur

    Holgorsen is not the answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wvajoker

    If Holgersen needs to be more mature and treat the "Great Mickey" with more respect, then why doesn't the more mature "Great Mickey" act more mature and respectful to the coach in his articles and his questions to the coaches. He is always second guessing the coaches in his articles, sorta like some of the immature postings here. Isn't second guessing the coaches a sign of disrespect? The coaches are there watching the players perform daily in practice, watching them improve, and watching them make the same mistakes daily. The "Great Mickey" is not. In 90+ years you would think he would realize this. Maybe he is making the same mistakes daily also, and it is hard to be patient with someone like that.

  • WV07

    Can we all go to sleep now?

  • Scott D

    What a bunch of goober's we have in our fan base. Calling for Oliver Luck to resign, wanting Coach Holgorsen fired, wanting Rodriguez back. I can't believe your smart enough to be able to use a computer and get on the internet to post this drivel. Holgorsen will right the ship and when he does I hope you people remember what you wrote about him and this team. I hope other people who know you remember too so they can reflect with you on how absurd you are. Fools!