MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia hadn’t been blanked for a stretch of 150 games, and the fact a shutout occurred under the watch of Dana Holgorsen and Shannon Dawson was the most stunning aspect of a 37-0 loss to Maryland.

“It pisses you off, because it’s a border rivalry and they got the best of us,” Dawson said Tuesday night. “It’s like getting beat up by the guy down the street—you’ve got to see his ass everyday, for another year, and he whipped your ass. So, you know, suck it up and do something about it.”

Now WVU stands as a 21-point home underdog against No. 11 Oklahoma State, beginning a stretch of eight consecutive Big 12 games in which the Mountaineers must break even to earn a bowl invite.

Saturday’s whitewashing in Baltimore sent the Mountaineers spiraling in the 123-team FBS statistical rankings—down to 108th in scoring (18 points per game), 109th in third-down conversions (28.8 percent), 89th in passing efficiency (118.16) and 72nd in total offense (393 yards per game).

“I know we’re a lot better than what we put out there Saturday,” said Dawson, emphasizing he understands the media perception that West Virginia’s offense suddenly has turned feeble.

“When you view it from the outside, that (Maryland game) was ugly. If I was on the outside, I’d be saying the same exact thing. But when you see it everyday like I do, I know we’re better than that and we’re going to show we’re better than that.”

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  • wvtd

    win or lose. go mountaineers!

  • wvrefugee

    Hmmmm, just got a text, Trickett to start Saturday due to Childress injury! Hmmmm! How convenient!!

    • Allan Taylor

      I received word of Childress's injury earlier Thursday afternoon and waited for Holgerson to confirm it at the outset of his radio show. Here's the story with quotes.

  • wvrefugee

    "suck" is what they will do I'm afraid!

  • cutty77

    It all starts up Front. If that is not corrected we may not win another Game. Eli Manning was sacked 7 times last Sunday,and held scoreless too. Its a Team Game,not a Video Game.

    • Rock Solid

      Hey Cutty: Whatever you are drinking, keep it up. You are spot on. Doesn't make any difference who your runners are, or the QB if the defense is in the backfield almost as quick as the snap you can't run or throw, period!

  • Phil M.

    It just dawned on me sitting at home last night thinking about some comments from Dana and the players. This guy is a players coach. You've heard that statement used, "he's a players coach." Well have you ever seen many successful players coaches. The answer is no.

    Time to put up the pacifiers, kick some butts and work their butts off. Tuff love is the better route than an arm around their shoulders saying they just need to be looser.

  • Big Larry

    Last year, Paul Millard was not given the opportunity to gain valuable playing experience because Dana "The Man in Black" Holgorsen was more interested in Geno Smith padding his numbers...which looks good on Holgorsen's resume.

    Last season was a wash...Had Millard been allowed to play more, he would be our quarterback now. Instead we have a QB with only 1 game of experience heading into Oklahoma State.

    This season is also a wash...the beat down next Saturday will be Epic in Proportion....WVU will be hard pressed to even win one more game.

    Murderers Row begins Saturday and extends through the next 5 games...There will be no morale left after that....

    Oklahoma State 52 WVU 7

    • Janem

      Big Larry ... You said those words again ....( WE....and ....OUR ...)... Remember Larry you are not a true Mountaineer fan... you are a VILLAIN .....


    It is truly amazing how many highly educated and experienced Division 1 college coaches we have responding to these articles! I just didn't realize the number of people in this state who have played division 1 football on the collegiate level and then coached too!

    I still have faith that this season will turn for WVU and good things will begin happening. And for those of you who continuously denigrate the program and those affiliated with it: FIND ANOTHER PROGRAM TO FOLLOW BECAUSE WE DON'T NEED YOU!

    • Dougie

      If you are referring to me, I am badmouthing the all of the couch coaches who started the push for Ford, and all of them who are pushing for the removal of DH. I am in no way bashing the team or the program. I AM questioning one decision and that is quitting on Millard so quickly... And I am foretelling that we won't win many games this year if Ford stays as QB... With that said I will be rooting for DH and the Eers all season regardless what happens...

    • Bobby M

      YES! It IS amazing all the talent football coaches WE have in THIS state and its ONE of the things that makes us a special place that people WANT to be a part of! I dont have time to do it but someone ONCE put a WV coaching history online and it was a amazing THING to read and really make you be thankful for BEING from here! This STATE is full of football love and TRADITIONS!

    • Brad

      That's my thoughts.... Barber catches 1 of the 2 pics or both, completely different game..... I like Dawson a lot.... He'll be a great HC 1 day... Hope we can keep him

  • Dougie

    Well I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Ford was and is not the answer. That was the worst performance by a WVU quarterback of all time I would guess. It's not his fault, he just was not ready. DH saw this in the spring and in camp, but nobody believed it. Why he gave into the masses and benched Millard so quickly I have no idea. Milllard was not doing that bad and in hindsight, after seeing Ford, actually did pretty well. Problem now is nobody wants to admit that they were wrong about this and Ford will stay as QB and we have no way of winning this year as long as that is the case... Blame the offensive line or the coaches all you want, but it actually all comes down to that one position for us this year. I will repeat what I said last week, "Paul gives us our best chance of winning right now." Too bad nobody would listen...

    • Hoppy


      You are a complete idiot. Millard does not have the ability to run Dana's offense. Are you really that dense and short-sided? Doc Holliday who is that? lol

    • FunUnderTheRadar

      Too bad they didn't hire Doc Holliday as the head coach. They had their chance & let it slip away.

      • hailey

        slip away?... they could have him by noon today if they wanted, he would pack his bags faster than you could say blocked FG in OT

      • Alum

        I also forgot to mention that those folks used a very knowledgeable consultant from Kentucky that January evening to help make the hiring decision, a Mr. Jim Beam.

      • Alum

        They meaning Ed Pastilong and Mike Garrison. Doc left before OL got here.