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With Ford Childress injured, Dana Holgorsen said junior Clint Trickett will make his first West Virginia start on Saturday against No. 11 Oklahoma State.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Ford Childress has been ailing with a torn pectoral muscle this week, meaning Clint Trickett will start Saturday’s game against No. 11 Oklahoma State, West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen revealed Thursday night.

Childress was intercepted twice and threw for only 62 yards during a 37-0 loss at Maryland. Though the redshirt freshman noted soreness in his chest and arm during the game, Holgorsen said the injury didn’t appear problematic until Childress “woke up (Sunday) and could tell something was wrong.”

During two media sessions Monday and Tuesday, Holgorsen did not list the quarterback on the injury report and emphatically reiterated plans to stick with Childress as his starter. That plan apparently changed when Childress continued to feel discomfort and was unable to practice.

“He went out there (Tuesday) and tried to go and he couldn’t go,” Holgorsen said. “Wednesday he tried to go out there and practice and couldn’t do it, and then the same thing happened (Thursday).”

With Childress sidelined, Holgorsen and offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson shifted practice reps to Trickett, the Florida State transfer, and junior Paul Millard, who started WVU’s first two games this season.

While Holgorsen’s offenses typically have been hyper-productive, WVU (2-2, 0-1 Big 12) currently stands 108th out of 123 FBS teams in scoring, 109th in third-down conversions and 89th in passing efficiency. The Mountaineers beat William & Mary 24-17 and Georgia State 41-7 but have scored just one touchdown in two games against major-college opponents.

“Offensively, we haven’t been lights out here—so maybe Clint can give us a little bit of a spark that can ignite the offense and do some good things,” Holgorsen said. “We’ll put him out there and see what he does.”

Trickett left Florida State last spring after it became apparent redshirt freshman Jameis Winston was the frontrunner for the starting job. Thanks to graduating in three years, Trickett came to WVU with two years of eligibility remaining.

Though he and Millard were listed a co-starters exiting preseason camp, Trickett appeared in only two series against William & Mary, going 0-for-2 passing as WVU posted back-to-back three-and-outs. During a 16-7 loss at Oklahoma in Week 2, Holgorsen contemplated switching to Trickett but ultimately stuck with Millard based on what he described as communication advantages.

Two weeks further along, Trickett is slated to become WVU’s third starting quarterback of the young season because the offense “is starting to make more sense to him,” Holgorsen said.

Trickett figures to have a difficult indoctrination with Oklahoma State coming into Morgantown as 21-point favorites.

“Clint may run with it and take it and we may win a big game here this weekend—we’re counting on it,” Holgorsen said. “If that happens, it’s going to put him in position to be our quarterback.”

The muscle injury isn’t considered season-ending for Childress, who despite committing three turnovers and completing only one pass to a wide receiver at Maryland, was Holgorsen’s initial choice to start a third consecutive game. With this week’s rest, Childress could return to the lineup as soon as next week’s game at Baylor.

“Ford obviously didn’t have a good game, but (the quarterback change) was nothing to do with what Ford did,” Holgorsen said. “He’s young and we knew there were going to be some bumps in the road.

“It’s a fluid situation. We may end up playing all three of them the rest of the year—I don’t know how it’s going to work out. We’ll see how (Trickett) does and then next week we’ll re-evaluate.”

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  • Dougie

    Well this is good news. Not that Ford is hurt, but that we are giving Trickett a chance. We knew Ford didn't have a chance in this game. Most likely Clint won't either as it will be his first start in a tough position, but at least it gives us some hope. I think he will do ten times better than Ford did last week, but we won't know until we give him a chance. DH should give Clint two games starting as well and then decide which of the three gives us the best chance of winning down the stretch this year.

  • ConservativeRealist

    Who is #4 on the depth chart - who ever it is, they'll get the start next week...

    • Offense Help

      4th on depth chart is a true freshmen walk on QB! Big, left handed passing QB from a WV high school. Would love to see a home grown WV QB get a shot.

  • Mr. Bullsnip

    Until they get a good head coach WVU will be the door mat of the BIG 12.

  • JHT

    Remember, these are young men that are out there, not professionals. This will certainly be a trying record year for sure. We all know that they will not be bowling in December. All we can do as Mounty fans is remain loyal and hope the team grows for next year.

  • leroy j gibbs

    Love the drama
    Let's go mounties!

  • brown

    I agree with Shawn. Trickett getting the start on Saturday may be the beginning of something good. He does have game experience with the ability to run the football. If our inept offensive line shows up, this could be a good one in Morgantown on Saturday. WVU - 27, OSU - 24.

  • shawn

    Alot of ppl are calling an upset in this game. I'm saying 28-27 WVU. Clint has 300 on 25 of 35 passing with two TDs. Running backs combine for 180 and two scores.

    • Jase

      I have to agree with Shawn, and I will go even further and say that if special teams can eliminate mistakes ok st may not get more than one or two tds as long as we maintain good field position.

    • vinnie

      You obviously have not been watching the same team everybody else has. I hope you are right but that is a very long shot.

    • Devan

      Shawn, go look at some Oklahoma State defensive stats. Then consider the total of ineptude of WVU's offense. Saying WVU could put up 28 against them in 4 games is even laughable.

      • wvfan22

        Nice game to watch, hope you comment as much after as before. Great prediction

      • Larry

        One thing to remember is that OK State has not played anyone yet.

  • susanf

    Finally, Trickett gets a chance! But only because Childress is injured. Stubborn Holgerson would never have agreed to it otherwise. And maybe Childress is relieved to not be starting - let someone else get their butt chewed on! And considering what a beat down this game is going to be. . .

  • Tim C

    Hey Big do you get 1 point? You been watching that Canadian league again?

    • hailey

      No, he took his IQ and multiplied it by 2 which = 1

    • Jay

      I looked this up. If an extra point is short and caught in the air by the defense it can be returned for one point.

  • Big Larry

    Oklahoma State 82
    WVU 1
    That's gonna be the score.
    I'm gonna be laughing hard at the end of this one while I'm pulling marshmallows out of my belly button hair, and the dog is licking spaghetti sauce off my man boob.

    • Mark

      "1"? How do you get just one in football? Although you are entitled to your prediction, I think you have shown your vast knowledge of college football with it.

      Is this team capable of winning this week? Probably I less of a fan because of it? No! Do I have the knowledge of football to understand the game (and how it's scored)? Yes! Do I have the knowledge to understand the inner-workings of a program and its coaching staff? Like a VAST majority of the fans, No!

      Let the coaches coach, the players play, and the true fanatics be fans!

    • tony

      he has us scoring 1 point.. now there's a sharpie

    • Big Larry

      Once again the Big Larry Impersonators show up...

      My prediction was Oklahoma State 52 WVU 7

      I realize there are many who want to be me or be like me...but that simply is not possible....

      So please...try and be matter how repulsive that may be!

    • Neal

      And we wonder why other states view us as hicks.

      • Brian

        NO WE DONT....!!!!! LOL

      • William

        WVU in the Top 25 for Rhodes Scholars. How many of the nation's universities have been taking computerized, driver-less transport to classes for the past 4 decades?

        • Shadow

          There was only one Bobby Byrd!

      • TruthTeller

        Ever been outside of WV? There are hicks every where. Not just in WV. Take a trip south
        and you will find some real hicks. I am so sick of all these other stupid people that think that only hicks live in WV and WV only. Those people need to stop sitting on their little pea brains and go drive to another state
        and realize hicks live all over this country.
        Not just in WV.

        • Neal

          Yep. Lived outside the state for several years (TX and OH) and got so sick of people telling jokes about WV that I had to move back to get away from it. I agree that every state has hicks, but you most certainly can't deny that outside the state borders most people think that we have an above average number of them. And since perception equals reality, it undoubtedly hurts our ability to lure business and keep hard working young people in the state. That is what frustrates me.

    • Jase

      While eating crow, got a few screws loose in this guy.

  • David Kennedy

    At least we fans will get to see all of the Quarterback Candidates play their position. Seems fair to everybody a chance.

    • Bondo

      Yea, he can't do any worse than the other two. Give him a shot.

    • Devan

      Agreed. Even though Millard and Childress got a warm up game before they faced tougher competition, Tricket has game experience already.

  • eduardo

    ron you're really dumb

  • ron "from morgantown"

    This is an interesting "mystery" injury that may have occurred on Chestnut Street in Morgantown and not in Baltimore .

    • William

      Untrue statement.

      • william

        true statement

    • William

      Big quarterback mess in Morgantown, Maybe it was MICKEY FURFARI question that got this change!

      • Bobby M

        NO! I have INSIDE SOURCE that tells me it was a Maryland VIDEO reivew meeting between Holgs and Mr. Luck had Holgs change his MIND about a few THINGS! Holgs says in secret that Ford IS the future!

        • Uncle Unctuous

          So to summarize that comment:

          Random CAPS lock is a THING that I DO enjoy.

          • Bobby M

            Nice try LARRY! Not falling for it!

      • hailey

        The mystery has been solved, William is actually Mickey.. the trolling has been finally outted

        • WVU86

          "Because I evaluate him [Trickett] in practice every day, you don't" is the reason why Holgs has only played Trickett for six snaps this season. He must have had a heck of a week to supplant Millard. Still sounds suspect in this age of leaks and social media that no one knew Childress has not practiced all week and was injured.

          • Offense Help

            People knew, just not everyone puts everything on web to give players a little privacy.

  • Dave

    I'm behind Trickett 100%. Show us what you got Clint.


  • Janem

    Big upset in Morgantown West Virginia upsets the Cowboys. Ford new quarterback

    • Larry

      Good call!

    • William

      Root of our problem is not so much at the QB position--it is the weak OL play. Very disappointing. It's killing us.

    • Janem

      Sorry about that Clint new quarterback

      • Devan

        And Santa will bring WVU that victory while riding on unicorn.

        Dana must go!

        • Jase

          Another product of the young generation of "instant gratification " microwaves, cell phones, computer chips under the skin, never leave the house generation. Remember he's working with about 80 percent freshmen and sophomores. It takes time as a whole team to develop