CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha-Charleston Health Department Director Doctor Rahul Gupta said Friday the agency is fully cooperating with federal authorities conducting an investigation into the Putnam County Health Department.

Gupta declined to say much about the investigation but did confirm the review is taking place in a period of time before his department took over day-to-day operations of the Putnam department July 1.

“We’re complying with all investigations that are going on in relation to the matter,” Gupta said. “It’s our policy¬†not to further comment on any of the legal matters¬†as well as investigations that are active into such matters.”

The Putnam County Health Department asked Kanawha-Charleston to help it earlier this year after it fell into financial trouble. Gupta told a legislative interim committee earlier this week the relationship is working.

“We are talking about an increase in services by several hundred percent while decreasing their budget by 41 percent,” Gupta said.

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  • Ray

    Halburn is a serial harasser who browbeats and bullies public officials and then hides behind the First Amendment, claiming that he's some kind of journalist when he's actually a nut with a website.

  • John

    Mark Sorsaia is protecting Joe Haynes and the other Republicans. Sorsaia needs to be indicted for covering the backsides of his buddies. Troy S. is correct. Halburn broke the story and when he went to inspect the documents they arrested him. Sorsaia is wasting more taxpayer money harassing Halburn with malicious prosecution. Putnam County makes Mingo and Lincoln Counties look ethical.

  • WV Pariot

    Sounds like their is going to be another Mingo County. If the Feds look deep enough I think that there will be several indictments for pay offs.

  • Joe

    But federal authorities are not investigating towergate.


  • Troy S

    And Mark Halburn's the one sentenced 45 days in jail for "disrupting" that well run place.

    Putnam County WV is a joke!