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West Virginia linebacker Doug Rigg says any team expecting an easy win in Morgantown will feel differently on the plane ride home.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — As Oklahoma State’s traveling party lands in Pittsburgh and begins GPSing directions to WVU, here’s a rundown of the week’s best quotes:

West Virginia linebacker Doug Rigg on OSU being heavily favored (by 19 points as of Friday morning):
“If they think they can come into Morgantown and just pull out with an easy victory, we’re going to show them it’s a tough place to play. They’re going to feel it on the way out; they’re going to feel it on the plane ride home.”

More from Rigg on opponents undervaluing WVU:
“I’m not a fake optimist. I honestly feel like we can compete with every team left. A lot of teams are not going to look at us on the schedule, they’re just going to blow by and think they’ve got a win.”

Oklahoma State running back Jeremy Smith on the scene he’s expecting in Morgantown:
“I keep hearing a lot of crazy stories about the fans and stuff. I’m ready to go down there and see if everything is true. I’ve heard they’re pretty loud and that they try to get in your head, but we’re not going to let that happen.”

Rigg’s assessment after watching film of OSU’s Smith:
“He’s a good back—similar to Oklahoma, except that Oklahoma has three of them.”

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WVU plans to use left tackle Quinton Spain at guard this week.

Dana Holgorsen on the pectoral injury that sidelined Ford Childress this week:
“It’s something you can’t fix—it’s just got to heal. It’s not going to end his season; he’ll be able to work through it. We’ll re-evaluate him next week and see where he is.”

Holgorsen on junior left tackle Quinton Spain shifting to left guard (replacing sophomore Marquis Lucas) and senior Nick Kindler moving into Spain’s tackle spot:
“It make us older.”

Center Pat Eger on whether WVU linemen are gunning to get less blame, more praise this week:
“As an offensive lineman, you’re not in it for the praise. All the skinny guys, they’re going to get their face in the newspaper. We’re here because we play in the trenches and we love to be physical.”

Right tackle Curtis Feigt says it’s crucial to encourage the younger linemen:
“You can definitely see when a young guy is getting down on himself and kind of putting their head in the sand and getting kind of frustrated. I’ve been in that position most of my career.”

Nose guard Shaq Rowell on his game preparation:
“It’s day and night how I look at film now vs. when I first got here. I watch a way lot more film now—probably like three or four more hours every day more than I used to. I didn’t used to watch film, to be honest.”

Offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson admits he and Holgorsen are facing a new kind of slump:
“You never know what any season will bring. Obviously this season threw us a little curveball here at the beginning. We haven’t faced this much in our offensive careers.”

Rowell on the WVU defense carrying the offense, a script-flip from 2012:
“Now you can’t point fingers at nobody, because you just remember last year. They was over there going, ‘Dang, what’s wrong with the defense?’ This year we just keep our heads up, because we win or lose as a team. (Maryland) still put 37 points on the defense at the end of the day. No matter where the ball was, we allowed them to score.”

Holgorsen on changing the mentality of WVU’s offense after the shutout at Maryland:
“When a couple (bad) things happened early in the football game, we kind of got wide-eyed and said, ‘Oh, crap.’ You can’t have that.”

Former OSU president David Schmidly, speaking to The Daily Oklahoman about the Sports Illustrated allegations, many of which date back to his tenure:
“It was grossly sensationalized. I’m not saying none of it was true, but those things were never reported to me. I left the field with the football team. I went into the locker room, and I stayed until the players left. I never saw any donors hand out money. I never saw any coaches handing out money.”

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  • Bim

    I am not optimistic about the current coaching staff and the future for a solid football program. It will never happen with Holgorsen as coach. He is so far over his head!

  • big tom

    One thing for sure, the state of wv won't let us be down long.
    Now as being or not being a fan,,, I live and die wvu sports,, but I don't drink the kool aid, I believe in calling a spade a spade, ie. reality.

    if you people want to dream , fine, if you honestly believe we'll beat okla st. tomorrow,,that's fine, but do it with some form of intelligent thinking,, not wishes or dreams, or what if's...
    this is our third qb in four games,, what does that tell you about Millard and what dana thinks of him,, not much or he'd get the start..
    my guess if trickett moves the offense, it's his job until he falls flat on his face..
    what at sad state we're in right now, we have three qb's yet we have none.

  • Sheikh yo bonbon

    There are a lot of schools have a more consistent track record of winning and have been in bigger conferences than WVU, but the haven't had the same success that we had in the past 10 yrs (i.e. Miami, Tennesse, Penn State, etc...) so be patient...its a down time but this program will get better.
    Another thing, you ought to be proud of WVU, a school in a state with a population of less than 2 million and has limited resources when it comes to in state talent, to field a football team that doesn't just compete...but WINS BIG on that level.
    If we had this seasons defense last year, we could ve been talking national championship!!
    I'm optimistic about the future man...I hope u r as well!!
    Let's GOOO

  • GoEers

    I like everything that Rigg has to say. He has confidence and swagger and plays like it. I wish and hope the rest of the team has his confidence. He believes WVU is going to play hard and he believes they have a chance to win.

    It's a shame some of these so-called fans that post on here make the comments that they do about the players and coaches.

    That's shameful and disgusting.

    • Janem

      @GoEers, Like your post.... I still believe there will be upset in Morgantown this weekend....

  • Bim

    Remember, last week was bring on the blitz Maryland! Our game is not good enough for trash talk by any player!!

  • Bim

    If we are green or in a rebuilding year then we are nothing more than a low level college team. You look at the top teams today, green or rebuilding is not in their vocabulary. green or rebuilding is for high schools and small colleges, not the big time!

  • bbjones7


    Uncle on the Arizona, very poor analogy.

  • big tom

    well, I look at our record, who we have beaten and who has beaten us, and I see a great talent disparity, and HC lacking on our part.
    time holgie grew up and quit coaching like an angry 15 yr old..
    we were a big dog in the big least, we 're a small fry in the big 12, get used to it, be patient and in two more yrs, we'll know if holgie knows anything about offense, coaching, recruiting, and game day preparation of a team

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    ok st 21 wvu 3 , defense will hold them to 3 touchdowns

  • Sheikh yo bonbon

    It takes a whole TEAM to win a football game. Judging from the vast improvement from last year, HATS OFF TO THE ENTIRE DEFENSIVE UNIT, COACHES AND PLAYERS.
    For all of you who are bashing the Offense, understand that we are green or new in all positions. It takes GAMES and not practice...GAME EXPERIENCE for those guys to gel.
    QB - redshirts and transfers
    Wide recievers - FR, SO, transfers (except for Sticks)
    RB - FR and transfers
    OL - relatively young and unexperienced unit and a new coach (except for Eger and Spain)

    Those kids are not pros, and I don't care if you have the best coaches out there - coaches can't teach game experience. Those 18 and 19 yr old kids need your CONTINUOUS support...they don't give up...they believe
    why don't u?

    • Joe Cool

      Been in a rebuilding phase at coach for the last 3 years too. Unfortunately, that arrogant guy won't graduate in 4 years.

      • Sheikh yo bonbon

        Don't bet your cool on it!

    • GoEers

      Excellent post...the team just needs to hang in there and improve each game. With experience will come success. Hopefully we can have some this year.

    • WVU Fan


    • Bobby M

      Hey Friend! I always HAVE and always will SUPPORT the kids! But what you must UNDERSTAND is that as fans we dont talk to Holgs and Oliver Luck personally! This means the ONLY way to get OUR voices heard is through the MONEY we spend or dont spend ON the product offered BY the adminstrations! WHat does that MEAN? It means if you want to STINK it up on the field and show ME a bad team then I'm not going to OPEN my wallet and HAND you my MONEY! If you WANT me to open my wallet and hand you MY money then give ME a better product on the FIELD! Its not my JOB to understand how to coach OR hire coaches OR game plan or ANYTHING like that! I'm just a spectator and there ARE things I enjoy to watch and others I do NOT enjoy watching like getting our but kicked by nearly EVERY team we play!

      What does THIS mean? It means if you are UNHAPPY with the direction of things and you WANT Oliver Luck to LISTEN to you then do NOT give him YOUR money! Trust me! These business suits ONLY speak one language - PROFIT. The minute they start SEEING losses in profit they WILL HEAR you loud and clear!

      I always HAVE and always WILL support the KIDS but I will NOT always HAND my money over FOR a poor product!!!!!!!

      But I'm psyched OUT for this game and ready to Rock N Roll RUMBLE!!! Spot it UP! Let it RIP!

      • Mister Man

        You are AN idiot. Your posts MAKE no sense. And the Rock N roll ......? You DON'T feel embarrassed?

        • joe

          I respect his opinion and it does make sense. I don't see how that post doesn't make sense like you say mister man.He doesnt deserve to be called an idiot either.But what he should be called is a bandwagon fan.When the team starts winning again he will hop on it like like .......... well i wont say because kids read this but you get my drift.But to all you mountaineer fans that show up every game win or loose they are the true fans.One point he makes I don't agree with is the not showing up part.For example if we loose every game with full house.They will make a change.Because luck made the choice of holgerson over bill awesome stuart. If holgerson doesn't get his act together he will be unemployed. Because oliver luck is such a winner that he will not stand for a looser at head coach

        • Bobby M

          HAHA! ha!

          RIGHT! The only thing I AM embarassed about is YOU making total fool OF yourself! And believe me that I'm not the only ONE seeing IT to!!!!!

      • Sheikh yo bonbon

        I definitely RESPECT your opinion!

  • Dougie

    Last year I loved watching the offense pour it on. This year, the best part about watching the mounties, is seeing Joseph, Cook and Bell deliver monster hits. I hope the boys bring it to even another level this weekend to give our offense a chance to find some rhythmn...

  • Bobby M

    HEY RIGGS! Heres an idea - KEEP your mouth shut! How ABOUT we win A DARN game first! We've really stunk IT up lately and last YEAR! We dont care about THE blah blah TALK anymore! It wont mean A thing if we're sitting HERE on saturday afternoon WATCHING another WV team looking clueless AND unable to catch PUNTS and catch SCREEN passes!

  • big tom

    ONce again, talk is cheap,,, i'd rather we cool the rhetoric and just get the job done,. however, I see okla state 50 wvu 7

    now this is not to say they can't score more, but it's a new place ,new time zone, and it's on our turf, but we might not score at all

  • tw eagle

    Coach speak: the proper response to bluster and taunts is to return it on the field ... and you , Mr Rigg , and your "band of brothers" will do just that on Saturday ... let's hope the O doesn't hand the Cowboys 30 points on a "platter" like the hall of fame QB did against the turtles ... hang in there D, at some point in time ( hopefully real soon ) the HC will realize that his "choice " to run his O just isn't ready for prime time ...

  • Janem

    Big Upset in Morgantown... Mountaineers Knock off the Cowboys.... Have a great weekend

    • FungoJoe

      That is one dilusional fantasy you have there. Big difference between fantasy and reality.
      OSU 52
      WVU 0.
      Between this game and the Maryland game, WVU will put up more Zeroes than the Japanese Navy did at Pearl Harbor.

      • Dan

        So much for you precognition Fungus. I think you should turn in your tarot cards, crystal ball, or whatever you use. So, on back to OK to figure out what happened.

      • joe

        I really wish you would not disrespect all the men and women that died on that day and the days after that sneak attack.

        • joe

          and yes I got the joke not funny at all

      • MTNR

        Fungo, that Zero joke went over the heads of 95% of the people who read these comments. But I actually laughed out loud. Nice one.

      • Mountainman 722

        Wow suprised at u there fungojoe u actually knew who bombed Pearl Harbor
        How about this if Ok St does not put up a score of 52-0 , u never comment on anything WVU again