SLANESVILLE, W.Va. — Police in Hampshire County released more information Saturday morning about a Thursday murder near Slanesville.

Sheriff’s deputies said their investigation shows Mandy O’Hara, 36, and John Shoemaker, 21, of Capon Bridge, broke into the house of O’Hara’s estranged husband Michael O’Hara and killed him in his bedroom.

Deputies allege O’Hara and Shoemaker then wrapped the body in a tarp, tied it to the back of their car, and began driving on Hickory Corner Road where they were spotted by another motorist who saw the body come loose from the back of the suspects’ vehicle

“The eyewitness made brief conversation with the suspects and the suspects fled at a high rate of speed. The eyewitness chased the car to get a better description, but lost sight of the vehicle,” according to a release from the Hampshire County Sheriff’s Department.

The eyewitness then went to another location to get cell service and deputies believe while he was gone O’Hara and Shoemaker returned to Michael O’Hara’s body, tied it back to the vehicle, and dragged it to the Cacapon River where it was hid under a tree.

Hampshire County deputies found the body after tracking from the area of Hickory Corner Road where the eyewitness saw the body. They believe O’Hara’s body was dragged 3 to 4 miles.

Mandy O’Hara, Shoemaker and Gabriella Clutter remain in the Potomac Highlands Regional Jail without bail. O’Hara and Shoemaker are charged with murder, Clutter, 21, of Capon Bridge is charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Deputies said the three were living together and Mandy O’Hara had not lived with Michael O’Hara for several months.


(previous Friday, 9/27) SLANESVILLE, W.Va. — A Hampshire County woman was charged with murder and taken into custody Thursday night, the same day her estranged husband’s body was found in the Cacapon River.

Sheriff’s deputies levied first-degree murder charges against Mandy O’Hara, 36, of Capon Bridge. Investigators allege O’Hara—along with John Shoemaker, 21, and Gabriella Clutter, 21, all of Capon Bridge—conspired to murder Michael O’Hara at his house on Hickory Corner Road near Slanesville.

Shoemaker also was charged with first-degree murder, while Clutter was charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Michael O’Hara’s body was found submerged in the Cacapon River just a few miles from his home. Deputies said he was stabbed to death at his home before his body was dumped into the river. Investigators said eyewitnesses and the victim’s family members helped them develop the suspects in the case.

Mandy O’Hara, Shoemaker and Clutter were being held in the Potomac Highlands Regional Jail on Friday. Deputies said the three lived together and evidence recovered at their home connected them with the crime.


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  • Grandmother

    Any one know if this is the same Mandy Oharo that worked with kids at the Potomac center?My heart go's out to this family and so sorry for your loss.

  • Millie Smith

    I want to say I am so very sorry to hear about this.My prayers to this young man's family and loved one's.I didn't know something like this had happen tell my grandson told me about it in Feb of this year.During a phone call I had with him.He told me that Mandy Oharo was one of the staff and many other things about this woman that worked at the Potomac Center. I don't understand how they could allow a person as heartless as this to work with children.My heart is sadden for ever one involved that has had to cross paths with such a person.Again I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Helena Upton

    I know members of the family from going to school with his sister and cousins. What must the family be going through. My thoughts and prayers are with all the members of the O'Hara family, but particularly, Michael's two boys. May the memory of the lovely man you were live on through them.

  • St Bede

    Just heard from UK that Michael's father (Michael Snr) died 28th November 2013...shocking news as stated before I've known Michael Snr for the last 57 years...the terrible blow of young Michael's murder clearly added to the troubles his father was in. May the Lord have Mercy on both their Souls and May They Rest In Peace. Condolences to his mother Joyce and family...Paddy, Brendan & Mary on this double tragedy my prayers are with them.

    St Bede 1966

  • Autumn

    Haven't been on since my first comment but I just wanted to say thank you for all the prayers. It's nice to know people care.

  • Paul vincer

    I have only just heard about this, I went to school with mike in Derbyshire England from the age of 7-16 I c
    an't believe this has happened like everyone else has said I have nothing but praise for him, he never ever looked for trouble and was always a hard working lad, sad sad news!

  • St Bede

    I grew up and went to school with Michael Snr father of Michael, I was deeply saddened by this horrendous news. The O'Hara's are a fine family and their record of support for their local church in UK is second to none. Indeed the grandfather of the victim was a huge fundraiser for church and school. The O'Hara's loss is colossal, I spoke with the victims grandmother whilst on holiday in the UK this summer. What a sad thing this is. They will know who I am as the clue is in the name given. RIP Michael and my sincere condolences to your dad, mother and granny.

    St Bede 1966

    • ohara

      Hi babe lovely message but I'm micks sister Mary ..micks not on internet so he sees through me lol x who are you .if you so Facebook then look for Mary Brogdale ohara. You will find me x x x x thanks again ..

  • Pastor Matt

    I was just in Hampshire County last weekend with my team from Teen Challenge, Lansing MI. We ministered at Michael's church. My heart goes out to Michael's family and to all of the innocent children affected by this evil, cruel, and Godless crime. Although I pray for quick and swift justice in this case, I also pray that these three will seek forgiveness and repentance from God through Jesus Christ. As far as any drug issues on the part of the accused, I have no opinion or knowledge. But I do know that Hampshire County desperately needs a Teen Challenge Program to help those who do have drug and addiction issues. I believe this would be an important step in tackling this issue and preventing more of the same. God Bless those who have lost.

  • Perplexed

    Seriously, what the heck is wrong with people, these people could very well be the duh duh dumbest people. So sorry for the family who has to endure this.

  • lisa remko

    Rip lovely man gone but not forgotten

  • lisa remko

    R.I.P michael such a lovely man who will be sadly missed by many

  • Larry

    These 3 all seem to have stringy grifters builds, with sharp, inbred, rat-like features.

  • watch ur mouth

    U ppl that r talking about the death penalty , tell that to their children's face . I bet u wont

    • December

      As parents, they should of thought about their children...that alone says alot! that they Didn't and Don't...Kids will have along road of emotional healing..Its ashame those three put the negative thoughts in their childrens eyes...Truth is...they will suffer internally in the hands of god...when the time comes...They will face pain at one point in their lives ...death penalty or or not..After life they need to fear more then here on earth...No forgiveness for taking a life just because !

  • truman richmond

    I thank we should read our bibles ,it says judge not for thou shall be judged,that is if you can heart go out to the familys of the three young people.god bless you all.