MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — What to make of this shape-shifting West Virginia football team? Puny prey one week, fiercesome predators the next.

Jared Barber sounded almost laughable on Tuesday when the WVU linebacker said, “We can still win the Big 12.” Then, against all odds (not to mention odds-makers), the Mountaineers took down the team picked to win the Big 12.

Last week’s 37-0 loss at Maryland made for a seething fan base, one that equated zero points in Baltimore to zero chance of WVU reaching a bowl game. Then came Saturday’s 30-21 upset of No. 11 Oklahoma State, the mother of all U-turns in a season that could literally lead anywhere.

“There has been a bunch of emotions over the past week—embarrassment and disappointment,” said WVU coach Dana Holgorsen, his eyes noticeably reddened after an impassioned few minutes in the postgame locker room.

“Tough week. The whole week was challenging and you guys know that.”

So tough, in fact, that for the first time in his two-plus years at West Virginia, Holgorsen encountered a public referendum on whether he is the right man for the post. One caller to Thursday night’s radio show had referred to him as “Mr. Holgorsen,” saying he didn’t deserve to be called “coach.”

Such is the cheer/jeer nature of the fan/coach partnership, but Holgorsen kept his cool with that caller and—most importantly—kept his team energized for a bounce-back victory that proves WVU isn’t the god-awful outfit we witnessed a week ago.

Holgorsen doesn’t typically address outside influences, but there was no side-stepping the downturn of eight losses in his last 12 games, no avoiding the mounting doubt that engulfed his program. After a satisfying turn of events Saturday, the coach thanked the 57,280 fans who provided the 19-point underdogs with a home-field advantage.

“There was a lot of talk about people giving up on this team, and that they were going to get blown out,” he said. “But I did not sense that out on Mountaineer Field. The fans were as good as I’ve seen them.”

And Holgorsen’s team certainly was as good as we’ve seen it this season. It’s a winning form he’d like to see the Mountaineers maintain for a while.

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  • Little Bill

    OK you are wrong. Sounds like to me it's the quarterback you don't like.

    • Wow

      Open your eyes no blocking for one, blocking for the other. I dont care who the QB is nor should the O-line. The team should play to win, no matter who is in the game at any position.

  • Toadman

    It was a very good game today. Let the Mtnr. Nation celebrate today for tomorrow we have to start getting ready for Baylor ... at Baylor. That will probably be the toughest game of the year for us. Let's stay focused and not get cocky. It will all depend on what team steps off the plane next week. Oh yea Holgy, did you ever hear of time management? What was the reason for utilizing the hurry-up offense when we were ahead and only 4 minutes to go. On most of those plays the ball was centered with 14-15 seconds left on the play clock. I know we are not use to playing with a lead but most of the time the game of football is just plain, good, common sense! Come on Man!

  • Wow

    I heard ford say before the MD game, i hope the O-line blocks for me. I thought he was joking around, but now i'm not sure. MD game looks like a clasic lay down and don't block for the QB you don't like. Some one tell me i'm wrong????

    • Teddy

      Trikkett is the ticket Baby!!!That there boy can play the feet ball and should be our qb for the next 5 years. Mallard and Chevy Chillybean can sniff his jock after the game to find out what a real QB does!!

  • william

    oh well, I am an idiot

    • Jay

      You're not an idiot. You're just extremely negative. Brighten up, man!

  • tony

    my apologies for the classless bashing which tok place this week (like the polling numbers) such as the idiots who RUDELY insulted the coach on his radio show Thursday. THIS WIN WAS FoR YOU.

    you know it doesn't seem to or lose we always have a higher ratio of uneducated idiots who are ready to show their fake fox news anger at any issue. how do you feel now? you made fools of yourselves again. something some of you seem to be pretty good at. seems like we're real good at panic around here. something that no one ever wants.

  • shawn

    Where's William and Larry? Yea they suck

    • Big Larry

      We're here....

  • Rob T.

    Nice win! Great D! Any body hear the status of our new QB1
    Will someone at least feed the boy! Never saw rib pads stick out so far!!! And please can some one get the hitch out of our centers snap swing!

    • Truth Teller

      He has Celiac disease like myself. It is hard to gain weight because you can't eat a lot of things that are fattening like breads and dairy. Never judge a mans strength by his size. Just ask Emitt Smith.

      • Truth Teller

        Also look at the last Hiesman winner. Johnny football he is practically a midget but that does not stop him does it.

  • Ron

    Congrats Team & Coaches! It's always great to get a win. It's always a Great day to be a Mountaineer. No matter where you are. ;-)

  • Little Bill

    Where is Devan, Big Larry, William and the rest of the experts. You are quiet today. It's great you aren't taking up space that true fans can use. None of you have any credibility. I think you all have one thing in common. You wear Green!

    • jerry

      lol yeah where r they experts my a__

    • J the C


    • duane

      True words bill and great day indeed for the state of west virginia.

    • Janem

      @little Bill... Great post....They are wearing crow feathers today and eating the crow ha ha Ha

    • leroy j gibbs

      They have no cred now HAHAHA!

  • tw eagle

    I won't give Squirt the game ball , but i'll let him wear my Superman shirt for that fully extended ,flying 3rd down catch . . .

    P.S. please Squirt , when you start fielding a punt inside the ten , and you step back . . .
    please let the ball go . . .we know you can catch them , some kicks just aren't supposed to be
    caught . . .

    • Bryan

      Shut up and go away. We don't need your kind acting as wvu fans

  • 2019jones

    D won that game...

    • Chuck

      Sooooooo. What's your point????? That's allowed in fb. Defenses are allowed to stop people.

      • Truth Teller

        That is what the SEC depends on.

        • Brad

          Defense wins championships.. I've always heard....

  • Dougie

    Great win today for the Mounties! Way to keep your heads up and keep battling through all the adversity... I was at the game, the atmosphere was fantastic, and the defense played great again!

  • leroy j gibbs

    I got ok st score right but not wv..anyone know what wine goes with crowmeat?

    • Mac


      • leroy j gibbs

        Ha reminds me of high school

  • CaptainQ

    A win is a win, but both teams made a LOT of mistakes out there. In the end, the Cowboys just made more mistakes than the Mountaineers, which is why they won. Any victory on the gridiron is great for WVU, but the gameplay today still leaves a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of unresolved issues.

    If Coach Dana can rally this team to beat Baylor next week and Texas Tech in three weeks, this season could be salvaged after all. Time will tell.

    • Game Over

      Just shut your trap. No one cares about your opinion.

    • J the C

      captain, you're a goof!

    • Harry Class of 52

      Is it beyond your capacity, sir, to enjoy the win? Regardless of how we won, under such stressful, confusing circumstances is it ok with you to try to get some comfort out of a win against a team ranked 12 in the nation?
      Why rain on the parade? Let us enjoy the victory for a week

      • Brad

        The funny thing of how you can tell a true fan..... When referring to WVU captain uses "They" won, "They" need to work on things..

        & Harry & I & the true fans uses "WE" won.. "WE" played great... "OUR" defense was phenomenally lucky a few times, but "WE'LL" take it

        Cause that's about the truth...

        • susanf

          YOU weren't out there on the field. Saying "we" won implies you were. Semantics. Don't presume that you are a better fan b/c you use a different pronoun. Perhaps CaptainQ is able to view the game a bit more objectively than you can w/o getting all emotionally caught up in it.

          • Brad

            Assuming you're a woman, & you've never played football, I don't expect you to understand what comes with playing on a football team... What it means to put it all on the line for your team you live, eat & die for the team.....

            & if you're a true fan, there's absolutely no objectivity when watching the game.... You're 100% biased.... If're probably a fair weather fan....

  • Janem

    It's a great day to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be..... Dance the victory dance array array array for the Mountaineers...