NORTH UNION TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A man from West Virginia was killed and a Buckhannon woman was in custody after a nine-hour standoff with Pennsylvania state police Friday.

Pennsylvania troopers said Donald Ray Brown, identified solely as a West Virginia resident, died inside a house that he had broken into following a police chase. Some reports indicated Brown died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but that hasn’t been confirmed by police.

Investigators said Brown and Jessica Lynn Phillips, 28, of Buckhannon, were first spotted Friday morning acting suspiciously in Ohiopyle State Park. They told park officials they were homeless and had been staying in the park area for a few days. A Pennsylvania Natural Resources ranger suspected the two were making meth after spotting some materials at the scene.

Police said the couple then took off in a truck with a West Virginia license plate. Pennsylvania troopers spotted the truck in Connellsville, Pa., and the chase continued to North Union Township with shots being fired from the truck toward police. After the truck crashed into a house, Brown and Phillips then ran to another house, where an elderly woman lived but wasn’t home. A standoff began.

Police said Phillips gave herself up but Brown did not. He was found dead in the house Friday night after about nine hours.

Phillips is in jail on $1 million bail. She’s charged with four counts of aggravated assault, attempted homicide, conspiracy to commit homicide, three counts of reckless endangerment, fleeing or attempting to elude police and a host of other charges.


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  • Jr Greenlief

    Was trying to comment about the standoff in her neighborhood. WOW hope u never have tragedy in ur life!! The comment u made about how glad u were to c the body bag come out of the home. You are one heartless, pathetic person. Sorry for your inconvienence that day. you obviously cannot relate or empathise with anyone. For u to state how happy u were to c the body bag just cuts thru me. Even if I had not personally known this person to make such a stmt doesn't sound human. At least not a human with a heart or shred of compassion. I would bet Don was already gone when the
    Pleading was done by a child. He would have responded to his children!!! This person that made these stmts. really needs to re-evaluate ur own life! Who r u to judge so hastily? To make such remarks is cold hearted and it really makes me furious that someone could be so mean. sorry u were inconvienced for a few hrs. His family will miss him and u need to ask for forgiveness because u may need people not to judge u one day. May God have mercy on you. you seem pretty self righteous really feel sorry for you!

    pleading was done by the child. I knew Don & he

    would have responded to his children. i.

  • Yes ur right

    Davis will go to prison for 25 years or more I would say? For a addiction of a year. Jess has been a junkie since the 10th grade. And got 17 years. Its not right.


    Number 2 being the Buckhannon Wv police Dept where they are from. Why would they be homeless in a $55,000 truck in PA? With WV tags HMMMMMMM? If you go do the research YOURSELF NO TRASH TALK! You will find that the police in Buckhannon had reason for a arrest months before this happened. Look at the arrests on METH there and round that area. And how many are related to Upper County. Jails are so full that inmates are sleeping on floors, feed enough food to stay alive, man getting raped, officers beating people, death due to god knows the truth? Yes I believe in "do the crime pay the time" but come on. I know a lot of people there because some of my friends and family live there. Looked at the indictments from Buckhannon WV a couple of weeks ago, stopped on name. I couldn't believe Robert was there. I know that person Well. They had a terrible childhood the only thing this kid had was a mother and a step dad. Both abused alcohol but no drugs. The mother worked from the time she was 15 to 1 months before her death. Working 50 hours a week. WITH NO WELLFARE of any kind. I worked with this woman she was great. The best worker I have ever seen would work men out of jobs. Pretty much a single mother. Her son got in some terrible when he has younger did his time got out and for 13 years no trouble. Worked hard got a house married and than kids. No drugs nothing. Even was known to see a older person cutting there grass and stopping and finishing it for them. Refusing money. And returned biweekly would cut the grass and go. He found out that his Mother was in the Hospital for pain in her belly. Two days later found out she had Stage 4 Cancer and T4. When they call her Husband and give him the news. They hang up the phone. Robert stopped by two times a week with groceries. 1 hour later he walked in with his 5 year old and wife to find his dad on the floor dead from a heart attack. Moments later to find out that his mother was 4 weeks to live. And she lived 3 1/2. Due to Robert not being able to handle this well his wife took the 2 children and moved. 2 weeks later. And that was it. He stopped calling that was a little over a year now. I'll let you think about this?
    1. How long has METH been a problem in Buckhannon? 2. How many calls, reports, and arrest do you need to make before you arrest the people that have been making and selling METH for 5 to years plus? Look at the murders that has happened the missing people? Why no arrest? Why not take a moment to stop and look at the people the are going to prison for a METH problem and get them help? Why did the couple go to a different state? Why is thing with Buckhannon Group County Blast every time? Do you think that Prison helps people with a DRUG PROBLEM? Or does it set him or her up for a living hell? People are dying bc of the drugs. Family ripped apart. People that just need to get out of there and get help. But cant bc that's all they know or is it that there is very few jobs there and cant. Lawyers that don't work for the people and the Judicial systems. Get some of the people in rehabs. Take the half ways houses out of Buckhannon. You cant clean a city that you continue throwing trash in. That town has need help for 20 Years with nothing. Mr. Brown paid for what he did with his life. Guys he had a family, Jessica had a family. Now there is people that will take a great fell for the mess that eithers have continually abuse. Woman get slapped on the hand and the men go to jail for what? The woman make it and sell it. When will the Police Dept and Prosecuting Attorney be held accountable???

  • miranda

    Perhaps he was dead already! Maybe he was shot already and had been dead for hours. Did you hear shots fired before the standoff? Did you hear shots inside the house when he allegedly shot himself? Just coverage on those issues.....

    • lock down

      Yes, We did. It was around 6pm

    • lock down

      How about the poor 84 year old lady? That can't get back into her house. She has to stay in a hotel. She can't have any of her clothes because of the tear gas. She needs funiture,tv was broken, new windows,new front door, carpeting, pro cleaning company to come in to remove all the blood. and All her food needs to be tossed. She didn't have much to began with and now she has nothing....

  • Bill

    A few months ago this same man slammed his vehicle into a friends house at 2 am., he was passed out, the State Police responded and allowed him to leave without administering a soberity test, or checking him for drugs, he had no insurance.

    • Bill

      What was trying to say is ,maybe just maybe if the trooper would have done his job than instead of being a complete a-- , because he had to get out of bed, this would;ve happened. Also it took tje trooper over a hour to respond.

  • john clark

    He was once a very good dude. I stand by that and all who really knew him prior to the last two years would have to agree. Again it just shows what poison will do to a man. R.I.P. Don!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ragweed

    There will always be death and ruined lives when drugs are involved. I still say that drug makers and sellers should be executed. The drug problem would be a shadow of what it is now.

  • lee arthur

    We're all responsible for our own choices , loser's lose.


    He was an adult who made bad choices, bad choices have bad consequenses!!...quick money without work, lazy and expect others to take care of them......Stop making excuses for them!!!!!

    • Tony

      Don was not lazy, he worked endless days without time off, if Don was any thing it was taken advantage of and used by some woman, for his money. I wish he could have found a way to deal with his problems other then the way he did. He was a good man
      He just let the pressure of every day life beat him down to the point
      He turned to that junk.
      RIP Don

  • Patricia

    Prayers for the family n friends at this time of need,May God Bless all

  • Kathy

    Don was a great person who let the dope take over not by choice but by addiction these people need help not convicted by all and forgotten this is a thing that has taken hold of so many and has ruined so many lives when don was clean he was great done well but the addiction just grabbed him again and destroyed him he will be missed by lots all this has left so much hurt in its path as he leaves children and grandchildren to wonder why RIP don its over now may you have the peace you so searched for

    • charlie buckhannon

      yeh man you always be thought about

  • matt

    I knew Don well. He did not die from a gunshot. He died from addictive addiction. When he was clean he was a wonderful caring generous guy but he just couldn't stay clean.

    • jazzy

      @matt & kathy, was he originally from the uniontown pa area? there was a man my bf knew years ago with that name but I didn't know if this was the same man. but either was it's very sad that a life is lost over an addiction.

      • Matt

        No he was from Buckhannon, WV.

        • jazzy

          thank you

  • me

    The girl actually has a couple children and I can't help to wonder where they are

    • girly

      the girls son is with his father where he should be!

  • Jima

    This cheap bathtub Meth these people are making is horrible....,there is only a certain type of ingredients that can be used to do this.....ban the stuff ..., somebody do something! Sure... Both were dope fiends but I doubt it if they woke up one day and said to theirselves ....I'm going to be a junkie- these are somebody's children !


      I know of both. And I think as adults we should LOOK AT THE BIG Picture here. But before I say who I feel. I will give facts. I do know that Mr. Brown before "Meth" had a very distinguished career. He was known for being a hard worker, driving and had a beautiful Family. Jessica is a different story as you know of her age and what happened with her life after high school I feel like she made her bed. She was giving a job as a Mother and failed. Didn't get a education or better herself in anyway clearly! I know at sounds like I'm being harder on Jessica, But this is the way I see it Mr. Brown had 52 Years I do believe of life, 49 of them he was just like me and other hard working American. The point is "clearly the couple are 100% at fault". But lets take a look at the bigger picture people. Number one being METH.

      • Jr Greenlief

        I have known Don Brown for many yrs. I truly feel for the elderly woman where Don spent his final moments. Don was a hard worker and very caring person. It was drugs for sure that was the root of the problem but I do not believe anything was done deliberately to hurt anyone. I can't. explain the gunshots toward law enforcement but he wasn't in his right mind or it wouldn't. have taken place. Don was a good person that had an addiction. I'm truly sorry to anyone it affected, but Don Brown will be missed greatky. My condolences to his family and everyone that is connected to this nightmare .