MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — When West Virginia cornerback Icky Banks’ squeezed his first college interception, safety Darwin Cook did a split-second double-take.

“Icky ain’t got no hands,” Cook said, “but he caught that one.”

Joe Sadlek/All-Pro Photography

Icky Banks tied Saturday’s game with a first-quarter pick-six and West Virginia went on to beat No. 11 Oklahoma State 30-21.

When Banks subsequently turned that interception into a 58-yard pick-six by weaving through the Oklahoma State offense, Cook was part of the return caravan, half-stupefied at his teammate finding a lane down the OSU sideline.

“Icky didn’t make no moves—he ain’t got no bake,” joked Cook. “But he ran fast though, and I saw him break some tackles.”

No moment was more transformative during WVU’s 30-21 upset win over No. 11 Oklahoma State. The Cowboys, who entered as 19-point favorites, led 7-0 on Josh Stewart’s 73-yard catch-and-run and were aiming for more after intercepting Clint Trickett at midfield.

But when J.W. Walsh underthrew a sideline pass intended for Blake Jackson, Banks—who was tracking Brandon Shepherd on an underneath route—sagged off and plucked the turnover. Knowing WVU’s offense could use an assist, Banks figured he’d better make the most out of his return.

“Coach (Keith Patterson) always tells us get to the sideline,” said Banks. “I was like, ‘If I don’t score I’m going to get cussed out.'”

Banks’ runback benefited from several blocks, with defensive linemen Will Clarke and Noble Nowachukwu and linebacker Jared Barber chipping and screening would-be tacklers.

“A dream come true,” said Banks. “I had one (interception) in high school, just one—that’s it. So doing it on this stage meant a lot to me. I need some more of those.”

Coincidentally, Banks was the cornerback tailing Stewart on Oklahoma State’s first touchdown—a second-and-12 play for which Patterson blamed himself for getting greedy with a zero blitz.

“When (OSU) scored that first one, we knew it was a cheap one, so Coach Patterson told us ‘Just keep playing,'” said Banks. One series later, the sophomore saw his chance to make amends.

“I feel like (Walsh) threw it right to me, like he gave me a present,” he said. “I just took it in and I think that gave our offense a little pep in their stop, a little swagger.”

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  • Big Larry

    I have to say I am stunned. I was trying to watch the game, but the remote got stuck on a marshmallow under fat fold number 2. Then I slipped on dog poo and realized I was in the neighbors yard.
    I missed the whole game!!!

    Oklahoma State-57
    WVU - 7

    • hailey

      The poo did not come from your neighbors yard, it came from your diaper, time to grown up dont you think?

  • Shepindcwv

    I've been a Mountaineer fan my whole life. I love this team. I'm not throwing Coach under the bus. Just you guys wait till next year and the year after. I think this is moving in the right direction. GOD BLESS WV!!

  • William101

    My name is William, and I had a similar experience like Big Larry. There are a couple of Williams who comment. I tried to clarify that I wasn't the William who had previously posted negative WVU thoughts.

    I got a little obsessive about it, I guess, and first thing I know my comments were listed as "waiting the moderator". They never got posted.

    This software allows multiple people to use the same name, which is a shame. It should require some differentiation. If a name is taken, it's taken. First come, first serve. Allan, maybe you guys can work on that??

    Allan does a good job writing WVU stories, and it's fun to comment from time to time, but it's nice to have exclusivity if we use a name. I'm changing mine to William101 just so there won't be a misunderstanding --- unless someone else claims the name.

    I thought we would play well against OSU. I think we'll also play well against Baylor, but without the home team to help supply a shot of adrenaline, I'm not sure we can get it done.

    But I am looking forward to the game.

  • William

    Dana YOU KNOW Holgersen got lucky with this win. Next Saturday at Baylor is going to be a wake up call from this fantasy win we had yesterday. WVU got lucky.

    Baylor 70
    WVU 0

    • hailey

      William, would you like to put your money where your skirt is?..You must have a very sad life, someday when you grow up you will look back on your wasted life and just like all of us say "what a fool that William was"

      Good luck in life you sure need it

  • Big Larry

    They cut my redshirt out of a hot air balloon.

  • Chad

    If Holgorsen and Trickett are not on the same page it will cause more problems later on. Maybe that's why he isn't at Florida State anymore. FSU could have redshirted that kid and Trickett could have played 2 years and the other kid would have started 3 as a 5th year senior. I hope they can get along. I also hope Trickett gets a little more accurate, I mean really 8 straight incompletions in the 3rd quarter.

    • Don

      I believe Trickett was redshirted at FSU. He graduated in 3 years (1 being his RS year), thus, he has 2 years left to play.

      • J.P.

        Did you actually read Chad's comment? He said Trickett has two years left to play. Not sure why you needed to restate that. smh...

  • Dave

    Just like Holgorsen said " We're that close". Clint Trickett is one tough hombre and that defense is just down right NASTY.

  • Mountaineer fanatic

    Would love to know how Trickett is. Sure hope his arm is ok. Great game all around. LETS GOOOOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS.
    Time to work on a way to beat Baylor.

  • 1olewvufan

    Like some of you, I like listening to Darwin Cook interviews. In one recent interview Karl Joseph came and set behind him and Cook started crackin' on him. It was all in fun. I think the media likes interviewing Cook, because of his joking and not giving them straight answers. The other thing is, Cook brings it on the field. I'm sure we will see him playing on Sundays.

    It was evident after the game that for whatever reason that the reason Holgorsen had refused to play Trickett is that the two were in conflict with one another. Trickett played his game and according to Coach Dawson, Trickett called plays they didn't practice during the week and to his and Holgorsen's amazement they worked. Trickett walked on the field Saturday with only two things on his mind, for he and the offense to have fun and to win. And he accomplished both of these.

    Holgorsen even admitted after the game that he and Trickett's relationship had to improve and their communication had to get better, and that he knew this was going to be a challenge. When Holgorsen stated he threw a couple of embarassing temper-tantrums, he added that he had to get better at this. Does this mean has to get better at throwing temper-tantrums? I thought the tantrums looked pretty good myself, for he broke a headset with each one.

    I'm not sure the deep ball was in the Coaches game plan against Oklahoma, but it was definitely in Trickett's game plan. Trickett joked and laughed during the game with the other offensive players during the game both on and off the field. And I can see him and Holgorsen butting heads, for they are both stubborn. And to defend Trickett a little bit, he is a coach's son. Thus, he brings moxy to the offense.

    I doubt that we'll see any more QB changes this season, and after Trickett's performance Saturday he should be the Starting the rest of this season and next season. I also look to see improvement in the over-all play of the offense. Meaning that we'll see improvement each week in both the running and passing game. Trickett being the QB caused the receivers to play much better. White, Alford, and to my amazement Thompson all made tough catches and held onto the ball. Trickett playing hurt will cause the rest of the offense to pick up their play. This should cause the defense to pick it up a step. McCartney is McCartney and we'll never see him make plays like those made by White, Alford, and Thompson.

    The return game needs lots of work!!! DeForest may be good at coaching punters and kickers, but he needs to work on improving the return game.

    Go EERs!!!

  • jwg66

    NPR covered how many sites are migrating away from posts as they don't have the energy/resources/desire to edit out the TROLLS like William & Big Larry. Their point was trolls are super negative & try to bring everyone else down to their miserable level. Even after yesterday's great effort, I still will not make any season predictions. It is fun to root for the team and the unpredictability is why both teams show up and play the game! Any one can see that our D has gotten pretty good and the O is starting to make some plays. Still need special teams improvement..... Go Mountaineers!

    • leroy jethro gibbs

      no dont drop comments , my wife wont let me have a facebook account!! this is all i have left!!

      • BigEerFull


    • Larry

      Yeah, some are dropping comments or going to Facebook, metronews will eventually do one or the other.

  • ducks in a row

    “Icky didn’t make no moves—he ain’t got no bake,” joked Cook.

    ^^^^^ I'm rolling on the floor laughing at this.

    Cook played a great game, and had an awesome goal line smack. Icky "shake and bake" looked good from my vantage point. Just an awesome game.

    • Bobby M

      Cook is ONE of the MVPS of the SEASON so far!!!!

  • Big Larry

    I got more shake and bake in one butt cheek. My prediction: wvu 1, Oklahoma state 6789

    • j

      I truly hate you. You've got to be the dumbest person alive.

      • Big Larry

        No you are even dumber than WVAtty for reading and believing comments I didn't make...

    • WVAtty

      You're an idiot. Just shut up. I feel exponentially dumber fter reading your ignorant posts.

      • Big Larry

        You're even dumber than what you think...because that is not even me...