MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — While remaining somewhat cryptic about the status of star recruit Elijah Macon, West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins acknowledged the four-star power forward won’t likely play this year.

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Along with academic hurdles, WVU enrollee Elijah Macon has wrist and toe injuries.

Macon enrolled at WVU in August but could be classified as a partial qualifier, making him ineligible to play during the 2013-14 season and ineligible to practice until second semester. (Similar circumstances led Ben McLemore to sit out a year at Kansas before becoming a Wooden Award finalist last season.)

After originally signing with the Mountaineers in 2012, Macon failed to qualify and spent an additional year at prep school.

“Honestly, I don’t know how much I’m allowed to get into,” Huggins said during his first preseason media session.

Along with academic hurdles, Macon is coping with physical maladies. Already recovering from summertime wrist surgery, the 6-foot-9 recruit now has a toe injury.

“He’s not even able to run now,” Huggins said. Asked if it was safe to assume Macon won’t play this upcoming season, the coach said, “Yeah, I would think it would be way more that way than the other way.”

West Virginia also is awaiting final approval on junior-college recruit Jonathan Holton, who has been cleared to practice but not to play.

“I think that we’ll have a final answer at the end of the week,” Huggins said. “That’s a guess.”

Holton landed at Palm Beach State (Fla.) Community College last season after being dismissed from Rhode Island following charges he secretly videotaped sexual encounters with two female students. In May, Holton pleaded no contest to one count of video voyeurism and was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to undergo mental health counseling.

WVU’s four other newcomers—Remi Dibo, Devin Williams, Nathan Adrian and Brandon Watkins—have been cleared to compete, said Huggins, whose program is aiming to rebound from last season’s 13-19 finish.

After enduring his first losing season since 1985 at Akron, Huggins remade his roster by replacing five transfers with the nation’s No. 23-ranked recruiting class.

“I’ve never not been able to get guys to plays as hard as I wanted them to play,” he said with regard to last season’s dropoff. “Obviously we had some deficiencies.”

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  • William

    Macon is not a player that I would ever want to see wear a WVU uniform!
    I would NOT pay a dime to watch this guy play.
    The more Huggins recruits, the more I DISLIKE WVU Basketball.

  • John

    Apparently they missed the part about this recruiting class being ranked 23rd. Don't believe it has ever been that high. His players talk all the time about how much they love the man and he is like a father to them. But, but sweatsuit Huggins can't recruit they proclaim. Seems like he did ok this year.

  • cutty77

    With Huggy there is always going to be some Drama year in year out. I keep telling people 2015 Huggy will walk away from His Coaching Job at WVU,and go upstairs in another role. If he can make it that long. lol

  • wvtd

    has been huggins needs to sober up. who wants to play for a drunk.

  • Davy

    Last season was just that. New season with some new talent is coming soon. Just give the team a chance to gel. And for what it's worth, any win-loss predictions at this point is pedestrian at best.

  • Medman

    Huggs is a Hall of Famer for sure but, we got him on the downside of his career. He went to the FF with mostly Belien's best recruits. He has recruited about 20 players over the last five seasons and roughly half will never play in a game. How in the world do you defend this track record?

  • littleterry

    I for one was thrilled to have Huggs come home and coach for WVU, however in recent years especially last year he has been an embarrassment. It has nothing to do with wins or losses. He looks like a lunatic during games. Now if I'm a top recruit, would I play for him. NO! There is a difference between a fiery disciplinarian mentor and a coach that belittles and screams at his players on national TV. If I am a parent I certainly don't want that for my son. Yes Bob Knight got away with it but this is a different age with more exposure.

  • BBallCessPool

    Already 1/3 of this recruiting clas has bit the dust and they haven't even taken the court yet. Sounds alot like Thuggins' past recruiting classes.

  • Big Larry

    Tell me when and where.....
    Sounds like a Big Larry kind of time.

    Baylor 56
    Wvu 7

  • rekterx

    Allen ... the recruiting issues are larger than the immediate circumstances of Elijah Macon and Jon Holton. They are just the latest episode of "Adventures in Recruiting with Bob Huggins."

  • Allen

    Seems some posting comments, did not read the entire article,but only skimmed over it and pointing out the negative of Macon.

    They must have missed the important part of......
    (Similar circumstances led Ben McLemore to sit out a year at Kansas before becoming a Wooden Award finalist last season.)

  • rekterx

    Even if Holton turns up eligible to play this season the time has come for some WV journalists to do some in-depth reporting on WVU basketball recruiting. I think that most people would be surprised to learn that we have one of the highest recruiting budgets in all of college basketball.

    The time has come to tell the public how much money is being spent, how it is being spent, what Huggs does on his recruiting trips, and anything else that would help give us an accurate picture of basketball recruiting at WVU.

    • BBallCessPool

      That would mean that the University president hold the AD, Ollie Luck, and the athletic department accountable and the coaches accountable. This is WVU we are talking about. That will never happen.

  • Truthteller

    If WVU was Duke, Kentucky or Ohio State non of these factors would matter, the athletes would still get to play as long as they wanted. 5 to 7 years or whatever when it comes to the big money universities.

  • wvajoker

    Are William and Big Larry the same person or twins. They seem to have the same nicknames and the same opinions. They also comment using the same expressions. Their predictions on the basketball season, I like because they predicted OK ST to beat WVU 52-0 and 52-7 if I am not mistaken.

    • Joe

      Yes!, big tom, big larry and william are multiple personalties of a person we named Sybil.

      They often refer to themselves in the 4th person, believe it or not.

      Not sure of the dominant or passive personality, though, but all seem obsessed with Huggins clothes.

  • Imgrill

    If you hate all things wvu then why oh why do you read every article and then subject us to your comments? Do you have medication issues? I dislike Marshall , I never read anything about the school or team unless it involves wvu. I don't comment on boards about them, in fact I pretty much ignore them. Maybe you should adopt that policy.